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Fox Eyes Surgery



Fox Eyes Surgery Turkey

With the changing perception of beauty, all beauty trends have started to differentiate again. Eye aesthetics, which undergo the most popularity and transformation nowadays, is an important subject. Adapting to changing trends, the most preferred look in eye aesthetics recently is undoubtedly the fox eyes trend. With this trend, eyes attain a more captivating and flawless appearance.

In this article I have written, I have prepared the entire process of fox eyes cosmetic surgery for you. Thanks to this content, you will find answers to all the questions you have about the fox eyes procedure. Enjoy reading!

What is Fox Eyes? How is it done?

Foxy eyes surgery is a safe and easy procedure that makes the eyes look more striking and impressive. With this process, the wrinkles around the eyes of men and women are eliminated and a smooth and magnificent appearance is achieved. The Fox eyes procedure lasts for 10 years and there are no problems around the eyes and temples.

To talk about Fox eyes surgery in general, small incisions such as 2 or 2.5 cm are made from the hairline to start the procedure. This scar is not visible because it is hidden inside the hairline. Doctor Tas performs dual lifting by passing through this incision to the temporal muscle. All these areas are dissected and removed because it wants to create tension above and below the muscle. Then, sutures are placed to allow the new tissue to adapt to the level.

After the closed incisions, fat tissue is taken from the abdomen or thigh area to be injected around the eyes. These oils are diluted and brought to a nano-oil consistency. These nanooils are injected into the eye area, resulting in a natural look. Fox eyes removal surgery is a procedure that takes approximately 1-2 hours.


Fox Eyes Surgery Process in Turkey

Fox eye lift surgery is one of the most effective and permanent aesthetic surgery operations in Turkey. Fox eye surgery consists of 5 fast and effective aesthetic operation steps. The mentioned aesthetic operation steps are as follows;


Initial Consultation

Pre-interview is very important to have the desired results in the Fox eye procedure. In this first meeting, which helps you to have a preliminary information about the course of the operation, the patient makes a preliminary consultation with the surgeon who will perform the operation, and the eye area and face shape are analyzed in detail according to the golden ratio. As a result of the analyzes, the most suitable eyelid aesthetics for the patient’s face is determined. As a result of these determined procedures, an appropriate surgical plan is prepared.

Preliminary Preparations

As a result of the preliminary consultation with the aesthetic surgeon, preliminary preparations are made in line with the surgical plans. In line with these preparations, tests are performed on the patient in order to predict possible complications in the surgical procedure. These tests are blood test, urine test and anesthesia tests. In line with the completed tests, all preparations for the operation of the patient are completed.

First Steps

After the surgical preparations are completed, the first steps are taken for fox eye removal surgery. In this direction, small incisions such as 2 or 2.5 cm are made from the patient’s hairline. After these incisions, dual lifting is performed by passing through the temple brow. Thus, the eye structure appears more tense. Then, the opened incisions are closed by suturing with the aesthetic suture method. After the stitching process, natural fox eyes are obtained by removing the body fat from the eye area.

Step by Step to Healing

The most important step in the fox eyes procedure is undoubtedly the recovery period. Because this step determines how the fox eye surgery will result. In this process, the patient should pay extra attention. Otherwise, efficient and satisfactory results will not be obtained. The patient can stay in the hospital for 1 day depending on his health condition. You can then be discharged with a companion. Although the recovery period after fox eyes plastic surgery varies from person to person, it takes an average of 1-1.5 weeks. However, it may take several months for a full recovery to appear.

How to Decide on the Ideal Eyelid Aesthetics?

The ideal and natural fox eye procedure is decided in line with the patient’s facial structure and wishes. For this, millimetric analyzes are performed on the patient’s face. In line with these analyzes, the most suitable and natural fox eye procedure is applied for the patient. Here are the natural eyelid procedures that adapt to your face type.

Cat Eyes

In the cat eyes procedure, it is aimed to make the outer corner of the eyes more lifted upwards. In this way, the eye structure gets a more upturned and slanting appearance, and meaningful looks are obtained. In the cat eyes procedure, it is generally aimed to get rid of the excess skin of the eyelid. For this, first of all, excess eyelid skin is removed with the help of invasive incisions. Afterwards, the muscles in the eye are reshaped and the process is terminated. Thanks to this very easy process, you can have deep and meaningful views in a short time.

