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Prof. TAS listens to you in the best manner!

Let’s arrange your consultation now with Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS with a simple one step. Due to the high demand for consultations, Dr. TAS decided to share his entire calendar of the year with you online. Thus, you can choose what is the most appropriate date and time for you on the calendar. You can make your payment with a credit card easily and book your consultation online without any help or calling our head office.

What you need to do, is just decide your consultation type.

Online or Face-to-face! Then, pick up the most available date and hour, and lastly payment. Then you will get an email about your consultation details. If you prefer the online consultation, then you will receive a Google Meet Link to your email address automatically, and Dr. TAS will be waiting for you at that time. If you prefer the face-to-face consultation, Dr. TAS will be waiting for you at TAS Medical Center at that time.

Since Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS is a globally recognized Plastic Surgeon, Online Consultation is highly preferred by his clients. Before the operation, Dr. TAS listens to you about your complaints and expectations. Then he tells you your best options according to your case type. Also, Dr. TAS will inform you about the surgical procedure in detail as well as the postoperative care. You can ask any kind of questions in your mind directly to Dr. TAS.

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS is a master in his field, he receives so many second opinions for complicated cases from clients all around the world. In this particular situation, Dr. TAS will share his experience and knowledge with you to reach your goals and fix your deformities. Please collect all your documents such as imaging studies, your previous surgical notes, and your previous pictures before your surgeries, etc. to provide the all information that you have for Dr. TAS.

Face-to-face consultation is still a classic for aesthetic procedures. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS has 2 offices in Istanbul. One of them is TAS Clinic in Nisantasi with a great Bosphorus view. And the second one is in the TAS Medical Center which he owns his hospital. Since Dr. TAS has a very busy schedule, he sees his face-to-face consultations at TAS Medical Center nowadays.

The flow chart of your consultation with Prof.Dr.Suleyman TAS

  1. Learning your complaints, expectations, dreams
  2. Learning your personal life, taste, emotional situations, and medical history
  3. Analyzing your case and finding the best surgical option for you
  4. Informing you about the surgical procedures in terms of How Dr. TAS will perform, which technique he will use, what kind of preparations we need to do, how many hours it will take, how many days you need to stay at the hospital, how many days you need to stay in Istanbul, how will be the postoperative care and management
  5. Simulating your expected result.
  6. Arranging your surgery date and informing you about the cost.
  7. Answering all your questions.

We are so impatient to make your dreams real and looking forward to see you soon.

Best wishes

TAS Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is the consultation fee refundable? No. It is not refundable, however, if Dr. TAS accepts your case, the consultation fee will be deducted from your surgery fee.

2- What is the duration of the consultation with Dr. TAS? There is no duration, you can talk to Dr. TAS as you want, however, schedules on the calendar are arranged as 1 hour for per consultation. Therefore, Dr. TAS listens to you in the best manner and spares his time for you in the highest quality.

3- How can I arrange a consultation with Dr. TAS? You can only arrange your consultation via our website:

4- Can I have an online consultation with Dr. TAS? Yes, you can choose an Online or Face-to-face consultation via our website:

5- How am I going to have the link to the Online Consultation? You will have an email with the link to Google Meet automatically after your booking.

6- Where can I stay if I prefer Face-to-face consultation or after my surgery following the discharge from TAS Medical Center? Here, we share some options for you:

– Selini Hotel

– Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Airport Hotel

– Four points by Sheraton Istanbul Kagithane 

– Kemer Country Hotel Istanbul

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