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Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey with Dr. Tas

Don’t you want your hair transplant surgery with World Renowned Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS. He and his professional team are dedicated just for aesthetic surgery. The highly skilled hair transplantation specialist and surgeons are making your dream real.

By choosing TAS Hair Clinic, you can say hello to professional results in hair transplantation by working with successful hair transplant surgeons.

  • Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS is a plastic surgeon.
  • He is a member of societies such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and World Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery where new developments in hair transplantation are presented.
  • To achieve painless and pain-free results after the procedure, he prefers to use sapphire-tipped instruments instead of traditional steel surgical tools.

Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS and his team work to give the Gold Standards for you. Because quality matters.


All Inclusive Hair Transplant Tukrey Package

Prices from $3500

  • 5000 Grafts Fue Sapphire Technique
  • 5 Stars Hotel & Villa
  • VIP transfers
  • Hospital Expenses
  • Detailed Blood Analysis
  • First Care After Treatment
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Hair transplant turkey









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Hair transplant turkey
Hair transplant turkey
Hair transplant turkey

How Can I Tell If I Am a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

The decrease in hair density occurs due to certain major reasons. The main causes of this are limited to excessive stress, hormonal changes, genetic factors, and side effects of some medications used. We recommend that you consider the following 3 points to understand if you are experiencing excessive hair loss.

  • If your hair becomes thinner than usual,
  • If your hairline starts to recede from the back,
  • If your hair follicles are thinner than they should be.

When faced with such possible situations, you should definitely consider getting a hair transplant operation. This way, you can quickly achieve more natural and dense hair. To examine the flawless results of hair transplantation, you can visit the before and after page to get detailed information about the results of hair transplantation.

Before Hair Transplant
After Hair Transplant

Satisfied Patient Reviews for Hair Transplant in Turkey

By reviewing the professional results of hair transplant treatment, you can gain information about your treatment process.

Hair Transplant Turkey & Before After Result Photos

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) Certificate

Hair transplant turkey

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Surgery Turkey

Can we perform facial surgeries together with hair transplantation? If not, what should be the interval between treatments?
Hair transplantation can be done 2 days before or 2 weeks after the facial procedure. Therefore, it makes sense to have hair transplantation before surgery
What are the Most Common Hair Transplant Techniques and Methods?
The most commonly used hair transplantation techniques and methods are as follows:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): It is a technique in which individual hair follicles are extracted using micro instruments, stored in special containers for a while and transplanted to the baldness area.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI): It is a method in which hair follicles in a special pen are implanted directly into the balding area.

The most appropriate method should be determined depending on factors such as the patient’s condition, hair quality, etc.

Which of all techniques provides the densest hair (dhi, fue)?
If the hair loss in the patient’s hair area is high, we use the fue method. If the patient’s hair loss is at more moderate levels, we prefer the dhi technique.
When will hair regrowth start?
It takes 1-2 months for your hair to grow. However, a full hair appearance cannot be achieved as the hair is just growing. You need to wait for 12 months to get a full hair appearance.
Can we wear a hat to protect the grafts from the sun?
You should not wear a hat for the first 7-10 days to protect from the sun. Because it can damage the hair follicles. For this reason, we recommend you to wait after 2 weeks to wear a hat.
Can we take grafts from the beard or chest?
Grafts for hair can also be taken from the head and chest. But the healthiest is the donor area in the head area. If there is no hair in the head area, then it can be taken from the chest or beard.
Is shaving hair mandatory?
It is not. We prefer shaving in men to have the maximum density. But in women, we shave just a small area hiding into the backyard, thus nobody sees the donor side
Is hair transplantation a painful treatment?
Contrary to popular belief, hair transplantation is a very easy and painless procedure. Since this procedure is performed under local anesthesia, no pain is felt in any way.
What is the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted at one time?
We recommend up to 5000 grafts to have the best graft survival. If someone needs more than 5000 grafts, we do a second session because going above 5000 grafts will compromise the blood supply of the grafts and the grafts will not be able to get enough blood from the vessels and survive and the success rate will drop from 90% to 60%. So we do 5000 grafts directly to get the maximum effect in a single session.
Is there a certain age for hair transplantation, if we do hair transplantation and the hair continues to decrease, will it be like hair islets somewhere?
We can say that hair transplantation has a certain age. Because we do not perform hair transplantation operations for those under the age of 18, which we can call adolescents who have not completed their hair development. Since individuals at this age have not fully completed their hair transplantation, hair transplantation is not beneficial. Hair loss does not occur after hair transplantation. However, shock spills may occur 6 months after transplantation. This is a natural and temporary process.
Will the hair in the donor area grow back?
Even if the hair in the donor area is removed, it grows again. Therefore, you never have to worry. The hair collected for transplantation starts to grow again.

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