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Before Rhinoplasty

Frequently asked questions about prominent ear surgery

Things to Consider Before Rhinoplasty

Your nose may have a structure that is not compatible with your face or has deformities. You can have rhinoplasty surgery for a beautiful nose that is suitable for your face, within natural limits, and purified from your deformities. However, there are some preparations you need to know and do before this process.

You have decided to have a nose job. But if you do not know what to do, this article will be enlightening for you.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, the first thing to do is to decide. Making a decision means that you are aware of the conditions and deformities in your nose that bother you and you want to get rid of these situations. The decision-making process is not something you can do in a period of 3-5 days. It may take years for you to become aware of your deformities, accept them, and decide to embark on this process. For example, as result of a hit you received as a child, may complete the development of the nose with deformity. There may be a fracture in the nose line. Airway problems may also occur as the nose will develop incorrectly in line with this impact. You may have noticed this situation years later, as it will be difficult to notice from childhood.

Another of the preparations before rhinoplasty surgery is the research phase after making a decision. There are many techniques and tools developed with the effect of technology for rhinoplasty. You can find out which technique is the most suitable for you by talking to the masters of the work. We, surgeons, first determine the deformities of our patients who came for rhinoplasty surgery, and then we listen to you during our detailed examinations. Our personal recommendation is that you do not consult a single surgeon. Seeing the differences among many surgeons, it is in favor of choosing your own doctor within the framework of trust. Your research process may not be a process that you can complete in a short time. It is useful not to rush. This will be the healthiest.

After meeting with several plastic surgeons during your research phase, another stage is the choice of a plastic surgeon that will address your cosmetic and health concerns.

You have noticed your deformities for rhinoplasty surgery. You wanted to have surgery, made a decision, and started the research process. You talked to several plastic surgeons and got different opinions. In line with the data you have, you have chosen the best method and your plastic surgeon for you. Then what?

The next preparation phase will be during your surgery. Your plastic surgeon and his team will be managing this process. We can list this process as follows.

  • Determining the day for your rhinoplasty surgery
  • Hospital selection
  • Rhinoplasty pre-surgery planning appointment
  • Meeting with the Anesthesiologist before the operation
  • The examinations and tests to be done before the surgery

Experiencing conditions such as colds and flu before the operation is an obstacle in terms of nose surgery. Therefore, you should share this information with your doctor during the examinations. You should share your regular medications with your doctor. For women, the menstrual period can be an obstacle to surgery. Therefore, you should also share this information with your plastic surgeon.

  • Transfer to the hospital and hospitalization procedures on the day of surgery

On the day of surgery, you can have a companion who will make you feel better. Before you go to the operating room in a hygienic environment, you will be put on a surgical gown. This apron is important for hygiene.

Things That Should Not Be Consumed Before Rhinoplasty

Avoiding some drinks and foods before rhinoplasty surgery is of great importance for the healing and surgery process. We can list the things you need to pay attention to in this regard as follows.

  • Medicine that has blood thinning features such as aspirin should be stopped at least 1 week before surgery.
  • Green and herbal teas can increase bleeding during surgery. That’s why you should have quit these drinks before surgery.
  • You should not consume red wine, ginger, garlic, and olive oil.
  • You should definitely quit smoking 6 months before the operation.

Preparations before the nose aesthetic surgery will thus be completed.

What to Do on the Day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

After planning all the processes related to Rhinoplasty, it’s time for the surgery day. We can list the things you need to pay attention to on the day of surgery as follows.

  • You should not eat at least 8 hours before the operation.
  • You should not use products such as nail polish, make-up, hairspray, and jelly on the day of surgery.
  • Decide on a companion who will give you positive energy for you.
  • You must carefully read and sign the consent form and general anesthesia form that comes to the room.


Is it necessary to go to a psychologist before rhinoplasty?

As human beings, we move on in life and make decisions that can affect us psychologically, physically, or both at the same time. The rhinoplasty procedure is a good example of this decision. So, it is important to have healthy psychological and physical conditions. If we are not ready, it is not a good decision to go forward about this process. Because this unreadiness is not going to help the healing phase. Therefore, there is a psychologist working in our clinic in order to prepare our patients psychologically and to provide the necessary support after the surgery.

Suleyman tas

Author: suleyman tas

What are the medications that should not be used before rhinoplasty?

Which type of anesthesia is used during rhinoplasty?

Both general anesthesia and local anesthesia can be used in nose surgeries. This varies according to the technique to be used and the scope of the nose surgery. However, in cases of local anesthesia, when the patient is conscious, it may cause excitement or reflect emotions such as stress. This may cause the plastic surgeon to be distracted while performing fine interventions.

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Author: suleyman tas

How many hours does rhinoplasty take?

Is companion required for rhinoplasty?

Nose surgeries usually require a 1-day stay in the hospital. Therefore, there may be a need for a companion who will meet your needs and support you morally. As a companion, we recommend that you choose a relative who can give positive energy to you. However, it is not mandatory medically. Nurses will stop by and check on you regularly.

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Author: suleyman tas

Which tests are done before rhinoplasty?

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, a number of tests are applied to the patient in order to understand whether the patient is ready for the surgery or not. In this way, it is understood whether there is any health problem that will complicate or prevent the operation. Your plastic surgeon will definitely share with you the tests you need to apply before surgery. These tests include tests such as blood tests, ECG, tomography, and X-ray. Apart from the tests, your aesthetic doctor examines your nasal cartilage structure, and skin structure and performs your facial analysis. As a result of the tests and analyzes performed, if a problem is detected in the airways of the patient that prevents breathing, it is also can be fixed during the operation.

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Author: suleyman tas

Will my smile change after nose surgery?

Just after nose surgery, swelling and bruises occur around the nose and eyes. A certain time is needed for this swelling to go. Due to the swelling, there will be changes in your smile during the healing process. However, as the swelling, bruises, and edema completely disappear and your nose takes its final shape, your smile will start to be the same again.

The patient will be discharged. Especially in the first week, the patient should be careful about many issues. The patient should not lie on her side for at least 1 week. The patient should not miss any controls. In time, the bruising and swelling associated with the surgery will be gone. If nothing goes wrong, the nose will be settled at the end of 1 year.

At TAS Aesthetic Surgery Center, we are ending our blog post about the things to be considered before nose aesthetics. You can contact us via WhatsApp to ask any questions you would like to learn about rhinoplasty.

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Author: suleyman tas

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