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Male rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty

When it comes to rhinoplasty, the first thing that comes to mind is women. However, in recent years, men have started to show greater interest in rhinoplasty, which is not actually gender-specific. As a matter of fact, men’s search for male rhinoplasty is increasing. Although some of them are due to health concerns, most of them want to have rhinoplasty due to aesthetic concerns. In this direction, we wanted to discuss the topic of male rhinoplasty for you in this week’s blog post. Throughout the article, we will provide information on topics such as before and after male rhinoplasty, male rhinoplasty prices, and answer your frequently asked questions such as “How should male rhinoplasty be?” We hope it will be a useful content for you, enjoy reading.

Your teenager wants a nose job! : a guide to parents

Your Teenager Wants a Nose Job!: A Guide to Parents

Parents may face a request from their teenager about having a nose job. If your teenager wants a nose job, then this guide can help you. As a father, I understand and empathize with a parent’s ambition to do their best for their daughters/sons. Top concerns that I hear from parents:

I thought I teach my daughter/son to be happy with their look. No matter what.

High school and university years are the times when many young people have their own sense of self settled, their self-esteem develops, and they understand in what situations they are more comfortable.

Most young women/men may explore areas such as apparel, accessories, fashion, make-up, hair style, shaving to express themselves better. Additionally, our children are exposed to messy messages in digital media more than ever. In some TV programs, plastic surgery can be shown as a tool that gives courage, helps to find friends or enables a marriage. It is not surprising to hear that your child, who is exposed to these messages, requests a nose job.

My philosophy is that Plastic Surgery values ​​psychosocial benefits rather than physical changes. Examples of psychosocial benefits include improved mood, motivation, self-esteem, self-determination, perceived ability which will lead us to happiness.

Researchs show that cosmetic procedures can lead to better self-esteem, higher quality of life and more favorable first impression. So, it is not surprising to hear your teenager wants a nose job!

Your teenager wants a nose job! : a guide to parents Your teenager wants a nose job! : a guide to parents

My daughter/son looks beautiful. Why my daughter/son is having a nose job?

Teenagers begin to express their character in school life and begin to realize the importance of appearance and its impact on society. This appearance can have an effect both on the teenager herself and on the opposite sex. For adolescents, appearance has a huge impact on how they feel about themselves.

If someone is dissatisfied with their appearance, they can run away from social environments and isolate themselves which may cause a failed school life. Nothing could be worse than being teased about your child’s big ears, nose, or part of their body. Many children are embarrassed to tell their parents that they are being teased for their appearance. And those teasings can affect them for life.

Rhinoplasty raise self-esteem through an improvement in their appearance. Although your child has a high self-esteem, your teenager may still wants a nose job. This shows that your child thinks she deserves better and more. It is good to have this desire and think that way. This request will boost the success.

I had chance to see my patients with head down, messy hair, shy, hesitant speaking during the preoperative examination; and then to see with head up, styled hair, sociable, self-confidence, refined nose, fine make-up after the nose job. Seeing wonderful life changing moments makes me happy.

Once a young women came to have a nose job to me with her mom. Her mom was telling that her daughter was beautiful the way she is, but supporting her unconditionally. The patient was very shy. She had a nose job and turned back to home. Two weeks later her mom wrote me a letter telling that her daughter is very happy while looking at the mirror. And the nose job really changed her life in a good way, also it affects positively her life, too. Having this type of moments are priceless.

Studies show that individuals with high self-confidence are more successful in school, work and social life.

Burun estetiği öncesi sonrası Burun estetiği öncesi sonrası

Do we should go forward with a plastic surgeon my daughter decide or Do I need to decide it?

Listening and understanding your daughter/son’s requests to have a nose job is very important. If they want to have it just for someone else or they just want it to be more popular, then it is not the right decision to go forward with a nose job. It would be great to discuss those details with your child. The teenager has to want nose job for herself, to boost her self-esteem.

Your teenager wants a nose job and after deciding to have a nose job, now it is time to decide within a larger perspective. Examination is very important step for making the right decision. During examination, I do perform computer based simulation to understand patients better and show them how the nose about to look like after healing phase is completed.

