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Facelift Live Broadcast

Hi guys, how are you? I hope that you have a great day. I have a great day because it’s my birthday. So, I hope that you have a great day like me. So today, we will talk about the facelift procedure a little bit. I received your questions, and they are friendly and frequently asked questions. I will try to answer all of them in one session.
As far as I see, the main issue for all of you is you love Facelift results; however, you get scared about the incision and the scar. So, I will try to explain the scar issue to you. And I will try to give you some confidence about that. First, we must do anesthesia. The surgery starts with the incisions as close as possible to follow your ear line. So that’s one of the best techniques to hide the scar. However, it is not good enough. And sometimes, it can be visible. At the end of the day, it’s a scar. So, the best incision technique to hide a scar is to perform it into the hairline. However, it doesn’t give you possible access to all kinds of tissues. Because from the hairline, you can do a midface lift and lift the midface with the endoscopic approach. Also, we can do a neck lift again within the hairline with an endoscopic approach, but how will we manage those tissues in the central part? And which is the main issue for those complaining about aging. So that’s why we perform incisions at the front of the ear.

So, let me show you one example. In that case, there is a bulky collection on the jaw area, and we agree on creating the jawline and solving the sagging problem. So, what I did, was I created the jawline very well. And that is the incision (at the ear line). It is going to heal very well. We don’t need to get afraid if we don’t have any healing issues. And how is it going to heal? You may see here the result after the healing phase. That is a long-term result, one year after. It’s barely visible. And it’s not a big issue. And what can we do in the worst scenarios? If we see a terrible scar, we can perform laser treatment in our clinic. So, the scar is not going to be an issue for us. Otherwise, we are not going to be happy with the result. And we are not going to find the successful result as well. So, I hope that will give you some confidence and those explanations are worth it.

Let me see your second question. It’s about the pain. Yeah. You know it’s surgery. And you know everybody finds the facelift painful and scary, but any facelift or rhinoplasty procedure, if they are done very well even, you are not going to swell a lot, and you are not going to have pain. And, if you have a superficial pain level, you can use heavy painkillers to stop your pain, and you are going to stay at the hospital for one day, in some circumstances, two days. So, you don’t need to worry about it. You are not going to be alone on that journey. Don’t worry. We are going to be with you.

So, the next question is about the risk. Is facelift surgery risky? The answer is yes, it is risky. Because in the surgery we are going to see all nerves of the face area. If accidentally you cut them, you may cause a terrible injury which we call paralysis of the facial muscles. And that is a disaster. So that’s why an experienced, high-level surgeon needs to do that surgery for you. Otherwise, that can be a scary complication. 

The other question is about the right age. What is the right age for the facelift? It’s up to the patient; a 55-year-old patient may not have any sagging problems. So, no actions would be taken. A 24-year-old patient may have a sagging problem and loose skin because of body weight change, pregnancy, or stress. That’s why in your twenties or your thirties, you may have very bad sagging skin. So you probably need to have facelift surgery. So, what I am trying to say; is it’s up to the patient situation. The age doesn’t matter. It’s up to your feelings. How do you feel yourself? How do you look, and how would you like to look? 

So, if you had a facelift very early, like your twenties or thirties, the other question is can I have another facelift surgery in my fifties or sixties? The answer is yes. We also redo many facelift surgeries because they have not been done well before. So, we revise them. We redo them. So, in those cases, we deal with the scar tissues and the fibrosis and disfiguration of the face, and we attain more successful results if you have had a facelift before. And if you are looking for another better facelift. You can have another facelift. But of course, it will be harder for the surgeon to dissect the tissues because of the fibrosis, but it’s not impossible. An experienced, high-level surgeon can deal with that situation and achieve an excellent facelift result for you.

And the last question is about the fat injection. Why do I combine fat injection with the facelift? Because during the facelift, we lift tissues, and just with lifting, you cannot fix the hollows, the depressions, or the contours; we just lift it. So, the fat injection gives me a good option to fix that area and as well as the lines. Because the lines are something that you know someone who irons your pants and that line always stays the same, whatever you do, you cannot erase the line again, so the fat injection makes your hand stronger to erase those lines. 

So, I hope, guys, you like the small talk. If you have more questions, please send them to me. And let me do another live broadcast. See you later

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TAS Team

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Avatar of lida

Hi, my name is Lida, and I am interested in facelift. Would you please send some information about procedure, cost and how much time I need to spend there regarding to surgery.
Thanks. Lida

Thanks. Lida.

Avatar of tas team

Hi Lida
You can get detailed information from one of our medical consultant through Whatsaap

Avatar of diana

Hi I’m interested in getting rhynoplasty with dr Sulayman. Please give me cost for this procedure

Avatar of tas team

Hello Diana
Hope you are doing well. You can get more detailed information about Rhinoplasty from our medical consultant through Whatsapp

Avatar of nicole

Interested to do the face and neck lift
Can you please sens me all the infos

Avatar of tas team

Hi Nicole
Hope you are fine. well, you can contact us on WhatsApp for more detailed information

Best Regards
Tas Team

Avatar of elvida salazar

Hi I’m amazed with the surgeons work I would like info for a few procedures please contact me

Avatar of tas team

Hi dear,

Thanks for the compliment. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp for detailed consultation and evaluation.

Best Regards,
Tas Team

Avatar of maria salmeron

I want to see the doctor how can I make in appointment

Avatar of tas team

Hi, dear Maria

You can contact us via Whatsaap for appointment

Avatar of amina duly

Hi there
I am 56 years old and interested in having a noise job and a face lift. Can both procedures done together?


Avatar of tas team

Hi dear Amina,

Thanks for the compliment. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp for detailed consultation and evaluation.

Best Regards,
Tas Team

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