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Fat Transfer in Turkey

Fat transfer in turkey


Fat Transfer in Turkey

Over time, sagging can occur in certain areas of the body. This is quite normal due to factors like gravity and aging. To correct these saggings and achieve a fuller form, a fat transfer procedure is performed. This way, the body achieves a more flawless and proportionate appearance.

In this content that I have written, you will be able to obtain comprehensive information about the fat injection process in Turkey. I wish you all happy reading.

What is Fat Grafting? How is it done?

The procedure known as Lipofilling, also commonly referred to as fat transfer, is used extensively today to correct conditions that develop in the body over time and lead to an undesirable appearance. This procedure results in smoother, vibrant, and fuller skin tissues.

This mentioned procedure is generally used for aesthetic purposes such as correcting wrinkles and depressions on the face, plumping facial features, enhancing lips, defining cheekbones and jawlines. Moreover, it can also be applied for breast reconstruction, breast augmentation or shaping surgeries, correcting volume loss in the gluteal region and hands, and enhancing body contours. During the procedure, excess fat tissue is usually taken from the abdominal region. The harvested fat is purified, cleansed from blood and other tissue residues, and then diluted. Subsequently, it is injected into desired areas using fine needles.

When performing the Fat Injection procedure, it has been demonstrated that the injected fat tissues serve as a rich source of stem cells. As a result, stem cells transform into cells known as fibroblasts, which repair, renew, enhance the quality of the skin, and slow down the aging process. Following these studies, fat injection has gained more popularity and is applied to almost every area of the face. It is even used in skin areas with radiotherapy for skin rejuvenation. Fat transfer is a permanent procedure; however, the amount that remains varies depending on the treated area.


Fat Transfer Areas

The widely prevalent and popular procedure of fat grafting in Turkey is performed in many areas of the body. These regions are determined through a detailed analysis based on the individual’s desires and needs. Here are the areas where fat injection is carried out:

Fat injection areas in turkey

Fat Grafting of the breasts

Recently, quite popular breast lipofilling is a very useful method for women who desire a natural volume in their breasts. This method provides a more natural appearance in breast aesthetics. Breast lipofilling, compared to breast implants, is a less invasive procedure and prevents the occurrence of potential pain and discomfort. Through this procedure, sagging due to breastfeeding or structural reasons, or restoring the appearance of a breast removed due to cancer treatment can be achieved.

Fat Transfer of the hands

Hands are undoubtedly one of the areas where the effects of aging are most visible. Aging causes thinning, wrinkles, prominent veins, and volume loss in the hands. Fat injection of the hands is a procedure performed to rectify these issues, restore the youthful and plump appearance of the hands, and enhance the individual’s psychological well-being. In this procedure, fat cells harvested from the patient’s own body are injected into the upper layers of the hands using needles or cannulas, resulting in improved skin quality.

Fat Transfer Techniques in Turkey

In Turkey, fat transfer procedures are observed to be performed using three different techniques. These applications are carried out based on the doctor’s detailed examinations and the patient’s needs. The mentioned methods are as follows:


Microfat, a commonly preferred method in fat injection procedures, focuses mainly on thinner areas of the body and the correction of fine wrinkles and skin irregularities on the face. In this method, larger fat particles are broken down into smaller structures. This allows fat cells to be injected into more delicate areas, leading to better results. Some of the areas where this method is applied include correcting fine wrinkles on the face, enhancing lips, and improving skin texture.


Also known as the classic fat injection method, nanofat involves taking fat cells from a specific area of the body, breaking them down into smaller particles, and then injecting them into certain areas to improve skin texture and support regeneration. The obtained nanofat is injected under the skin using a fine needle. These injections can help support cellular regeneration and collagen production in the skin. Nanofat can address fine wrinkles and lines on the skin, promote youthfulness and vibrancy, and enhance skin texture. Due to its smaller and more delicate nature compared to other fat transfer techniques, nanofat can be particularly effective in correcting fine details and promoting skin regeneration, especially in the facial region.