It would be very helpful to have examination with top two or three plastic surgeon that the patient and her parent decided on. By this way, it will be easier to decide together. There are so many factors that will help you selecting the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

Your teenager wants a nose job! : a guide to parents
1) Pre-operation
2) Simulation in Nose Job
3) 1 Year After Nose Job

What is the right age for having a nose job?

It is important to complete the anatomical growth to have a nose job. For women minimum 17, for men minimum 18 is recommended. The main philosophy is to be completed growth and development in terms of physical and maturity.
The person who will be operated should be mature enough to follow the procedures after nose job. We can find out whether the patient to be operated is ready or not by asking the right questions. How long has she been thinking about having nose job? Why does she want the nose job?

Is nose job going to make my daughter/son away from her/his school?

Generally, having 7-10 days quality time after a nose job will be sufficient to remove the cast. After removing the cast the patient got back to her school life. Also, the operation can be scheduled during break times. After the nose job %80 of healing will be completed in 2-3 months, and the remaining %20 of healing will be completed in 8-9 months. Total healing phase will be 1 year. Strong immune system, that young patients has, will help patients to recover faster.

Your Teenager wants a Nose Job! How we are going to afford this? Do Insurance companies cover the nose job cost? 

It will not be a good idea to have a nose job based on price alone. You entrust your daughter’s life and it is worth everything. Our appearance and first impression have a high impact on our school life, our work life and our relationships.

With your insurance you may have option to go abroad to have a specific medical treatment like nose job. Most insurance companies are looking if the plastic surgeon is board certified. Most insurance companies cover functional part of a nose job which aims to improve breathing problems, correct deviated septum or fix broken nasal structure by injury or trauma. The insurance companies will request a medical documents showing your daughter’s nasal obstruction, operation notes, endoscopic examination images.

I am double board certified plastic surgeon and in my practice I do perform nose jobs to address both medical and cosmetic concerns. I addressed breathing problems of my 90% of my patients in more than 5.000 patients. During the examination, I use endoscopic examination images to diagnose and track my patients breathing quality.


I addressed breathing problems of my 100% of my patients in more than 5.000 patients.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS
Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty

Places to Visit in Istanbul After Rhinoplasty

Every year we do host many international patients from all over the world. In order to make rhinoplasty visit more unforgettable and to ensure a better patient experience, we would like to share with you the Places to Visit in Istanbul After Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Procedure in Numbers:

Rhinoplasty is the most common surgical procedure among plastic surgery operations in the World. Every year, an average of 1 million patient in the world have rhinoplasty surgery. This number increases every year by double digits.

If we check rhinoplasty procedure by country, Turkey is the leader country in terms of number of performed rhinoplasty surgery. In Turkey, every year on average 75 thousand patients have rhinoplasty surgery. This means Plastic Surgeons have opportunity touch 200 patients’ life in a day for rhinoplasty in Turkey and improve it.

Number of performed rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is 6 times more than England, 5 times more than Germany, 4 times more than France, 3 times more than Italy and 2 times more than USA.

When we look at the gender distribution, we see that there are 75% female rhinoplasty and 25% male rhinoplasty. When we look at the age distribution, it is seen that patients between the ages of 18-65 underwent rhinoplasty surgery and 80% of those who had rhinoplasty surgery were between the ages of 18-36. (Resource: ISAPS)

Istanbul, Turkey:

The vast majority of rhinoplasty surgery is performed in Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia. And Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe.

Patients who come to have rhinoplasty surgery can find the chance to travel and explore this city during their visit to Istanbul.

Places to Visit in Istanbul After Rhinoplasty:


Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
The strait of Istanbul. It forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia.

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii)

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty

It was constructed between 1609 and 1616. A functioning mosque.

Hagia Sophia Museum (Ayasofya Müzesi)

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
Built in AD 537. Formerly a church, during the reign of Justinian. The minarets were added in the 15th centuries.

