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Fox Eyes Surgery

Fox Eyes Surgery

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Fox Eyes Surgery

Welcome to our fox eyes surgery clinic in Istanbul Turkey. Fox eyes are the combination of 3 surgeries temporal lifting, endoscopic eyebrow lifting, and nano fat injection. The result is permanent at least for 10 years. You need to separate 5 days to heal after the surgery. The surgery takes 2-3 hours under general anesthesia.

Foxy eye surgery has become quite popular, especially among the young generation. It is also known as Bella eyes, cat eyes or almond eyes surgery. So, what are Foxy eyes surgery and who may benefit from it? How is this surgery performed?


You will find answers to all your questions in our following post.

Determination of foxy eyes surgery

Suppose the patient is complaining about the tails of the brows being lower from the body of the brow or has a tired appearance, and she is looking for a more attractive and cute look. In that case, we strongly recommend having the foxy eyes surgery. Foxy eyes surgery in Doctor Suleyman TAS practice is not a simple lifting surgery; it combines three surgeries such as temporal lift, eyebrow lift, and fat injection under the eyes. That’s why our results are stunning. Every intervention has its purpose. Temporal and eyebrow lift surgeries aim to eliminate the tired appearance and droopy eyebrows for a youthful look. In contrast, fat injection fills in the lack of volume in the under-eyes area, providing a fresh look.

Surgical part of Fox Eyes

Small incisions are placed through the hairline, like 2 or 2.5 centimeters. This scar is not visible since it is hidden in the hairline. From that incision, doctor Tas gets through the small plane and temporal muscle and does the dual lifting. Because he would like to create tension under and over the muscle, all those areas are dissected and lifted. Because otherwise, it doesn’t allow the tissues to be lifted. And we use the endoscopic instruments for that surgery. After that, we ensure that the new tissue adapts at a much higher level with the sutures. If there is excessive skin in the temporal area, it is being excised. Afterward, we close the incisions. We harvest the fat tissue from the excessive part. It can be the tummy area or leg area, or thigh area, and then we create a nano-fat after the centrifuge and cleaning and thinning procedures. We put it where we need it. That’s the procedure. It takes like half an hour or 30 minutes. It’s short and straightforward surgery. Obviously, as with every surgery, fine workmanship is required. What doctor TAS loves about the foxy eyes surgery is that everything goes down when you pull all tissues down. But after the surgery, if you would like to push it, it doesn’t stretch as before. So, it is like a facelift procedure, but you perform the facelift, not in the middle face but in the upper part of the face. It gives you a nice youthful appearance.

Fox eyes surgery permanent or temporary

If you call 10 years permanent, I can say it’s permanent. But if 10 years’ results are not good enough for you, then we can call it temporary. Because everything will keep changing after surgery, and you will keep aging, which is true. Nobody can do anything about that. We will be here to do the subsequent surgery for you. But I can say that in 10 years you will have a charming youthful appearance. İn foxy eyes surgery, we use permanent threads to achieve permanent results.

Does fox eyes surgery change the shape of the eyes?

Unlike blepharoplasty or canthoplasty surgery, foxy eye surgery can freshen and enlighten your appearance; however, it doesn’t change the shape of the eyes.

If you have excessive skin on the upper eyelid, you may benefit from upper blepharoplasty surgery, which removes the excessive skin on the eyelid.

If you have sagging eyes, a canthoplasty surgery can change the shape of your eyes by tightening the ligaments and muscles of the outer corners of the eyelids.

What is the appropriate age for fox eyes surgery?

Anyone with droopy eyebrows and a tired appearance may consider the foxy eyes surgery; additionally, doctor TAS prefers to combine foxy eyes surgery as a part of the facelift surgeries to rejuvenate the upper part of the face.

Do you see the Fall down again after the fox eye surgery?

We have followed our case for about 6-7 years, and all of them are so happy about the result. So you are not going to see any going down again. And you will have a delighted result with the fox eye surgery.

Does fox eyes surgery make the level of the eyebrows same?

Everyone in this world has facial asymmetries, meaning two parts of the body develop separately and come together in the midline. Therefore, it is normal to have differences between 2 parts of the face. Since the lifting procedure with foxy eyes surgery is performed the same amount from both sides, it can improve the situation significantly. Still, it can not equalize the level of the eyebrows

Cost of fox eyes surgery in Turkey

The average cost of fox eye surgery in Turkey is around 2500 USD. If you are willing to get more information on fox eyes surgery cost or would like to book your fox eyes surgery with Dr.Suleyman Tas, please reach us through this Whatsapp

Cost of fox eyes surgery in Turkey

In conclusion, different types of surgeries address issues related to the upper part of the face. The type of surgery needs to be determined according to the clinic indications of the patient. These surgeries are customized and patient-based surgeries. As with every surgery, doctor TAS aims to achieve the most natural results, and there are no exaggerated eagle-like appearances which look unnatural.

Before and after of fox eyes surgery



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