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Facelift in Turkey


Facelift in Turkey

A procedure that helps patients to have a younger-looking face via removing excess skin from the face and smooth wrinkles. The aim of this surgery is to remove the signs of aging. The age of the patient, and analyzing and determining needed interventions are very crucial.

Facelift Turkey With current technology, it is possible to evaluate face structure from the skin to the bone. The purpose of all these techniques is to remove the sagging appearance on the face. Recently, facelifts are combined with fat injections, stem cell enriched fat injection, laser resurfacing, peeling, and/or liposuction to attain a fuller face on top of a smooth face. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS also uses fat injections frequently to have a natural and beautiful face. With the help of this surgery, patients can reach a 10-20 years younger look. During a facelift, the risk of complications to skin and muscles should be minimized with an expert and professional plastic surgeon.

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What is Facelift – A complete guide to facelift surgery

The facial area is significant, especially for women. The sign of aging begins first on the face. Although non-surgical facial applications or awe-inspiring cosmetic skin care products are used today, these applications are not effective enough in some cases. Therefore, many women today see facelift operations as a last resort.

Classic facelift techniques, which have been used for a long time, are applied during facelift surgeries for people with tremendous amounts of sagging and wrinkles. A small incision is performed starting from the front of the ear of the patient and going behind the ear. This technique’s central point is that tissues are stretched to deepen. Because if the skin itself is too stretched, problems may occur during the healing process. Stretching the deep tissues provides a long-lasting effect after the surgery. Middle-aged people mainly prefer this method because they have saggy skin and wrinkles that might have occurred due to aging. Another facelift surgery option is the endoscope-guided technique. Endoscopes are cameras with a thickness of 4 millimeters.

Facelift surgery is performed with these cameras. What is done during performing this technique is to make small incisions on the scalp. In this way, the deep tissues can be pulled and stretched. This method is generally used by people who have fewer wrinkles, saggy skin, and deformation on their faces. Since it is not a holistic surgical technique, it is not preferred by aged people. Middle-aged people usually do it.

Facelift surgeries are performed with a tiny incision that starts in front of the ear and goes towards the back of the ear. While performing these surgeries, efforts are committed not only to stretching the face but also to reshaping the face. The main thing is replacing the skin that hangs down. The exact process is applied to the neck, providing tension towards the chin. Face Lift and Neck Lift surgeries are often performed together. In addition, the facelift can be supported by adding things such as fat injection, filling, eyebrow lifting, and different chin procedures.

As a result of research and technological developments in medicine, diagnosis and treatment methods could be applied in a much more convenient way. The innovations, especially in aesthetic surgery, have developed considerably and enabled women who want natural beauty to have a comfortable application.


How is Face Lift Surgery Performed?

There are two techniques commonly applied in facelift surgery. These are classical facelift surgery and endoscopic facelift surgery. The surgeon decides which method will be used by looking at the patient’s drooping, looseness of the cheeks, and the degree of deformity of the skin.
A classic facelift is preferred in patients with a lot of skin wrinkles. This technique separates facial tissue from the primary tissue, starting from the hairline. Success in this surgery is achieved by stretching the tissues in the skin, not the skin. In the endoscopic technique, the procedure is performed with cameras of 4 mm thickness and minimal incisions. The tissues are stretched upwards through these small incisions.

Facelift in Turkey Who is the candidate?

In cases where the cosmetic products used or the botox and filler applied are not enough, it is preferred in advanced ages. Facelift surgery is mainly applied to women over the age of 30; It is used in specific areas at certain intervals in some people.

Facelift surgery is performed to remove deformations in the jawline and neck area, excessive skin in front of the ear, and deep wrinkles which can be seen in the entire face area; It is the process of removing excess skin with an incision performed starting from the hairy spot on the ear. As a result of this process, sagging, wrinkles, and excessive skin that develop because of aging are removed, and a much more vigorous and youthful face form can be attained. During this procedure, a holistic recovery can be achieved by simultaneously applying eyelid aesthetics and neck lift surgery.

In clinical practice, we have patients under the age of 30 who has facelift surgery. If the person’s skin requires surgery, the lower age limit of 30 is not necessary.


Any Risks and complications in Facelift Surgery?

Facelift surgery, like every other surgical intervention, has some risks. These factors include infection, bleeding, edema, and skin loss. Deciding on a doctor is so crucial in the pre-operative process. Preferring experienced and expert surgeons to play an active role in preventing risk factors. However, smoking should be stopped before and after the surgery. In this process, smoking can prevent the regeneration of the cells and wound healing.

We have not encountered any problematic situations in facelift surgeries performed in our clinical practice.

How much is the duration of surgery?

The doctor can change the duration of facelift operations according to the patient’s condition, but it takes between 4 and 6 hours on average.


What to Wear and What to avoid?