Topkapi Palace Musuem

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
In the 15th and 16th centuries it served as the main residence and administrative headquarters of the Ottoman sultans.

Grand Bazaar (Kapalıçarşı)

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
One of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world.

Dolmabahce Palace

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
Built between the years 1843 and 1856. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk spent the last days of his life in this palace.

Galata Tower

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
A medieval stone tower in Istanbul.

Prince Islands

Places to visit in istanbul after rhinoplasty
Popular destination for day trips from Istanbul.

Places to visit in Istanbul after rhinoplasty are very close to TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. Those places are located 2-20 km far away from TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic and takes 10 minutes-1 hour to visit those places. The list is prepared to help patients to have better experience during rhinoplasty visit in Istanbul, Turkey.

Best non-surgical wrinkle treatments

Best Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatments

The most significant sign of aging is the wrinkles on the skin. In this article after answering “What is a wrinkle?” and “Why does it occur?” questions, we will review best non-surgical wrinkle treatments in 2020 which are performed at TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS with a very high demand.

What is a Wrinkle?

Wrinkles occur when the amount of collagen in the skin decreases and the skin loses its elasticity. The most effective factor in this regard is aging. Especially since the wrinkles on the face and neck are visible, they make the person feel insecure. The most common areas on the face are around the eyes, the forehead and the eyebrow areas.

Why Does Wrinkle Occur?

There are many factors effective in the formation of wrinkles. We can itemize them as follows;

  • Age: With the effect of advancing age, collagen loss in the skin begins. At the same time, the skin loses its elasticity and the structures that hold the skin tight are no longer able to hold each other as tightly as before. Therefore, skin loosening and wrinkling occur.
  • Smoking: Smoking is the most important factor that disrupts the structure of the skin and causes it to wrinkle at an early age. Aging is inevitable for people who smoke.
  • Genetic Structure: If the skin quality is not very good genetically, wrinkles on the skin begin in the early period.
  • Stress: Intense stress causes many problems on health as well as causing serious problems on the skin. Skin diseases and wrinkles are among the most common effects.
  • Nutrition: The way of nutrition is another factor that causes wrinkles on the skin. Inadequate, irregular, unhealthy ways of nutrition, as well as the insufficient water consumption, lead to both wrinkles and acne problems.
  • Environmental Factors: Air pollution, exhaust fumes, wrong skin products, makeup, sun, very hot or very cold weather conditions are other factors that cause wrinkles on the skin.

Non-surgical Wrinkle Treatments

Nowadays there are many non-surgical treatments used for wrinkles removal. We will handle the most common treatments provided in TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. Those treatments are part of TAŞ® Baby Skin Care Treatment.

A. Botulinum Toxin

The most effective treatment method for wrinkles in the forehead – eyebrow – crow’s feet area is botolinum toxin treatment. With the injection, the muscles that cause wrinkles are neutralized. In a way, those muscles are paralyzed. There is no harm when done by an expert and in experienced hands. It creates an ironing effect on the skin and provides a smooth and tight skin.

The treatment is applied in 5 minutes. The process begins to show its effects in 3-9 days. The results last 9 months. The effect of treatment disappears after 9 months and the skin is restored.

Botulinum toxin Botulinum toxin

B. Golden Needle with Radiofrequency (Microneedling Fractional Radiofrequency)

An innovative cosmetic treatment that tightens the skin, reduces the wrinkles and renews the texture of your skin. This non-surgical treatment ensures skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, skin recovery, removing wrinkles and scars and acne treatment.

Golden Needle with Radiofrequency treatment is usually performed as 3-6 sessions depending on the needs of the skin, with the 3-4 weeks interval between each session. The effect lasts about 1.5-2 years depending on the capacity of the skin resurfacing itself.

Golden Needle with Radiofrequency Before After Picture

C. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

HIFU is an effective non-surgical aesthetic treatment that provides skin tightening and lifting effects on the face, neck and various body areas.
This treatment is used for eyebrow, neck and face lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Usually one session is enough, however in severe cases might require additional sessions. The process takes 1,5 hour. The full effect appears in 2 months, and lasts about 1-1.5 years.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU) Before After Pictures

D. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy application has the feature of correcting and tightening wrinkles on the skin with many vitamin supplements that it contains. It directly affects the skin quality by increasing the amount of collagen with the vitamin C it contains.

