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What is Profiloplasty

Profiloplasty stands for profile aesthetics and aims to attain facial harmony via eliminating side view defects which helps to attain golden ratios on the face.

There are so many surgical and non-surgical interventions to improve the aesthetical appearance, the most popular of them is septorhinoplasty which is known as rhinoplasty. Because septorhinoplasty is adressing both breathing problems and and aesthetical concerns that patients suffer from. A beautiful looking and healthy nose can be achieved with this operation. Shape of the nose affects beauty of profile. If a patient has hanging nose tip and hump on the nose, the profile will not be beautiful. Rhinoplasty helps to attain beautiful profile. However, sometimes only rhinoplasty may not be enough to attain desired and balanced appearance. For such cases other surgical and non-surgical interventions can be planned for the specific angles on top of rhinoplasty. Important correlations during profiloplasty on the face;

  • Forehead – Nose: The correlation between forehead and nose.
  • Nose – Lip: The correlation between nose and lip.
  • Nose – Jaw Line: The correlation between nose and jaw line.
  • Jaw – Neck: The correlation between jaw and neck.



Forehead Profiloplasty
Forehead can be flat or inward due to its structure, it can be fixed with the fat injection from patient’s own body and a round shape can be provided. Fat injection is a surgical procedure that requires an operation room. Another important area on the forehead is hair-forehead line. If hair cover the forehead more, forehead looks smaller. Removing the hair line up can provide wider forehead. This may be the exact opposite. If the hair line is already located above, with hair transplantation a balanced appearance can be attained.
Eyebrow Profiloplasty
Low eyebrow structure negatively affects profile aesthetics. It also shows people tired and unhappy. Eyebrow lift procedure will help to attain more visible eyes and help to eliminate unhappy and tired appearance.
Ear Profiloplasty
Ear deformities can affects the profile negatively for front and side views. Ear aesthetics (Otoplasty) can fix those problems.
Cheek Profiloplasty
Better looking cheeks can be achieved with touching the size and projection of the cheeks with surgical and non-surgical procedures. By clarifying the cheekbones, a healthy and beautiful profile can be achieved.
Lip Profiloplasty
For non-volumed lips, fat injection and/or lip fillers can ensure fuller lips which will give more beautiful profile.
Jaw Profiloplasty
Jaw is another essential part that affects the harmony of profile. If the jaw is back or forth compare to the face line, profile can be affected negatively. Fat injection or implant can help to have more projected jaw and genioplasty procedure can help to have less projected jaw.
Neck Profiloplasty
Sagginess on the neck affects the appearence negatively, a better neck profile can be obtained by neck lifting or liposuction procedure.

Non-surgical treatments, like fillers and/or botox can be performed to improve the profile. Fillers can be applied to fill inward areas on the forehead, to have more visible cheekbones and cheeks, to have fuller lips, to have more projected jaw. With the help of botox, eyebrow can be moved up or down. Last but not least with non-surgical cheek defining treatment, better looking cheeks can be attained.



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