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Rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey | Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS



Welcome to Our TAS Clinic for Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed aesthetic surgical procedures in Turkey and as well as in the World.

"Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty: No Cut, No hammer or Chisel and No Breaking of Bones. Using the Latest & Highest Technology. No Bruising or Packing." – Dr. Suleyman TAS

Before & After

Please find TAŞ® pictures that show before&after of nose job operations from our patients. Your Happiness is Our Happiness. Address of Natural Beauty®.

"New Nose, New Life! Be Ready for the New Transformation which will boost your self-confidence." – Dr. Suleyman TAS

Nose Aesthetic Process

There has been a continuous discussion among rhinoplasty surgeons regarding open or closed technique in rhinoplasty is best.

Closed rhinoplasty, a incision was created inside of the nostrils and do all interventions with the help of special tools such as camera systems like endescopes and micromotors. Since there is no incision on the nose or on the pitanguy ligament; there is no scar, the nose returns quicker to a normal appearance and the tip of the nose does not lose its flexibility and mobility. And since the nasal skin is not folded upward, so the place where the skin is settled can be seen.
Open rhinoplasty, a bridging incision was created on the tip of the nose, called a trans-columellar incision. The nasal skin can be folded upward and so can be focused to the bone and to the cartilage. The field of view can be seen directly without using any special instruments and can be taught to assistants easily in terms of vocational training.
Dr. TAS can use both open and closed rhinoplasty approach, based on the patient’s rhinoplasty indications. In his clinical practice, he performs all operations with closed rhinoplasty technique. Closed rhinoplasty is Dr. Suleyman TAS’s specialty and he continues to work with his scientific publications on this subject.

Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty

“Closed” refers to a main technique in rhinoplasty where surgical incisions are positioned inside the nostrils with no external scar to shape the nose. No incision or scar is created on the nose and the appearance of an operated nose is avoided and more natural nose is attained. But the closed rhinoplasty technique should not only consist of preventing a scar on the skin.
Then “Atraumatic” is coming which is a latin word and it is designed to minimize tissue damage and means not causing injury or trauma. This is a surgical philosophy that can be adapted to all surgeries. Because it answers the question of how to operate the most gentle, kindest and without harming anything. And this philosophy is valid for every stage of surgery. In other words, Atraumatic Technique is a progressive approach that changes every step of the surgery and looks for how to do without harming anything as desired.
Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty, was created by Dr. Suleyman TAS, is the result of an effort to do your best. Dr. Suleyman TAS uses Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty in his clinical practice and scientific studies.

Primary rhinoplasty refers to a first time rhinoplasty which is very critic not to have a revision rhinoplasty.

Revision rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure designed to repair both form and function of a nose that had operated one or more times before. It is the revision of the dissatisfaction that may occur after the primary rhinoplasty.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is actually a nasal filling practise which can be performed by injecting Hyaluronic acid or fat from the patient’s body. The aim of non-surgical rhinoplasty is to touch the small deformities for a specific time period that do not require a surgical intervention.

"Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty: Not only preserve but also support nose structure." – Dr. Suleyman TAS

Bonjour à toutes et à tous je recommande absolument Mr Tas Suleyman, un très super bon travail et à l’écoute des patients❤️

Gozde Mete

Amazing surgery by an amazing Doctor Süleyman Taş. Very friendly service. Good stuff! Felt like home!
Thanks a lot!

Kasim Cevirel

We are very pleased that we have a deal with the perfect DOCTOR thank you so much ‘ Dr. süleyman taş ‘ for your making us happy 😀

Swliman Khaled 

"Life Changing Rhinoplasty with Proven Success and Miraculous Patented Instruments." - Dr. Suleyman TAS


Before Rhinoplasty

Your nose may not be compatible with your face or has deformities. With a rhinoplasty surgery, you can have a beautiful nose that is suitable for your face, within natural limits, address your deformities. To bring out the best result possible, there are some preparations you need to know and do before this process.