Mesotherapy application is applied in 3 – 6 sessions and each session takes approximately 5 minutes. Its effect appears after 2-3 weeks. And the results last for 6-7 months.

E. Salmon DNA

Another name for Salmon DNA application is the youth vaccine. It provides serious moisturizing on the skin with the beauty coming from the DNA of salmon. The moisturized skin is resistant to wrinkles. It is one of the effective methods in the treatment of existing wrinkles.

Salmon DNA application is arranged as 3- 6 sessions like mesotherapy application. Between each sessions, there is a time period of 2-3 weeks. Its effect appears after 2-3 weeks and lasts for 6-7 months.

Breast feeding and nose surgery

Breast Feeding and Nose Surgery

There are thousands of people who desire to have a nose surgery. Female patients are curious about breast feeding after nose surgery. The common questions are “Is Nose Surgery Possible During Breast Feeding?”, “How Long Do I have to Wait to Breast Feed After Nose Surgery?” and “How Long Does Anesthesia Stay in Breast Milk?”.

As it is known, babies get only breast milk as nutrients in the first 6 months of their lives. Nose surgery should be preferred only after the end of breast feeding period. This rule also applies to any kind of surgery that requires anesthesia. In other words, mothers and candidates can start considering rhinoplasty when their babies start eating supplementary food.

Anesthesia Changes the Structure of Breast Milk

We stated that nose surgery can be planned after the baby starts supplementary food after the first 6 months. On the other hand, medications taken during anesthesia and other similar conditions during surgery cause changes in the structure of breast milk. In this process, babies should never get breast feeding. Even though they coincide with the period when they started supplementary food, breast milk should still not be cut.  Therefore, enough breast milk can be accumulated until the effects of anesthesia are over and it can be given to the baby through a baby bottle.

The Decision Should Be Taken with the Plastic Surgeon

Additionally, if you want to have a nose job after your pregnancy, you should definitely inform the Doctor who will perform your surgery. Thus, your rhinoplasty plastic surgeon will guide you in this direction and make his recommendations. By following these recommendations, you can proceed with the process in a very healthy way for both your baby and yourself.

Recommendations to Patients Seeking Nose Surgery During Breast Feeding

In the last part of our article, we will share some general recommendations to the mothers who are planning to have nose surgery during breast feeding:

  • As we mentioned earlier, the baby should not be breastfed during anesthesia. Although there are minor changes depending on the person and surgery, the anesthetic effect passes on average within 8 hours. Your doctor will inform you about this.
  • There is no big deal that will require you to worry about the health of both your baby and yourself during the recovery process of the nose surgery.
  • As with everyone, you should protect your nose from any kind of trauma (injuries) after the nose surgery. For this, you should avoid sudden movements on your nose that your baby can do while on your lap.
  • You must proceed within the specific rules stated by the doctor before nose surgery. For example, you should be very careful about nutrition, especially as a mother.
  • Breast feeding women who have a nose surgery should definitely seek support from their relatives. At the top of the list where they can ask for help is baby aftercare which can be a heavy duty especially right after surgery. As a matter of fact, people who have nose surgery should have a quality rest after the operation and move less during the day.
Breast Implant Before and After Pictures
Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures
Breast Uplift Before and After Pictures
Nose Surgery Before and After Pictures

We have come to the end of the article about breast feeding and nose surgery. If you are a mother who is breast feeding or will be new to breast feeding and want to have a nose surgery, you can contact us to learn the details about rhinoplasty.

How to overcome a fear of nose surgery?

How to Overcome a Fear of Nose Surgery?

We have prepared a blog post to enlighten patients who want to have a rhinoplasty but have fears of having the surgery. You don’t need to fear of nose surgery if you have clear understanding about the process of physical consultation/surgical planning and operating room. Also if you are aware of anesthesia process and utilized techniques during the surgery. Last but not least and the most importantly, if you have a trust based relation with your doctor. We will review those 4 subjects in detail.

