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How to Overcome a Fear of Nose Surgery?

How to overcome a fear of nose surgery?

We have prepared a blog post to enlighten patients who want to have a rhinoplasty but have fears of having the surgery. You don’t need to fear of nose surgery if you have clear understanding about the process of physical consultation/surgical planning and operating room. Also if you are aware of anesthesia process and utilized techniques during the surgery. Last but not least and the most importantly, if you have a trust based relation with your doctor. We will review those 4 subjects in detail.

1. The process of Physical Consultation and Surgical Planning

Before rhinoplasty a detailed examination of the patient and planning processes are carried out. In the first stage of the detailed examination, nasal airway control is provided with the help of endoscopic devices in order to determine the patient’s functional issues. As a second step, a physical examination is performed by the Doctor and deformities are marked. The consultation goes on by listening to the patient’s aesthetic expectations. If the patient is medically suitable for nose surgery, it is proceeded with the next step. Not all patients may be eligible for surgery. The person should be physically and psychologically ready for the procedure. Detailed and fine calculations are made thanks to the photos taken in the photo studio. The planning process is ended by taking the necessary notes after making the face proportion calculations and individual planning by the doctor for the patient. Before the operation, the patient’s blood tests are performed thus; the final controls related to the operation are performed. As seen above, there are many detailed and systematic control mechanisms to prevent Nose Surgery Fear.

How to overcome a fear of nose surgery? How to overcome a fear of nose surgery?

2. The Process of Operating Room

As the fear of nose surgery is a situation that can be experienced in the operating room environment, we would like to detail this step as well. Contrary to what is known, the low temperature in the operating room is for the creation of conditions that are more sterile and the risk of infection is minimized. The patient is warmed up under sterile conditions to avoid damage from the low temperature of the environment. Operating room nurses make preparations for the procedure to be performed and the necessary sterile conditions are maintained in the operating room before the Surgery. If necessary, low dose sedatives are also used to control the patient’s Fear of Nose Surgery. Patient’s operation site cleaning is provided with antiseptic solution before beginning Nose Surgery.

3. Anesthesia Process and Utilized Techniques During the Surgery

In nose surgeries performed under general anesthesia, all risks that may arise due to anesthesia are checked with tests before surgery. The anesthesiologist and anesthesia technician accompany the process along with the doctor and follow the vital functions of the patient during the procedure.

It is aimed to make the necessary interventions without creating trauma by the Closed Atraumatic Technique in rhinoplasty. Nose tip flexibility ability and function will not be compromised since tissue ligament functions at the tip of the nose will be protected. Although the operation time depends on the intervention and procedure to be performed, the Nose surgery, which will take an average of 2 hours, ends with the patient’s waking up by the doctor and anesthesia team.

Thanks to general anesthesia that allows you to be in sleep mode only during the operation, you won’t feel any pain during nose surgery. The anesthesia dose that the patient will take during the procedure will be determined by the individual parameters like person’s height, weight, used medications, etc.

How to overcome a fear of nose surgery?

4. Don’t be afraid. Trust Your Doctor

Exactly at this point, all the focus should be towards meeting the expectations and desires of the patient within the millimeter calculations. In summary; In line with all this process, all fine details are considered in order for the patient to undergo the surgical process in the best way. Detailed information is given about the things that the patient should do and should not do. Therefore, you do not need to be afraid of rhinoplasty in any way. One of the situations that creates fear in nose surgery is the fear of tampons. This fear can be overcome thanks to the newest silicon tampons used in nose surgeries to stabilize the septum. The removal of the tampons is a totally painless procedure as they don’t stick inside the nose.

How ro overcome fear of nose surgery
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS works with the high quality hospitals which provide best-in-class service in Turkey. He carries out his operations by his own Techniques using patented tools developed by himself. In Nose surgeries performed by Dr. TAS the fine workmanship and meticulous work are at the highest level. At this point overcoming Nose Surgery Fears and trusting your doctor will make the process easier for the patient.

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