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Face Aesthetics in Turkey


Face Aesthetics Turkey

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman TAS who provides natural results in facial surgery, invented the scarless face and neck lifting technique with vertical and natural lifting using endoscopic devices. Thanks to this technique, invented by Prof. Dr. TAS, there is no visible scar compared to traditional face lifting techniques. In addition, it lifts not only the skin but also the SMAS and muscles in 3 different planes and fixes them to the bones, allowing for permanent results.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman TAS uses the latest technological devices during facial surgery operations to ensure that you achieve the best possible results. Some of these devices include PAX skin laser tightening and deep fractional CO2 skin rejuvenation lasers.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman TAŞ has achieved professional and flawless results in facial aesthetic surgeries such as FaceLift, Neck Lift, Fox Eyes, Fat Injection, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), Otoplasty, Orthognathic and Profileplasty Surgery for over 15 years. By working with Prof. Dr. Süleyman Taş and his team, you can achieve younger and proportionate facial features.
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For Results Close to the Golden Ratio in Facial Aesthetics


You can have flawless and natural results effortlessly with facial aesthetic applications made by Dr. Suleyman Tas in accordance with the Golden Ratio.

Face aesthetics in turkey


Face aesthetics in turkey


Face aesthetics in turkey


Face aesthetics in turkey


Face aesthetics in turkey


Face aesthetics in turkey



Face Lift

Facelift surgery, which is quite popular nowadays, is a method used to eliminate conditions such as wrinkles and sagging that occur as one ages. With the highly effective facelift procedure, you can not only achieve a younger appearance but also have more proportionate facial expressions.

  • Possible sagging is eliminated.
  • It supports an increase in self-confidence.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure.
  • Younger and more flawless facial features.
  • Long-lasting effective results.

Fox Eyes

Fox eyes surgery, which is one of the most preferred facial surgery operations recently, consists of a combination of temple stretching, endoscopic brow lift and nano fat injection surgeries. It is possible to have stunning looks with the fox eys process, which is quite simple.

  • Impressive glances in accordance with the golden ratio.
  • Easy and fast transaction process.
  • Long lasting permanence.
  • Its reliability is quite high.
Face aesthetics in turkey

Fat Injection

Fat injection, which is one of the most important developments in the plastic surgery sector, helps you to have a younger appearance by supporting the repair and regeneration of the skin. You can have a more proportional and renewed skin structure with the fat injection process.

  • Painless and effortless procedure.
  • Renewed and proportional skin structure.
  • Effective results.
  • Helps restore self-confidence.


Eyelid aesthetics is a very sensitive issue. In eyelid surgery, which requires a lot of experience and expertise, sagging skin and excess muscle tissues on the eyelids are removed, resulting in a youthful appearance around the eyes. If you are complaining about the sagging of your eyelids, eyelid aesthetics is very suitable for you.

  • An effective solution for sagging and wrinkles on the eyelids.
  • An aesthetic appearance.
  • Short processing time.
  • High reliability operation.

Orthognathic Surgery

The more perfect the chin structure, which plays an important role in the formation of the face shape, the smoother your facial features will be. Therefore, jaw surgery is very important. With jaw surgery operations, the optimum alignment of the jaw and teeth is determined and the jaw line is corrected. You can achieve a smooth jaw line with orthognathic surgery.

  • A smooth jawline
  • Improving eating and speech function
  • Lasting results for a lifetime
  • Helps improve self-confidence.


Profiloplasty, also known as profile aesthetics, eliminates the defects in the side profile and creates a face profile close to the golden ratio. This procedure, which is performed to improve the aesthetic appearance, is a very reliable and healthy procedure. If you want to have an impressive side profile, you can experience Profiloplasty.

  • A perfect side profile line
  • It provides high self-confidence.
  • Persistent and reliable results
Otoplasty (2)


Congenital or acquired ear defects seriously affect the social life of the person. These ear aesthetic problems, which cause the person to experience self-confidence, are eliminated in a short time with Otoplasty surgery. Otoplasty procedure Prof. Dr. It is made with the flap method developed by Suleyman TAS. It is also very reliable.

  • It increases self-confidence.
  • Easy and short operation process
  • Lasting results for a lifetime
  • High reliability procedure

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