1. The process of Physical Consultation and Surgical Planning

Before rhinoplasty a detailed examination of the patient and planning processes are carried out. In the first stage of the detailed examination, nasal airway control is provided with the help of endoscopic devices in order to determine the patient’s functional issues. As a second step, a physical examination is performed by the Doctor and deformities are marked. The consultation goes on by listening to the patient’s aesthetic expectations. If the patient is medically suitable for nose surgery, it is proceeded with the next step. Not all patients may be eligible for surgery. The person should be physically and psychologically ready for the procedure. Detailed and fine calculations are made thanks to the photos taken in the photo studio. The planning process is ended by taking the necessary notes after making the face proportion calculations and individual planning by the doctor for the patient. Before the operation, the patient’s blood tests are performed thus; the final controls related to the operation are performed. As seen above, there are many detailed and systematic control mechanisms to prevent Nose Surgery Fear.

How to overcome a fear of nose surgery? How to overcome a fear of nose surgery?

2. The Process of Operating Room

As the fear of nose surgery is a situation that can be experienced in the operating room environment, we would like to detail this step as well. Contrary to what is known, the low temperature in the operating room is for the creation of conditions that are more sterile and the risk of infection is minimized. The patient is warmed up under sterile conditions to avoid damage from the low temperature of the environment. Operating room nurses make preparations for the procedure to be performed and the necessary sterile conditions are maintained in the operating room before the Surgery. If necessary, low dose sedatives are also used to control the patient’s Fear of Nose Surgery. Patient’s operation site cleaning is provided with antiseptic solution before beginning Nose Surgery.

3. Anesthesia Process and Utilized Techniques During the Surgery

In nose surgeries performed under general anesthesia, all risks that may arise due to anesthesia are checked with tests before surgery. The anesthesiologist and anesthesia technician accompany the process along with the doctor and follow the vital functions of the patient during the procedure.

It is aimed to make the necessary interventions without creating trauma by the Closed Atraumatic Technique in rhinoplasty. Nose tip flexibility ability and function will not be compromised since tissue ligament functions at the tip of the nose will be protected. Although the operation time depends on the intervention and procedure to be performed, the Nose surgery, which will take an average of 2 hours, ends with the patient’s waking up by the doctor and anesthesia team.

Thanks to general anesthesia that allows you to be in sleep mode only during the operation, you won’t feel any pain during nose surgery. The anesthesia dose that the patient will take during the procedure will be determined by the individual parameters like person’s height, weight, used medications, etc.

How to overcome a fear of nose surgery?

4. Don’t be afraid. Trust Your Doctor

Exactly at this point, all the focus should be towards meeting the expectations and desires of the patient within the millimeter calculations. In summary; In line with all this process, all fine details are considered in order for the patient to undergo the surgical process in the best way. Detailed information is given about the things that the patient should do and should not do. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of rhinoplasty in any way. One of the situations that creates fear in nose surgery is the fear of tampons. This fear can be overcome thanks to the newest silicon tampons used in nose surgeries to stabilize the septum. The removal of the tampons is a totally painless procedure as they don’t stick inside the nose.

How ro overcome fear of nose surgery
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS works with the high quality hospitals which provide best-in-class service in Turkey. He carries out his operations by his own Techniques using patented tools developed by himself. In Nose surgeries performed by Dr. TAS the fine workmanship and meticulous work are at the highest level. At this point overcoming Nose Surgery Fears and trusting your doctor will make the process easier for the patient.

Smoking and rhinoplasty

Smoking and Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty aims to improve the aesthetical and functional quality of the nose. However smoking may cause serious problems before and after rhinoplasty. When a patient reach a plastic surgeon to have a rhinoplasty, it is very likely to learn that smoking should be stopped before the surgery and not smoke after the surgery which is an ethical and must-have approach. In this article, Why No Smoking Before and After Rhinoplasty? and What Smoking May Cause? will be explained in detail.

