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Smoking and Rhinoplasty

Smoking and rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty aims to improve the aesthetical and functional quality of the nose. However, smoking may cause serious problems before and after rhinoplasty. When a patient reaches a plastic surgeon to have a rhinoplasty, he is very likely to learn that smoking should be stopped before the surgery and not smoked after the surgery which is an ethical and must-have approach. In this article, Why No Smoking Before and After Rhinoplasty? and What Smoking May Cause? will be explained in detail.

Why No Smoking Before and After Rhinoplasty?

If you are a smoker and considering a rhinoplasty first thing you need to do is to quit smoking. Apart from the harm caused to the body, smoking damages the fine workmanship performed during rhinoplasty and delays the recovery time. Every plastic surgeon has their own pre-operative and post-operative protocols to be followed by the patients. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS gives great importance to health and invests a lot into the nose to achieve the best possible results. Potential candidates should quit smoking at least 6 months before the surgery. It is required for the total detoxification of the body from more than 2000 harmful components included in cigarettes or any tobacco including products. Smoking should not be resumed after the surgery as it may cause long-term complications to the structure and functionality of the nose. This rule works for all surgeries which require an incision.

What Smoking May Cause? 

There are many risks related to smoking before and after the surgery, we may itemize them as follows:

1. Delays the healing

Smoking slows wound healing. Normally final results after rhinoplasty can be achieved at least after 1 year depending on the body’s healing ability and thickness of the skin, for smokers, this period will be longer.

2. Increases Risks of Anesthesia

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia which involves serious risks, for smokers it will be increased.

3. Blocks the Airway

Rhinoplasty treats the airway, however active or passive way of smoking congests the airways this way causing breathing problems. As the harmful components stick inside your operated nose this way blocking the airway.

4. Necrosis, Scarring, and/or Skin Loss

Rhinoplasty considers numerous interventions such as osteotomies, incisions, sutures, usage of grafts inside the nose, and so on. When there is not enough oxygen supply with the necessary nutrients for the wound healing process there might occur scar tissues or may even lead to skin death (necrosis).

5. Infection of Your Wound

The patient’s immune system is lowered after the surgery, if you smoke it increases the risk of infection at the operation site.

6. Narrowing Blood Vessels and Reduced Oxygen and Blood Flow to the Area

Smoking narrows your blood vessels. The narrowed vessels have a hard time getting oxygen, nutrients, and healing factors to the wound. This can slow the wound healing process. When you smoke, carbon monoxide enters your blood cells and lowers the level of oxygen in your blood. Since oxygen is essential to your healing, smoking slows the recovery process as less oxygen is delivered to your wound.

7. Asymmetries in the Nose or Poor Results

Once you have your nose job done you should be following the recommendations of your doctor so that you will be able to achieve the expected results which may not be as desired if you are smoking.

8. Excessive Bleeding

During operation problems of excessive bleeding may occur also if you were consuming alcohol at least 5 days prior to the surgery.

No smoking before and after rhinoplasty
Dr. Suleyman TAS said: “Smoking stops healing, obstructs the swelling go away, and creates poor quality healing. Therefore, for a smooth healing process, patients must quit smoking at least 6 months before the operation and not smoke at all after the operation”.

If you have any questions regarding smoking or about rhinoplasty in general you may contact us at +90 543 456 36 93 or click on the attached link.

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