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Simulation In Rhinoplasty

Simulation in rhinoplasty

Simulation (Virtual Simulator) is used in many fields nowadays including rhinoplasty. In this article we will be answering the questions like; What does Simulation in Rhinoplasty mean? and How is Simulation in Rhinoplasty performed?

What is Simulation in Rhinoplasty?

The word simulation derives from Latin origin, means “imitation, similar”. When you order a meal in the restaurant, menu is given to set your expectations about the meal to be served. Analogically, simulation is a helpful tool to understand your expectation, to give an idea how your nose may look like after your nose surgery, and will help you get ready mentally before real changes on your nose.

How is Simulation in Rhinoplasty performed?

Thanks to today’s technology, those who want to have a rhinoplasty can see in advance what kind of nose they can have. There are many simulation programs designed to see the nose that suits the face in advance. Using these programs, it is possible to show the result that can be obtained with the photos taken in the professional studio. The reason for doing simulation work before rhinoplasty is to understand how much people can change after surgery and whether they feel ready for this change. The simulation study can only give information about how people can look before surgery. It can be shown how the person with a humpy nose can look when the hump goes away. So that, they can see if it is the way they imagine. Your doctor will make a simulation job after taking into consideration your concerns and making your facial analysis. Taking a picture of the simulation and looking at it until you decide to have surgery will prepare you for change.

Important Notes about Simulation (Virtual Simulator)

– Since rhinoplasty is a complex surgery need to choose your doctor based upon his surgical skills rather than the computer skills. As it is more difficult to accomplish the changes on the nose in real life than on the computer. At this point looking at previous patients’ before and after pictures will give you an idea of the doctor’s expertise.

– The simulation job is not exactly the same as the result to be obtained after the operation. It is only for you to prepare yourself more comfortably for this process. No physician or any institution can guarantee that the final outcome will be the same as the simulation job prepared before surgery.

Simulation in rhinoplasty
1) Pre-operation (Before)
2) Pre-operation Simulation in Rhinoplasty (Simulation)
3) 1 year after operation (After)

Here, you may see pictures from pre-operation, pre-op simulation work and 1 year after the nose operation. Simulation aims to show the possible result to give information to the plastic surgeon and patient. Dr. TAS performs each operation aiming to do the best, better than the simulation work. None of simulation work can copy the operated nose. For this patient, Dr. TAS removed the mole which is located on the tip of nose and there is fat injection in the lip.

In TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic the simulation is performed during the physical examination using professional photos for a more realistic view in line with the patient’s expectations. You can reach us through our contact number +90 543 456 36 93 for your questions about simulation and questions about rhinoplasty in general.

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Madelene Badenhorst
Madelene Badenhorst
8 months ago

Goodmorning Dr Tas

I hope you all are well. I following your Instagram. I’m interested in fox eyes and Rhinoplasty. I’m 52 and not happy with my looks from young girl and I think that has to do why I’m so unhappy. I hope that you can help me with my face and large nose.

Kind Regards

TAS Team
TAS Team
7 months ago

Hi dear Madie,

Get in touch with us via WhatsApp for detailed consultation and evaluation.

Best Regards,
Tas Team

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