Why No Smoking Before and After Rhinoplasty?

If you are a smoker and considering a rhinoplasty first thing you need to do is to quit smoking. As apart from the harm caused to the body, smoking damages the fine workmanship performed during rhinoplasty and delays the recovery time. Every plastic surgeon has own pre-operative and post-operative protocols to be followed by the patients. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS gives great importance to the health and invests a lot into the nose to achieve the best possible results. Potential candidates should quit smoking at least 6 months before the surgery. It is required for the total detoxification of the body from more than 2000 harmful components included in the cigarettes or any tobacco including products. Smoking should not be resumed after the surgery as it may cause long term complications on the structure and functionality of the nose. This rule works for all surgeries which require incision.

What Smoking May Cause? 

There are many risks related to the smoking before and after the surgery, we may itemize them as follows:

1. Delays the healing

Smoking slows wound healing. Normally final results after rhinoplasty can be achieved at least after 1 year depending on the body’s healing ability and thickness of the skin, for smokers this period will be longer.

2. Increases Risks of Anesthesia

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia which involves serious risks, for smokers they will be increased.

3. Blocks the Airway

Rhinoplasty treats the airway, however active or passive way of smoking congests the airways this way causing breathing problems. As the harmful components stick inside your operated nose this way blocking the airway.

4. Necrosis, Scarring, and/or Skin Loss

Rhinoplasty considers numerous interventions such as osteotomies, incisions, sutures, usage of grafts inside the nose and so on. When there is no enough oxygen supply with the necessary nutrients for wound healing process there might occur scar tissues or may even lead to the skin death (necrosis).

5. Infection of Your Wound

The patient’s immune system is lowered after the surgery, if you smoke it increases the risk of infection at the operation site.

6. Narrowing Blood Vessels and Reduced Oxygen and Blood Flow to the Area

Smoking narrows your blood vessels. The narrowed vessels have a hard time getting oxygen, nutrients, and healing factors to the wound. This can slow the wound healing process. When you smoke, carbon monoxide enters your blood cells and lowers the level of oxygen in your blood. Since oxygen is essential to your healing, smoking slows the recovery process as less oxygen is delivered to your wound.

7. Asymmetries in the Nose or Poor Results

Once you have your nose job done you should be following the recommendations of your doctor so that you will be able to achieve expected results which may be not be as desired if you are smoking.

8. Excessive Bleeding

During operation problems of excessive bleeding may occur also if you were consuming alcohol at least 5 days prior to the surgery.

No smoking before and after rhinoplasty
Dr. Suleyman TAS said: “Smoking stops healing, obstructs the swelling go away, and creates poor quality healing. Therefore, for a smooth healing process, patients must quit smoking at least 6 months before the operation and not smoke at all after the operation”.

If you have any questions regarding smoking or about rhinoplasty in general you may contact us via +90 543 456 36 93 or click on the attached link.

Simulation in rhinoplasty

Simulation In Rhinoplasty

Simulation (Virtual Simulator) is used in many fields nowadays including rhinoplasty. In this article we will be answering the questions like; What does Simulation in Rhinoplasty mean? and How is Simulation in Rhinoplasty performed?

What is Simulation in Rhinoplasty?

The word simulation derives from Latin origin, means “imitation, similar”. When you order a meal in the restaurant, menu is given to set your expectations about the meal to be served. Analogically, simulation is a helpful tool to understand your expectation, to give an idea how your nose may look like after your nose surgery, and will help you get ready mentally before real changes on your nose.

How is Simulation in Rhinoplasty performed?

Thanks to today’s technology, those who want to have a rhinoplasty can see in advance what kind of nose they can have. There are many simulation programs designed to see the nose that suits the face in advance. Using these programs, it is possible to show the result that can be obtained with the photos taken in the professional studio. The reason for doing simulation work before rhinoplasty is to understand how much people can change after surgery and whether they feel ready for this change. The simulation study can only give information about how people can look before surgery. It can be shown how the person with a humpy nose can look when the hump goes away. So that, they can see if it is the way they imagine. Your doctor will make a simulation job after taking into consideration your concerns and making your facial analysis. Taking a picture of the simulation and looking at it until you decide to have surgery will prepare you for change.

