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Medical Reasons To Have Emergency Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty operations are one of the preferred medical aesthetic applications today. Rhinoplasty procedures, which are frequently performed by women and men, are preferred to correct sinus functions, facilitate breathing, as well as to eliminate deformities in the nose, as well as health problems. “In Which Cases Should Rhinoplasty Be Performed?” in our article, we will explain in detail in which cases rhinoplasty is preferred.

In Which Cases Is the Rhinoplasty Procedure Performed?

Rhinoplasty treatment is divided into two both medical and cosmetic applications. These practices vary to the complaints and wishes of the patient who will have a rhinoplasty.

Functional rhinoplasty applications are structural problems that occur in a person’s nose. While a person cannot breathe comfortably due to these problems, they may also experience serious nasal problems such as sinus inflammation. All functional disorders that occur in functional rhinoplasty procedures due to the problems experienced are eliminated. Thus, patients often prefer functional rhinoplasty surgeries.

Functional Rhinoplasty Procedures

Functional rhinoplasty surgeries are an application performed to eliminate functional disorders occurring in the structure of a person’s nose. Thanks to this application, problems such as the inability to breathe comfortably that the patient complains of are eliminated and it is ensured that the patient gets rid of functional problems that will affect his social life. Thus, the patient leads a healthier life. Functional nose surgeries are short-term operations and the feeling of pain and pain after surgery is quite low.

  • Chronic Sinus Problems

Chronic sinus is a common disease nowadays. Due to the aforementioned disease, the person becomes unable to breathe comfortably. The main reason for this may be severe allergic reactions. After the person has a rhinoplasty, this condition disappears in a short time.

  • Deviated Nasal Septum (Septum Deviation)

Septum deviation, also known as deviated nasal septum, can exist genetically in the fetus while in the womb, as well as as a result of blows. Although the person does not realize that there is a septum deviation at first, the symptoms may increase later. For this reason, individuals also experience intense nasal congestion and breathing problems. This problem can be eliminated with the rhinoplasty procedure performed in a short time.

  • Nasal Polyps and Kits

It is a problem that arises as a result of sinusitis or inflammation of the mucous membranes that exist in the nasal passage. This problem makes the air flow difficult, prevents the individual from breathing comfortably and thus negatively hinders the person’s social life.

  • Blows to the Nose

Blows to the nose are a frequently encountered condition. In such cases, after the patient receives a blow to the nose, fractures or different injuries occur in the nose. Closed rhinoplasty is performed to correct these existing functional disorders. Thus, disorders in the nose are eliminated.

Pay Attention to These Situations Too!

In such cases that you have experienced, it will be beneficial to see a doctor before the rhinoplasty procedure.

Experiencing Sudden Nasal Congestion While Walking

If you are experiencing sudden nasal congestion while walking or running at a slow pace, there may be many reasons for this. Before applying for rhinoplasty treatment, you should see a specialist doctor. If sudden nasal congestion can be eliminated with surgery, your complaints can be eliminated with medication treatment as well.

Experiencing the Problem of Sleep Apnea

The problem of sleep apnea can develop later, as well as be congenital. This upper respiratory tract disease, which can also pass without surgery, you can breathe more easily while sleeping at night when medication is treated well. This way, you can have a healthier sleep experience while sleeping.

Take into Account Possible Allergies and Infections

It is one of the health problems that many of us have experienced, perhaps. Allergies and infections can happen for many reasons. For this reason, it is useful for you to see a doctor as a priority instead of having a rhinoplasty. Thus, as a result of the tests performed, if you learn what makes you allergic and take the medication in this direction, and pay attention, your problem of not being able to breathe will disappear.

The Problem of Snoring Experienced While Sleeping

Snoring problem is a health problem that everyone, big and small, can experience. Due to this condition, involuntary wheezing sounds may occur while breathing at night. These sounds can disturb the people around us whether they want to or not. Due to our snoring problems, it is necessary to consult a doctor and have the necessary examinations. Thus, the snoring problem that will affect our lives will be eliminated.

When Should Rhinoplasty Treatment Be Performed?

In functional rhinoplasty treatments, time is very important. Since incisions will occur in rhinoplasty surgeries, nose aesthetic surgeries should be performed at the right time. The most correct period for this is the winter and autumn months.  But contrary to popular belief, rhinoplasty can also be performed in the summer. Rhinoplasty procedures performed in the summer are properly cared for and according to the rules, if complied with, it does not pose a problem.

You can visit our Rhinoplasty page to get the right results in functional rhinoplasty and to get detailed information about the subject, and you can contact us for all your questions.

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