It takes about a month to notice the result after the operation fully. For people who use make-up materials, especially women, it is okay to put on make-up after our experienced nurses remove the stitches. However, the patient should avoid the sun as much as possible. If sun exposure is definite, the patient should be using high-impact sunscreens. The postoperative process usually goes like this:

• Patient must wear a neck brace in the first days. Because it is necessary to keep bruises and swellings to a minimum.
• The swelling may increase visibly in the first week. After that, it will start to decrease slowly. It will be eligible to take a shower because of the removal of stitches and bandages. Women can form make-up.
• It will be eligible to return to daily life and always do activities gradually. Also, most of the bruises will fade away.
• After a few weeks, the swelling will disappear completely. The patient can do sports activities again. Some of the numbness on the face will disappear, although not completely. It takes a few more months for it to disappear completely.
• the patient should use Sun protection until the healing process is over.
After all these stages, you can have a natural and young-looking face. However, the patient should follow the doctor’s recommendations for every procedure to prevent complications.

Does Facelift Surgery Stop Aging?

The face area is the fastest aging area, and the face is the most visible sign of aging that can be observed. For this reason, the aging process never stops, and facelift surgery does not stop this process; it can only treat and alter it. People who have facelift surgery can have this surgery if they are physically competent.


Why do we Need Facelift Surgery?

Generally, people prefer facelifts to look younger and more beautiful. The human face wears out as time passes, so it sags and begins to wrinkle. Under-eyes become hollow; sagging cheeks distort the jawline. This situation is generally seen in middle-aged and older patients. The facelift surgery recovers this deformed face and regains its youthful and natural appearance. According to some deformations on the front, the patient can decide whether facelift surgery is needed. These are wrinkles around the eyes, pits under the eyes, layers, and oiliness due to sagging, and deformations such as lines on the lip and cheek edges. It is possible to eliminate these deformations with facelift surgeries. People with such symptoms can have facelift surgery.


Other Reasons for Deformations of a skin.

These deformations on the skin do not appear only due to aging. It can also occur in young people due to smoking, alcohol, or intense stress. For this reason, anyone with saggy skin on their face and who is uncomfortable with this situation can use facelift surgeries. This shows that there is no limit if there is no health problem to having facelift surgery. However, according to the data, it is seen that middle-aged and older people usually make it.


For how much time does it last?

The new face shape after the facelift surgery can preserve itself for many years. While the face can be held for about ten years, it can maintain its young and natural form for many years, depending on different factors. A facelift is very useful for people who wish to gain self-confidence and love themselves more when looking at the mirror. It can be a means of regaining self-confidence for a person who has wrinkles and sagging at a young age.
Although women for beauty generally prefer facelifts, they have recently attracted the attention of men.

– Not visible nostrils from side & front


USA8000 USD12000 USD
UK10000 USD16000 USD
Turkey5000 USD8000 USD

Depending on the kind and difficulty of the surgery, facelift prices in the UK might vary greatly from location to location. The National Health Service estimates that a minor facelift will cost 10,000 pounds and a face and neck lift will cost about 15,000 pounds. Patients should also think about how much consultations or subsequent medical care will cost.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons‘ figures from 2022 shows that the average facelift cost in the US is $8,005 per procedure. This typical cost is only a portion of the overall cost and excludes operating room, anesthesia, and other related costs.

In comparison to other nations, Turkey’s facelift prices are not too exorbitant; the typical price ranges from $5000 to just over $8,000. However, the overall cost is influenced by the surgeon’s reputation, experience, and how complicated the treatment is, among other things.

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Facelift in turkey

Facelift in Istanbul, Turkey

During the detailed examination, the patient’s expectations and concerns have been listened and after analyzing the deformities, a facelift can be planned. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS asks patients to send or bring their pictures that belong to younger ages. Because this allows determining the optimum place of anatomical structures (eyebrows, nose, cheeks, upper eyelid line, forehead line) which are affected by aging and gravity. In this way, a more natural and beautiful look can be achieved. Facelifts can be performed under local or general anesthesia, in line with the patient’s deformities. The surgery lasts 2-2.5 hours depending on needed interventions.

To prevent swelling, a cold facial mask is used after the surgery.

The patient needs to save 1 quality week to heal faster and can take a shower 2 days after the surgery. The persistence of the result varies between 5-10 years depending on the chosen option/technique.

Face Lift Before And After

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Q: At What Age Can Face Lift Surgery Be Performed?

Facelift surgery is performed between the ages of 30 and 85. Sometimes genetically, facial sagging can occur at an early age. Therefore, the leading factor here is not age but the speed and degree of aging.

Q: Is Face Lift Surgery Understandable by Everyone?

Like most surgical procedures, of course, facelift surgery will bring about a radical change in your face. However, if it is applied by surgeons who know their job, it will be positive and satisfactory.

Q: How Long Does the Face Lift Effect Last?

The effect of facelift surgery varies according to the skin structure of the patient and the success of the surgeon performing the procedure. However, facelift surgeries last for ten years on average.

Q: When to Return to Normal Life After Face Lift?

They are returning to everyday life after facelift surgery is quick and easy. The patient can return home the day after the surgery and return to his daily life within ten days. However, after returning to everyday life, it is necessary to avoid heavy exercise and sports movements for a while.




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