Important Notes about Simulation (Virtual Simulator)

– Since rhinoplasty is a complex surgery need to choose your doctor based upon his surgical skills rather than the computer skills. As it is more difficult to accomplish the changes on the nose in real life than on the computer. At this point looking at previous patients’ before and after pictures will give you an idea of the doctor’s expertise.

– The simulation job is not exactly the same as the result to be obtained after the operation. It is only for you to prepare yourself more comfortably for this process. No physician or any institution can guarantee that the final outcome will be the same as the simulation job prepared before surgery.

Simulation in rhinoplasty
1) Pre-operation (Before)
2) Pre-operation Simulation in Rhinoplasty (Simulation)
3) 1 year after operation (After)

Here, you may see pictures from pre-operation, pre-op simulation work and 1 year after the nose operation. Simulation aims to show the possible result to give information to the plastic surgeon and patient. Dr. TAS performs each operation aiming to do the best, better than the simulation work. None of simulation work can copy the operated nose. For this patient, Dr. TAS removed the mole which is located on the tip of nose and there is fat injection in the lip.

In TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic the simulation is performed during the physical examination using professional photos for a more realistic view in line with the patient’s expectations. You can reach us through our contact number +90 543 456 36 93 for your questions about simulation and questions about rhinoplasty in general.

Process for the best nose job in turkey

Process for the Best Nose Job in Turkey

Explained by Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS

Nose Job is the most frequently performed aesthetic surgery in Turkey. In fact, the reason is brain’s way of face perception. The latest scientific studies revealed the way the brain perceives the face and which points draw the attention the most. According to these studies, when we look at a human face with the eye tracking technique, our eyes scan the whole face in such a short time as 1 second, but 90% of this time is spent on the eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips respectively, the remaining 10% is spent on the remaining part of the face. Among these mentioned 4 parts of the face (eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips), nose is the least ideal part and requires surgery for the correction, for this reason rhinoplasty is the most commonly performed plastic surgery. Let’s review process for the best nose job in Turkey.

What is your expectation in Nose Job?

A nose suitable with your facial features? Or is it a shape of the nose you like? Which one is more important for you? Do not forget that you will be happier with a nose structure that will be chosen by a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon based on your facial analysis. If the shape of the nose you like is not suitable with your facial features, you will regret about it each time when you look at the mirror.

Achieving satisfaction by determining the expectations and desires of the patient is one of the factors affecting success rate in nose jobs. In Nose Jobs a precise surgical planning should be done first. A successful nose surgery course should be set for you by identifying important points such as your face structure, nasal skin thickness, structure of the cartilages and breathing problems.

How is the nose shape planned before the Nose Job?

Here are the steps followed in determining the shape of the nose. First we take pictures using professional cameras with a photo studio lighting kit and roller blinds set up in our examination rooms which have the same level with the professional photo studios. After that we check the ratios and proportion of the nose with the face from different angles and determine the changes that are needed to catch the facial proportions called as the golden ratio, finally demonstrate this through computer simulations. Detailed examination is very important for the process of the best nose job in Turkey.

Why golden ratio?

For this, I have to explain a little bit what the golden ratio means. Golden ratio is a mathematical concept meaning where we should divide a line into 2 parts, so that the ratio of the large part to the small part is equal to the ratio of the whole part to the large part, which corresponds to approximately 1.6. This ratio has been used in art and paintings throughout history, when has been researched on the human face, it has been observed that the people who have this ratio have been found attractive and beautiful by the society throughout the history. Despite the fact that Cleopatra of ancient Egypt and Angelina Jolie nowadays live in different centuries, they have a golden ratio and are admired by the society as the common ground is the golden ratio. This reveals that no matter how much time passes, the aesthetic perception and attractiveness do not change and do not show much difference between societies.

Process for the best nose job in turkey     Process for the best nose job in turkey

What are the latest developments in nose aesthetics?