Foxy Eyes

Fox eye surgery, which has been very popular recently, is a surgical technique that aims to make the eyes more raised and upwards. In line with this surgical technique, the eyelid skin and eyebrow structure are lifted higher and the tissues and structures around the eyes are repositioned. In this way, the eye area gets a more youthful and natural appearance. The natural fox eye procedure is performed under general anesthesia. For this reason, pain and pain are never experienced during the procedure.

Bella Eyes

Bella eye surgery, which is preferred by many people today, takes its name from the eye structure of the famous model Bella Hadid. In this eyelid aesthetic, the eyes are more almond-shaped. Thus, a larger, younger and more attractive appearance is obtained around the eyes. In the Bella eyes procedure, the excess skin on the eyelid is first removed. After these excess skins are removed, the under-eye bags are corrected and a more lively and youthful appearance is obtained. Bella eye procedure is a cosmetic surgery that takes a very short time. For this reason, after the end of the process, you can continue your daily life from where you left off.

Are you a good candidate for fox eye surgery

Are You a Good Candidate For Foxy Eye Surgery?

Eyelid collapses or all possible eye deformities can affect a person’s life. For this reason, blepharoplasty surgery will be the right choice. If you want to have blepharoplasty surgery right away, you can answer the following questions.

  • Do your eyelids look lower than they are genetically?
  • Do you want to have tense and striking looks?
  • Not satisfied with your eye shape?

If your answer to two of the three questions above is “yes”, we can say that you are the right candidate for fox eye.

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I want to have a clearer and more striking gaze. I want to be a fox eye treatment for this. Am I the right candidate for this?

When fox-eye surgery is performed correctly, it can adapt to all face shapes. For this reason, first of all, your face shape should be analyzed in detail, and then a fox-eye appearance should be created that will adapt to your face shape. For this reason, anyone can have fox eye surgery.


I want to have eyes like Bella Hadid, but I’m worried about their durability.

Bella Hadid, one of the pioneers of the Fox eye trend, is a model that draws attention with her eye structure. Also known as Bella Hadid eye, this new trend is a very permanent procedure. With this process, which has a permanence of 10 years, you can have the iconic looks of Bella Hadid.


Do I need to change my biometric photo after the fox eye procedure?

Contrary to popular belief, the fox eye process does not cause a radical change. Therefore, you do not need to worry. Because you don’t need to change your biometric photo. Dr. Thanks to the natural fox eye look that Suleyman TAS has made, you will not be able to understand that you have plastic surgery.


Will there be any scars around my eyes after fox eyes treatment? I’m afraid it will affect my social life

There is no scar to be afraid of after the Fox eyes procedure. There are no possible scars or stitches after the procedure. Because, thanks to the aesthetic stitches made after the procedure, it does not cause any problems. You can continue your daily life where you left off.

Before and After Fox Eyes Consideration

There are many points to be considered before and after fox eye surgery. These existing issues help the person to have the surgery process more easily and painlessly. It also helps speed up the healing process. For this reason, you should definitely take into account the warnings your doctor told you before and after the surgery.

Before Fox Eye Aesthetics Considerations

Before the Fox eye plastic surgery procedure, you should pay attention to the warnings. These warnings will help you get the results you want from the treatment. The points to be considered before the Fox eye procedure are as follows;

  • Before fox eye surgery, you should definitely make a preliminary consultation with your doctor. In this way, you can find instant answers to all your questions.
  • If you have a drug that you use routinely, you should inform your doctor about these drugs.
  • You have to fast because of the anesthesia.
  • Smoking and alcohol should be stopped at least 3 weeks before the surgery. Thus, it ensures a more accurate and healthy functioning of blood flow during the surgery process.
  • Before the procedure, make-up, etc. You should not apply anything on your face and around the eyes.
Before fox eye considerations
After fox eye considerations

After Fox Eye Aesthetics Considerations

After fox eyes treatment, you should be careful and take into account the warnings of your doctor. In this way, you can get the maximum efficiency from the process. You can also experience a fast recovery process.