Multiplaner Fat Tissue Transfer to the Face

“Multiplaner Fat Tissue Transfer to the Face” is a fat transfer technique applied to the facial area. In this method, fat tissue taken from the body is injected into various areas of the face in multiple planes (layers). The multiplaner technique allows for facial volumization, contour correction, and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, it can be used for aesthetic purposes such as correcting fine facial wrinkles, enhancing cheeks and lips, and reshaping other areas of the face.


Fat Transfer Process in Turkey, Istanbul

Contrary to common belief, the fat transfer process in Turkey consists of quite an easy and effortless sequence of steps. These steps involve 5 effective stages. These stages are as follows:

Fat transfer process in turkey

Preliminary Preparations

Following the initial consultation, surgical plans are devised. Preparations are then carried out in line with these plans. In this context, various tests are conducted on the patient. These tests anticipate any potential negative conditions the patient might encounter during the surgery, allowing for appropriate actions to be taken. The mentioned tests include blood tests, urine tests, and local anesthesia tests. Following the tests, the patient’s overall condition is considered, and the surgery preparations are completed.

First Steps

Upon completion of all analyses and tests, the first steps for the fat filling procedure are taken. Typically, the patient is administered local anesthesia or sedation. Under the influence of local anesthesia or sedation, fat cells are extracted from the patient using a needle or a thin cannula. The extracted fat undergoes a special process and is then prepared for injection. Subsequently, after dilution procedures based on the chosen fat transfer technique, the prepared fat is injected into the desired areas using injection needles or cannulas. Thus, the fat filling procedure is concluded.

Are You a Good Candidate For Fat Grafting?

Therefore, it would be more appropriate to answer the following questions to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the fat injection procedure.

  • Are wrinkles on your skin bothering you?
  • Do you like the tight and plump appearance of your skin?
  • Is the loss of elasticity in your skin causing aesthetic concerns for you?

If you answer “yes” to two of the above 3 questions, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for the fat injection procedure. However, if you would like to obtain more detailed and comprehensive information about fat transfer, you can get in touch to receive information regarding whether you are a suitable candidate for fat filling.

Are you a good candidate for fat filling

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I want my skin to be more elastic, but I don’t know what I need to do for that.

Skin can lose its elasticity over time due to unhealthy lifestyle or gravity. This is not something to fear or worry about. Therefore, you can undergo the fat filling procedure. This way, you will have a skin with a more elastic structure.


The sagging on my skin is affecting my psychology. That’s why I want to do something to make my skin look fuller.

To achieve a plumper and more youthful appearance of the skin, you can consider getting a fat transfer procedure. This will not only result in a natural rejuvenation of your skin but also help you feel better psychologically.


I want my skin to look younger. However, I’m hesitant about getting a fat filling procedure.

The fat filling procedure, which helps your skin look younger, is quite safe and straightforward. Therefore, you have no reason to hesitate or worry. Since fat transfer involves using your body’s own fats, it is completely safe and poses no harm.

Before and After Fat Transfer Considerations

From the moment you decide to undergo a fat injection procedure, there might be several points you need to pay attention to. All these considerations contribute to making the surgical process smoother and ensuring a faster recovery after the procedure. Therefore, it’s essential to heed your surgeon’s warnings and advice.

Before Fat Transfer Considerations

Before Fat Filling Considerations There are certain points to consider before the fat filling procedure. These points ensure that you are fully prepared for the surgery. Therefore, you should take the following warnings into account.

  • You need to inform your doctor about the medications and supplements you are taking before the lipofilling procedure. This is because some medications and supplements can increase the risk of bleeding. In such cases, they might lead to unwanted complications during the surgery.
  • You must abstain from consuming caffeine 24 hours before the surgery. This helps ensure the successful progression of the surgery.
  • You should stop eating 8 hours before the procedure.
  • You must refrain from smoking 24 hours before the fat filling procedure and also stop alcohol consumption a week before. This ensures that the blood flow during the surgery proceeds accurately and healthily.
Before fat filling considerations
After fat filling considerations

After Fat Transfer Considerations

After the Lipofilling Procedure, you need to pay attention to many points. This way, a faster recovery process can be achieved, and the post-operative scars can heal more quickly.

