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A procedure that helps to increase volume for aging areas, subcutaneous melts, or deep wrinkles. In line with the used method, Volume can last from 6 months to 4 years. Just takes 5 minutes to apply and the most applied areas are the nose, lips, and face.

Fillers are classified according to their duration or ingredients. If we examine this classification under 3 headings; short-term lasting, long-term lasting, and permanent. Short-term lasting fillers are made of hyaluronic acid which is a protein already present in our bodies. This protein is produced in a laboratory and placed in injectable tools. The duration of this application is 6 months to 2 years. Long-term lasting fillers are made of hydroxyapatite or poly-L-lactic which is a protein in our bones or teeth. This protein is also produced in a laboratory and placed in injectable tools. The duration of this application is 2 to 4 years. Permanent fillers are made of plastic, silicon which are not present in our body. Therefore, this application is not recommended. Short and long term lasting fillers don’t have any side affects since they are protein.
Fillers are commonly used and among the first applications that come in mind with Botox in non-surgical treatments. Fillers can be applied just in 5 minutes in medical clinic and very desired and satisfied results can be achieved.
Filler can be used to have younger and more beautiful look, cheeks can be defined, the lips can be augmented, the nasal tip can be filled, the wrinkles on the face can be removed, nasolabial folds can be reduced, chin can be augmented, jaws can be enlarged, and the tits and/or hips can be enlarged. All undesirable troughs on the body can be removed.




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