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Profiloplasty in Turkey

Profiloplasty in turkey


Profiloplasty in Turkey

The facial area is one of the most important elements that initiate non-verbal communication. Therefore, facial contour aesthetics holds great importance. Existing asymmetries or other aesthetic issues in the face significantly affect facial contour aesthetics. In some individuals, these issues can even lead to psychological problems. To eliminate all these problems and to make the individual more confident, profiloplasty is an important procedure.

In this article, you can find detailed information about the profiloplasty procedure and get answers to all the questions you may have regarding the process. Happy reading!

What is Profiloplasty Surgery?

Profiloplasty, which means “profile aesthetics,” refers to a combination of aesthetic procedures that aim to achieve the golden proportions on the face and eliminate flaws in the side view of the face. The purpose of the profiloplasty procedure is to achieve harmony in the facial appearance.

Profiloplasty surgery is a combined procedure that involves several individual procedures to make small and natural changes to your silhouette, helping your facial features to be more harmonious and proportional to each other. This way, you can obtain a flawless side profile. The angles considered for profiloplasty aesthetics are as follows:

  • Forehead – Nose: The relationship between the forehead and nose.
  • Nose – Lips: The relationship between the nose and lips.
  • Nose – Jawline: The relationship between the nose and jawline.
  • Jawline – Neck: The relationship between the jawline and neck.

Areas of Profiloplasty in Turkey

Eyebrow Profiloplasty

Low or disproportionate eyebrow structure negatively affects facial aesthetics. Additionally, having low eyebrows can make a person appear more tired and unhappy. To eliminate the tired and unhappy expression, an eyebrow lift procedure should be considered. This will result in more prominent eyes and a rejuvenated appearance.

Forehead Profiloplasty

The forehead can be straight and curved inward. It can be corrected with fat injections from the patient’s body to achieve the desired round shape. In forehead profiloplasty, if the hair covers the forehead too much, the hairline should be adjusted. The forehead profiloplasty procedure is safe, so you don’t have to worry.

Ear Profiloplasty

Ear shape irregularities are a common concern for many individuals and can cause aesthetic worries. To overcome this and achieve a healthy social life, ear aesthetic surgery (otoplasty) can be performed.

Cheek Profiloplasty

Cheek profiloplasty, done with both surgical and non-surgical methods, aims to adjust the size and prominence of the cheeks to improve their appearance and make them more harmonious. This procedure enhances the cheekbones, resulting in a healthy and beautiful profile.

Lip Profiloplasty

Lip profiloplasty is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to shape and enhance the profile of the lips. The procedure addresses volume, contour, and proportion issues. Typically, this is achieved using fat injections or fillers.

Chin Profiloplasty

The chin profile is an important factor affecting facial harmony. If the chin is too far back or excessively protruding, it may distort the profile. In this case, surgical fat injections can be augmented using implants.

Neck Profiloplasty

Sagging in the neck area may occur due to age or genetic factors and may lead to aesthetic concerns. For this, neck stretching procedure or liposuction can be performed.

Initial Consultation

The most important process of profiloplasty is the preliminary interview. The pre-interview step ensures that the procedure is more accurate and efficient. For this reason, in order to fully convey your wishes and expectations before the operation, you should have a preliminary meeting with your doctor. Thus, you will be able to achieve effective results. During the preliminary interview, your side profile line is examined in detail and the actions you need are determined.

Preliminary Preparations

After the preliminary interview, pre-operative preparations are made. These preparations make the process more effective and accurate. In the preliminary preparation stage, tests are performed to the patient to minimize the risks that may occur during the operation. These tests are generally blood test, urine test and local anesthesia tests. After the tests, surgery plans are created by having an idea about the general condition of the patient.

First Steps

In line with the preliminary preparations, the first steps are taken for profiloplasty. In this step, local/general anesthesia is applied to the patient. The procedure is started on the points determined on the face of the patient, who is under the influence of general or local anesthesia. While doing this process, “How does the patient’s side profile look better?” query is targeted. In this direction, points such as cheek nose lip chin are corrected. As a result of the interventions, the surgery is completed and terminated.

Profiloplasty Process in Turkey, Istanbul

Contrary to popular belief, profiloplasty surgery in Turkey is an effortless and fast procedure. This procedure consists of 5 effective and simple steps. These;

Profiloplasty process in turkey
Are you a good candidate for profiloplasty

Are You a Good Candidate For Profiloplasty?

Symmetrical side profile line is a situation that causes aesthetic concerns in some individuals. For this reason, it will be right for you to answer the following questions to understand whether you are the right candidate for profiloplasty surgery.

  • Think your side profile is bad?
  • Do you want to have a proportional nose lip and jaw line?
  • Do you believe that your side profile is bad when the photo is taken?

If your answer to two of the three questions is “yes”, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for profiloplasty. If you want to get more detailed and comprehensive information about Profiloplasty, you can contact us to get information about whether you are the right candidate.

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My side profile looks pretty bad and it hurts my self-confidence. I don’t know what to do.
The side profile starting from the forehead area to the chin line is a point that many of us pay attention to. This situation, which negatively affects the self-confidence of the person, can lead to traumas in later ages. For this reason, we recommend that you have a profiloplasty procedure. Thanks to this process, which is both easy and affordable, you can have a beautiful profile view.


I’m thinking of small and easy improvements to my nose, lips and jawline. But I don’t have enough budget to do these procedures one by one.
When lip, nose and chin procedures are performed alone, they can be quite expensive in terms of cost. Instead, less costly profiloplasty can become a more advantageous option. As a Profiloplasty operation, you can both improve your profile line and gain cost in terms of cost.


