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Sexual Life After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a very important point in adding meaning to our expression and face. The nose, which adds depth and meaning to our face, may need rhinoplasty surgery for various reasons. After this rhinoplasty procedure, there are many issues to be considered. One of the most important issues is sexual life.

Sexual life significantly affects the healing process after rhinoplasty. For this reason, we will answer all the questions you wonder about sexual life after rhinoplasty in our blog. We wish you good reading in advance.

When Can I Have Sexual Relationship After Rhinoplasty?

As in every surgery, there is a healing process after nose surgery. Strenuous movements should not be performed during this healing process. Otherwise, the desired results cannot be obtained from aesthetic nose procedures. The reason for this is that in aesthetic nose surgery applications, cartilage and bone tissues are directly intervened. Since the intervened areas are sensitive, healing and recovery processes may also take a long time. Recovery processes may vary from person to person in general. The average time required for the swelling to subside and the person to return to normal life can be defined as 2-3 weeks. At the same time, this period can also be taken as the time to have sexual intercourse after aesthetic nose procedures.

What happens if sexual intercourse is performed after rhinoplasty surgery?

Whether it is a nose lift operation or nose reduction surgery, care should be taken against impacts after all rhinoplasty procedures. Therefore, after aesthetic nose surgery operations, it should be protected as carefully as possible against impacts and close contact should be avoided. Sexual intercourse is not recommended for the first 3 weeks in all procedures such as nose lift and nose reduction surgery. The reason for this is that sexual activities without healing cause heartbeat and high blood pressure. Thus, swelling and bleeding increase. Increased bleeding and swelling cause the nose to heal later. The ideal time to have sexual intercourse is the 4th week. In the 4th week and beyond, care should be taken not to hit the nose as much as possible during sexual activities.

Can I Kiss After Nose Surgery?

Kissing after aesthetic nose surgery can be a risky act. All intimacy and healing processes recommended for sexual intercourse are valid for kissing. This specified period varies according to the metrics such as the nose structure of the person. Therefore, do not forget that the specified periods vary according to the structure of the person.

You can read our blog “Tips to Speed Up Recovery After Rhinoplasty” for detailed information about things to be considered after procedures such as nose lift and nose reduction surgery.

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1 year ago

Salve vorrei sapere costi di una rinoplastica… e quanto tempo dovrei stare in clinica prima di poter tornare in Italia

TAS Team
TAS Team
1 year ago
Reply to  Madalena

Hello Madalena

It varies case to case but for more detail information write us on Whatsaap.

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