  • Small bruises may occur on the skin of the person after the surgery. Ice compresses can be applied to minimize these bruises.
  • Since the eyes are closed with sterile strips after the procedure, no water should touch the eyes and around the eyes for 3 days.
  • Solarium etc. for 2-3 months after surgery. transactions should be avoided.
  • Your head should be kept elevated for the first few days after the fox eye procedure. You can use an extra pillow for this.
  • Procedures that force the body and put pressure on the eyes should be avoided.
  • After fox eye surgery, you should stay away from screens such as phones and computers that can tire or damage the eye for a few days.
  • No chemicals should be applied around the eyes while applying make-up.
  • Contact lenses, etc., until your eyes are completely healed. things should not be used.

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Cost of Fox Eyes Turkey

Fox eyes surgery cost in Turkey procedures is quite affordable. The reason why the cost of facelift is affordable in Turkey is that there is extreme competition. In addition, another reason why the cost of facelift is affordable is that Turkey is more affordable in terms of exchange rate and the ministry of health provides great support to aesthetic centers.

When we compare the cost of fox eyes surgery in Istanbul with the cost in other cities, we can conclude that Istanbul is more suitable. The main reason for this is that there is more competition in Istanbul. For this reason, you can experience a more comfortable process by choosing aesthetic centers in Istanbul.

Fox Eyes Surgery Prices in Turkey

Fox Eyes in Turkey Cost 3.000$ – 4.500$
Fox Eyes in UK Cost 5.250£- 7.000£
Fox Eyes in Europe Cost €8.500 – €10.000 
Fox Eyes in USA Cost $12.000-$15.250

Best Fox Eyes Surgeon in Turkey

Türkiye has come a long way in aesthetic procedures in recent years. That’s why thousands of tourists flock to Turkey every year. Especially in the last few years, more than half of the tourists come for the fox eye procedure. Because there are many professional surgeons in Turkey.

Before having the Fox eye procedure in Turkey, you should definitely determine your doctor well. While doing this, you need to pay attention to many metrics. For example, has he conducted relevant studies and conferences in this field? or How many years have been doing the fox eyes operation should be considered. At the same time, when choosing the best fox eyes surgeon in Turkey, it should be considered whether he has received many awards in his field and whether he has published publications in his field.

You can get perfect results in the fox eye procedure by making a preliminary consultation with Süleyman Tas, one of the best fox eyes plastic surgeons in Turkey.

For all impressive, striking and natural fox eye looks, you can have a preliminary knowledge of the look of your dreams by examining the fox eye before and after looks.

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FAQ About Fox Eyes Surgery in Istanbul

What is Fox Eye?
Fox eye surgery is a surgical procedure performed by lifting or stretching the eyelids. During this surgery, the shape of the eyelids is changed as desired, so that the eyes gain a higher and almond-shaped appearance.
How Long Does the Fox Eye Process Take?
Fox eyes is an operation that takes approximately 1-2 hours.
Is Fox Eye Surgery Permanent?
Fox eye surgery varies according to the person’s attention to the warnings. However, it is an application that lasts for 10 years on average.
Is Fox Eyes Treatment Safe for Türkiye?
Turkey is one of the safest destinations for the Fox eye procedure. Because aesthetic surgeons in Turkey are very professional and expert in this regard. Therefore, a safe process is experienced throughout the surgery.
How long do I need to stay in Turkey for Fox Eye Operation?
For the Fox eye operation, it will be enough to stay for 1 week. However, this process may vary. For this, you can contact our doctors for detailed information.
When Can I Return To My Daily Life After The Fox Eye Procedure?
Returning to daily life after surgery varies depending on the patient. However, if a full recovery is desired, this period may take 1-2 months.
What Type of Anesthesia Is Used in the Fox Eyes Procedure?
General anesthesia/local anesthesia can be applied for the Fox eye procedure.
Is there a visible scar after the Fox Eye procedure?
There are no scars after thigh lift surgery. Because even the stitches made melt and fall off on their own. For this reason, no stitch marks remain. In addition, if the treated area is regularly cared for and the precautions indicated by the doctor are observed, a faster recovery process can be achieved.
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