  • You can use the pain relievers or other medications recommended by your surgeon regularly after the procedure. However, it’s important to avoid overusing pain relievers.
  • In some cases, drainage tubes may be used after the procedure. It’s important to follow your surgeon’s instructions on how to use and care for these tubes.
  • During the fat injection process, it’s crucial to initiate physical activities as indicated by your surgeon and postpone heavy exercises.

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Cost of Fat Transfer in Turkey

It is a commonly preferred procedure nowadays. For this reason, many people choose the fat transfer procedure. Fat grafting cost in Turkey procedures is quite affordable. The reason for this is that clinics performing lipofilling in Turkey are provided with government support and incentivizing packages. Additionally, the presence of numerous alternative clinics performing this procedure in Turkey also affects the prices.

When we look at the fat filling procedure prices in Istanbul, we can see that they are more advantageous and reasonable compared to other cities. The main reason for this can be attributed to the presence of many aesthetic centers in Turkey. Istanbul, being a correct choice in terms of accessibility and doctor quality, is definitely a place you should consider.

Fat Transfer Prices in Turkey

Fat Transfer Cost in Turkey $2500 -$300
Fat Transfer Cost in UK £4700- £5300
Fat Transfer Cost in Europe €6750 – €7250
Fat Transfer Cost in USA $8000-$9800

Best Fat Transfer in Turkey

Fat grafting procedures are performed in many clinics in Turkey. For this reason, many tourists flock to Turkey. The reason behind this is the presence of numerous successful surgeons in Turkey. To choose the best among these surgeons, attention should be paid to certain points. We recommend paying attention to the doctor’s knowledge and experience, their previous work, speeches, and studies related to eyelid aesthetics abroad. This is because eyelid aesthetic surgeons who work on a global scale are knowledgeable about new information and techniques in the field, which allows them to provide you with better results.

If you also want to achieve natural and successful results in fat filling procedures, you can have an initial consultation with Assoc. Dr. Suleyman TAS to attain the skin structure you envision.

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FAQ About Fat Transfer in Istanbul

What is Fat Grafting?
Lipofilling is an aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedure where body fat is taken from one area and injected into another area. This procedure is also known as fat transfer or fat injection. Lipofilling is a method that involves using the patient’s own body fat, eliminating the risk of allergies or rejection.
How Long Does the Fat Transfer Procedure Take?
The duration of the fat transfer procedure can vary depending on the areas to be treated and the extent of the procedure. Generally, the fat transfer procedure is shorter compared to other surgical procedures. On average, the procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours.
Is the Fat Filling Procedure Permanent?
The fat filling procedure is generally considered permanent. However, while a significant portion of the fullness achieved after fat transfer is permanent, some of it can diminish. Therefore, a slight reduction experienced in the first few months after the procedure is normal.
Is Fat Injection Treatment Safe in Turkey?
Fat injection treatment is safe in Turkey. There are many experienced surgeons performing facial rejuvenation procedures in Turkey, and these surgeons carry out the procedures professionally.
How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for the Lipofilling Operation?
The length of stay in Turkey after the lipofilling procedure varies from person to person. However, if we need to indicate an average duration of stay after lipofilling, 1 week is considered an ideal period.
When Can I Return to My Daily Life After Fat Transfer Procedure?
When you can return to your daily life after the fat filling procedure depends on the extent of the procedure and the treated areas. Generally, these types of procedures offer a quick recovery period due to their minimally invasive nature. You can usually return to your daily life shortly after the procedure.
What Type of Anesthesia Is Used in Fat Transfer Procedure?
In the fat transfer procedure, local or general anesthesia is generally used. The type of anesthesia is determined based on the scope of the procedure, the size of the intended treatment, the patient’s preferences, and their health condition.
Will There Be Visible Scars After the Fat Grafting Procedure?

Usually, after the fat injection procedure, small scars that are not easily visible are formed. This is because the procedure involves using fine needles for fat removal and injection in specific areas. Since the needles are small, the scars are generally not noticeable and they tend to heal over time.


Faq fat transfer in turkey
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