I want to have a profiloplasty operation, but I’m worried that my face line will change a lot.
Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions, “Does the facial line change?” The question leaves a question mark in the minds of many people. Profiloplasty does not change your face shape, contrary to popular belief. It only makes improvements with small touches. For this reason, there is no possible change in your facial expression and shape.


I look bad, especially when a side profile picture is taken, and I don’t like it.

Photo shoots may seem like torture to some of us because of the side profile view. But you don’t have to hesitate any longer. Because with small touches, you can have an impressive appearance in photos. All you have to do for this is to have a profiloplasty surgery. Then you can have the perfect celebrity look.

Before and After Profiloplasty Surgery Considerations

Before and after the profiloplasty procedure are the periods that should be treated sensitively. For this reason, you need to pay attention to everything you eat / drink, from the sports you do. Thus, you can achieve perfect results after the procedure. Let’s take a brief look at the things to consider.

Before Profiloplastie Considerations

There are many points that need to be considered before profiloplasty is performed. These points allow you to be completely ready for the treatment. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following warnings.

  • The primary priority in profiloplasty is to be psychologically ready for the procedure. For this reason, if you have questions about the procedure in your mind, you should definitely make a preliminary consultation with your doctor.
  • You must stop smoking 24 hours before the procedure, and alcohol and alcohol intake 1 week before. Thus, you ensure the correct functioning of the blood flow during the surgery process.
  • Before the operation, you should leave blood thinners under the supervision of a doctor.
  • If there are chronic diseases that may cause complications during the application, be sure to tell your doctor.
Before profiloplasty considerations
After profiloplasty considerations

After Profiloplastie Considerations

In order to get positive results after profiloplasty surgery, one must be very careful. Because a rapid recovery process can be experienced and postoperative scars heal faster.

  • Pay attention to showering after profiloplasty. Take care not to take a shower for the first 1-2 days after the procedure.
  • It is normal to have tenderness and minor pain after the application. For this reason, you should take the painkillers given by the doctor on a regular basis without wasting time.
  • The wound or sutures in the operation area should be cleaned regularly and care should be taken as suggested by the surgeon. Thus, a faster healing can be observed in the wounds.

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Cost of Profiloplasty İn Turkey

Proficoplaty surgery in Turkey is quite economical compared to other countries. The most important reason for this is the incentive support provided by the Ministry of Health. In addition to this, there are many clinics that perform profiloplasty in Turkey. These clinics provide competition in terms of price. In this case, it makes the prices more affordable. In addition, Turkey’s advantageous exchange rate compared to other countries also allows the prices to be affordable.

When we examine the profiloplasty prices in Istanbul, we observe that it is more affordable than other cities in Turkey. We can say that Istanbul, whose prices are so advantageous, also has easy transportation opportunities in terms of accessibility. In addition, profiloplasty is performed by specialist and professional doctors in aesthetic clinics in Istanbul. It is possible to get accurate and perfect results in profiloplasty procedures performed by observing high hygiene rules.

Best Profiloplasty Surgeon in Turkey

Profile aesthetics has become a very popular procedure in recent years. The main reason for this can be considered as the fact that celebrities have a very perfect profile, especially when taking photos. As such, many people are impressed by these flawless profiles of celebrities and want to have that look. Türkiye is one of the most preferred places in this regard. Türkiye is a very reliable place in profiloplasty surgery in many respects.

Turkey, which is particularly advantageous in terms of surgeons, has many good profiloplasty surgeons. You must be careful when choosing the best profiloplasty surgeon. For this reason, we recommend that you do in-depth research. At this point, evaluate your doctor’s education and work abroad. Because in this way, you can understand that your doctor is competent in profiloplasty surgery. In addition, you should consider whether your doctor is a member of more than one association abroad. The main reason for this is that the most up-to-date and advanced technologies and developments are shared in these associations. In this way, you can understand that your doctor has the most up-to-date and reliable information about profiloplasty surgery.

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FAQ About Profiloplasty in Istanbul

What is Profiloplasty Surgery?
Profiloplasty is a procedure that consists of a series of aesthetic surgical procedures performed to improve the general profile of the face. In this procedure, the structures in different parts of the face are reshaped to improve the balance, proportion and aesthetic appearance of the face. Thus, the face form is given the appearance of the golden ratio.
How Long Does Profiloplasty Take?
Since Profiloplasty consists of a combination of several different surgical procedures, times may vary. But on average, this takes 1-2 hours.
Is Türkiye Safe for Profiloplasty?
Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for cosmetic procedures such as plastic surgery and profiloplasty. Aesthetic surgery clinics and doctors in Turkey generally provide high quality services in accordance with world standards. Therefore, it is very reliable to have a profiloplasty procedure in Turkey.
How Long Do I Have to Stay in Turkey After Profiloplasty?
How long to stay in Turkey after Profiloplasty may vary depending on the type of procedure, the speed of recovery of the person and the surgeon’s recommendations. However, in general terms, patients can usually stay in Turkey for a few days or weeks after profiloplasty.
When can I return to my daily life after the procedure?
Returning to daily life after Profiloplasty may vary from person to person. It would be wrong to say an exact time for this. However, if the surgeon’s warnings and recommendations are followed, it is possible to return to daily life in a short time. It would be appropriate to contact your doctor for detailed information on this subject.
Which Type of Anesthesia is Used in Profiloplasty?
Generally, two types of anesthesia can be applied during the profiloplasty procedure: general anesthesia and local anesthesia. Which type of anesthesia is preferred may vary depending on the areas to be treated, the duration of the procedure, the surgeon’s preferences and the patient’s preferences.
Is Profiloplasty Application Painful?
Profiloplasty is a painless and painless procedure contrary to popular belief. Because local and general anesthesia is applied during the procedure. Therefore, there is no need to worry. You can make the application with peace of mind.
Faq profiloplasty in turkey
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