We are in a pursuit of “how do we manage to operate without any injury and damage to the tissues, without harming the coordination of tissues with each other, in other words, how to operate to get things done as if they did not have a surgery?” Thanks to this philosophy, now we carry out interventions only on the problematic areas of the nose with the atraumatic technique (without creating trauma, without damage), thus moving away from the classical surgery logic as to reveal everything and then correct it. As plastic surgeons, we transfer our experience in microsurgery to aesthetic surgeries, as we handle all tissues at the micron level we reflect it on the nose surgeries as well. Therefore, I personally prefer to perform my surgeries by combining closed technique and atraumatic technique.

What is the Operation Process like?

We carry out our operations in the most comfortable and luxurious operating rooms using the latest technology under general anesthesia. The operation takes about 2 hours. On the day of the operation, we hospitalize our patient in our hospital. We want them to rest at home for 6 days by discharging the next day of the operation. 6 days later, they come to remove the thermoplastic splint (cast) that we placed on the nose. After cast removal, our patient can return to work and continue her/his daily life.

Process for the best nose job in turkey

What should i eat after the rhinoplasty?

What should I eat after the rhinoplasty?

One of the frequently asked questions by those who want to have a rhinoplasty is “What should I eat after the rhinoplasty?” As well as “what kind of nutrition should I have after rhinoplasty for a faster and proper recovery process?” We will be answering these questions in our blog post today.

The Importance of Nutrition After Rhinoplasty

At different stages of life, the benefits and importance of different nutrition styles come into prominence. In this regard, it is important to set the diet correctly after rhinoplasty. Since the body undergoes a physical change and an incision occurs in the nose, it is necessary to change the feeding habits of the person in his daily life for a while. Since, nutrition is also among the factors that have an impact on the healing period of the incision in the nose and the recovery process of the nasal structure.

Nutrition Recommendations After Rhinoplasty

Before moving on to recommendations regarding nutrition after rhinoplasty, it is a good idea to make a note. Although the points to be considered in nutrition after rhinoplasty, which we mentioned below, are of universal content, there may be certain changes depending on the individual. All details about duration and nutrition will be planned and shared with you by your doctor. After this short note, we can start to list the things to be considered about nutrition after rhinoplasty.

What should i eat after the rhinoplasty?

  • You can give priority to consuming soft foods in nutrition after nose surgery. For example, foods such as soup, yogurt, oatmeal.
  • When feeding after nose surgery, you should try to avoid foods that are extremely hot or cold. In particular, you should avoid the steam of excessively hot food.
  • When feeding after nose surgery, you should avoid excessive chewing for a certain period of time. Since the bones and tissues in the nose are still in the recovery phase, you can avoid foods such as dried nuts and steaks for a while. It is also worth noting that you should not chew a gum.
  • Whatever you eat after your nose surgery, avoid being overly salty. In order not to negatively affect the healing process of edema and swelling, you should not add additional salt to the foods, you should prefer the unsalted foods for some time, such as cheese, which is already salty.
  • You should definitely avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes for a certain period of time after rhinoplasty surgery, as this will have a negative impact on the recovery process of the nose.

What should i eat after the rhinoplasty?

  • After rhinoplasty, you should avoid flatulent foods for a certain period of time and not consume soda. Since, sodium in mineral water affects the edema level negatively.
  • Since they have a positive effect on the wound healing process, you should include foods containing protein and vitamin C in your food habits after nose surgery.

What should i eat after the rhinoplasty?

  • You should avoid foods that you are individually allergic to. Since, body reactions such as sneezing and coughing can have a negative effect on the recovery process of the nose.
  • It is beneficial not to eat spicy foods for a certain period while feeding after rhinoplasty. Indeed, spicy foods generally widen the blood vessels, which prolongs the recovery time of edema and swelling. In addition, spices have a sneezing effect due to their powder structure.
  • Burun estetiği sonrası beslenme kurallarında su tüketimi önemli bir yere sahiptir. Günde ortalama 2,5 litre su tüketilmesi tavsiye edilir.

What should i eat after the rhinoplasty?

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