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Why Do Botched Surgery Occur?

Unsuccessful plastic surgeries, which we have heard frequently recently, occur for many reasons. These unsuccessful surgical procedures, which negatively affect the social life of the person, leave the patients in a difficult situation as well as the doctors in a difficult situation. Unsuccessful plastic surgeries, which have a very challenging process, may sometimes not be possible to compensate. Compensation surgeries do not give exactly positive results.

In this content, we will be talking about both the causes of unsuccessful plastic surgery and its effects on the person, while at the same time we will be sharing with you Süleyman TAS’s views and thoughts on this subject. We wish you all good reading.

What are the Causes of Botched Surgeries ?

Aesthetic surgeries that affect a person’s social life sometimes result in failure. At this point, we can say that although there are multiple reasons for the unsuccessful outcome of surgical procedures, most of the time it may be patient-related. The reasons for unsuccessful plastic surgery are as follows;

  • Failure to Establish Correct Communication

After unsuccessful surgeries, the patient must manage the recovery process correctly. For this, the patient should tell his/her doctor his/her complaints in a clear and understandable way. In line with this information provided by the patient, the plastic surgeon should also create an operation plan.

  • Recurrent Surgeries

Patients who have undergone more than one plastic surgery may experience unsuccessful aesthetic results due to recurrent traumas in their tissues and the patient may therefore not achieve the desired results.

  • Genetic Factors

The genetic makeup of the person undergoing plastic surgery can affect the outcome of the surgery. While some people recover faster, others may have a higher risk of complications. Even permanent scars may occur after the procedure. Therefore, unsuccessful plastic surgeries may occur.

  • Expectations of Patients

If the patient has unrealistic or high expectations about the outcome of the plastic surgery procedure, he/she may experience disappointment as a result of not meeting these expectations. This situation can be considered as unsuccessful plastic surgery from the patient’s perspective.

  • Ignoring Warnings and Suggestions

If the patient does not take into account the recommendations and warnings of his/her doctor, he/she may have unsuccessful results after surgery. For example, the patient may smoke, consume alcohol or take a shower after the facelift procedure.

What is the Effect of Botched Plastic Surgery on Patients?

Unsuccessful plastic surgeries can have serious effects on patients. Although these effects are sometimes psychological, they also have physical and financial consequences. If we examine these reasons;

  • Physical Problems

Physical problems resulting from unsuccessful plastic surgery can harm the patient’s health. For example, problems such as infections, scars, asymmetry or deformities can lead to postoperative discomfort.

  • Emotional and Psychological Effects

Unsuccessful plastic surgeries can seriously affect the patient’s self-confidence. The patient may have a sad, unhappy and depressed mood because their expectations are not met. This may cause the patient to adopt inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

  • Financial Losses

The costs of failed plastic surgeries can be very high. Because after unsuccessful plastic surgery procedures, additional payments are required for compensatory operations.

  • Trust Problems

Unsuccessful plastic surgeries can shake the patient’s trust in medical professionals and plastic surgeons. This situation causes the person to hesitate to have possible health problems treated.

  • Societal and Social Pressure

As a result of unsuccessful surgeries, the person feels socially excluded and this causes the individual to become isolated in his/her social life. In such cases, the person may become irritable and exhibit unwanted behaviors because he/she feels lonely.

How to Compensate for Failed Aesthetic Surgeries?

In order for the patient to return to his/her current life and recover psychologically, failed plastic surgeries must be compensated. There are many alternatives for this. But these alternatives are quite challenging. For example; Correction surgeries, also known as compensation surgeries, are applied for failed plastic surgeries. Sometimes even these compensation procedures may not be fully efficient.

It is of great importance to apply psychological support during the failed surgery process. Because in the process of unsuccessful plastic surgery, the patient can be very psychologically worn out. Naturally, they need psychological support. At this point, it is useful to get help from expert psychologists.

With these compensation methods applied, the patient will experience a healthier, happier and quality compensation process.

Why are Botched Surgery Searches for Turkey Increasing?

In recent searches for aesthetic operations in Turkey, “Botched Surgery” searches have been increasing. There are many reasons for this. One of these reasons can be considered as the increase in the number of patients in Turkey. The increase in the number of patients in Turkey may increase the number of negative experiences, which in turn may lead to an increase in searches.

A secondary situation is that agencies or doctors who want to get a share of the cake in plastic surgery take responsibility above their experience. For example; While the doctor has less responsibility before opening his own clinic, his responsibilities increase even more when he opens his own clinic. In this case, as well as triggering the negativities to be experienced, it triggers an increase in searches in parallel.

At the same time, after a social media phenomenon from abroad shares a negative experience with its followers, it can be heard very quickly in its own country and other countries. As such, the search for “botched surgery” may have increased.

If patients coming to Turkey for plastic surgery, they will not have a problem as long as they pay attention to the experience of the doctors in Turkey, the facilities of the clinic and the techniques and technologies used. In addition, paying attention to postoperative warnings and recommendations prevents unsuccessful surgery results.

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