After Rhinoplasty

You have a beautiful transformation and ready to expose new and better version of you. To keep having an extraordinary experience, there are some things to be considered and followed after this process.

Real Patient Verified Reviews

Watch and read experiences from patients we have opportunity touch their life and improve it. TAS Clinic places quality health and care above everything else. As TAS Team, we are committed to transparency and actively seek patient feedback.

How Much Is The Price of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery is considered as the most difficult operation in plastic surgery. As a result of your research after finding a surgeon you are comfortable with, you want to understand whether the surgeon’s surgery price is high or low. What are the criteria that can help you in this matter?

"Natural & Healthy Rhinoplasty Results with the Best Surgical Skills." - Dr. Suleyman TAS

1. What is Closed Rhinoplasty Technique?

Rhinoplasty can be performed with a closed or open technique. While there is a cut in open rhinoplasty technique, there is no cut in closed rhinoplasty technique and the whole operation is performed within the nose. Since there is no cut on the nose, there are no scars or stitches. With closed technique, we protect the nerve, ligament, vascular tissue at nose tip so, nose blood vessels and nose’s flexibility ability is not deteriorated. With the closed and atraumatic technique, we aim to get the most natural results by giving least damage to the nose.

2. I want to have a rhinoplasty, but I have a problem of breathing. Are you intervening in airway?

It is important to have a nose that matches your face with golden ratios after rhinoplasty. But if there is a functional deficiency, your beautiful nose will be missing. Therefore, before your nose surgery, we determine if there is an airway problem by evaluating the nose with our endoscopy device before visual beauty during detailed examination. During your nose surgery, first, we solve your airway problems and then aesthetic concerns. We address both concerns without needing another doctor.

3. In which hospitals do you perform surgeries?

We perform our surgeries in the hospitals we deal with. We have an agreement with American Hospital and Acıbadem Fulya Hospital.

4. How long do I need to stay at the hospital?

After the operation, we want you to stay 1 night under observation at the hospital. The next day, you will be discharged.

5. Do you perform rhinoplasty with local or general anesthesia?

We prefer to perform rhinoplasty (nose Job) under general anesthesia.

6. When do you remove the splint and bandages?

1 week later, we remove the splint and bandages at our clinic.

7. How long after can I return my social life?

The day we remove the splints and bandages you can continue from where you have left your social life. We advise you to get quality rest for a good healing process until splint and bandages are removed.

8. After rhinoplasty, how long does the recovery process take?

The time you need to take care of is 2 months after split removal day. It is strictly forbidden to have any trauma during this process. When you come for the 2nd month control, your nose will be about to finish the healing process. However, the complete recovery will take 1 year.

9. I do smoke. Is it a barrier for rhinoplasty?

Smoking is not a barrier for your nose surgery. However, it prevents the healing process after the operation. For this reason, the patients who smoke should quit smoking at least 6 months before the surgery and never smoke after the operation.

10. Do you perform surgery abroad or out of Istanbul?

Our clinic is in Istanbul. We do detailed examinations in our clinic and perform surgeries at the hospitals we deal with. We do not even go to a hospital that we don’t have any deal. Because, this is an operation that requires great care. So, we are performing surgeries in specific hospitals where we can display full concentration, create a dedicated team, and not face with any surprises.

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"Same-day response policy for patients & 7/24 Patient Service Support After the Surgery." - Dr. Suleyman TAS

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Hello How can i book an appointment for the rhinoplasty
Daniel 25 May 2021
Hello, I’m wondering if you work with Rhinoplasty for black people. I mean with thicker noses as mine. Of course , without losing the face’s harmony. I can’t see that types of surgery on the page
L Gina 22 May 2021
Can someone have their nose fixed while wearing braces?
Maya 6 April 2021
Hi. I had in Jan2017 already a nose job. I am really unsatisfyed with the work. Is it possible to have the 2. nose job? How much would it cost?
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Hi, is it possible making installments so paying monthly?
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