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Your Teenager Wants a Nose Job! A Guide to Parents

Your teenager wants a nose job! : a guide to parents

Parents may face a request from their teenagers about having a nose job. If your teenager wants a nose job, then this guide can help you. As a parent, I understand and empathize with a parent’s ambition to do their best for their Child. Top concerns that I hear from parents:

I thought I teach my daughter/son to be happy with their look. No matter what.

High school and university years are the times when many young people have their own sense of self-settled, their self-esteem develops, and they understand in what situations they are more comfortable.

Most young women/men may explore areas such as apparel, accessories, fashion, make-up, hairstyle, and shaving to express themselves better. Additionally, our children are exposed to messy messages in digital media more than ever. In some TV programs, plastic surgery can be shown as a tool that gives courage, helps to find friends, or enables a marriage. It is not surprising to hear that your child, who is exposed to these messages, requests a nose job.

My philosophy is that Plastic Surgery values ​​psychosocial benefits rather than physical changes. Examples of psychosocial benefits include improved mood, motivation, self-esteem, self-determination, and perceived ability which will lead us to happiness.

Research shows that cosmetic procedures can lead to better self-esteem, higher quality of life, and a more favorable first impression. So, it is not surprising to hear your teenager wants a nose job!

Your teenager wants a nose job! A guide to parents Your teenager wants a nose job! A guide to parents

My Child looks beautiful. Why does He/She is having a nose job?

Teenagers begin to express their character in school life and begin to realize the importance of appearance and its impact on society. This appearance can have an effect both on the teenager himself and on the opposite sex. For adolescents, appearance has a huge impact on how they feel about themselves.

If someone is dissatisfied with their appearance, they can run away from social environments and isolate themselves which may cause a failed school life. Nothing could be worse than being teased about your child’s big ears, nose, or part of their body. Many children are embarrassed to tell their parents that they are being teased for their appearance. And those teasings can affect them for life.

Rhinoplasty raises self-esteem through an improvement in their appearance. Although your child has high self-esteem, your teenager may still want a nose job. This shows that your child thinks He/She deserves better and more. It is good to have this desire and think that way. This request will boost success.

I had a chance to see my patients with heads down, messy hair, shy, hesitant speaking during the preoperative examination; and then to see with heads up, styled hair, sociable, self-confident, refined nose, and fine make-up after the nose job. Seeing wonderful life-changing moments makes me happy.

Once a young woman came to have a nose job to me with her mom. Her mom was telling her that her daughter was beautiful the way she is, but supporting her unconditionally. The patient was very shy. She had a nose job and turned back home. Two weeks later her mom wrote me a letter telling me that her daughter is very happy while looking in the mirror. And the nose job really changed her life in a good way, also it affects positively her life, too. Having this type of moment is priceless.

Studies show that individuals with high self-confidence are more successful in school, work and social life.

Burun estetiği öncesi sonrası Burun estetiği öncesi sonrası

Should we go forward with a plastic surgeon my Son/Daughter decides or Do I need to decide it?

Listening to and understanding your daughter/son’s requests to have a nose job is very important. If they want to have it just for someone else or they just want it to be more popular, then it is not the right decision to go forward with a nose job. It would be great to discuss those details with your child. The teenager has to want a nose job for herself, to boost her self-esteem.

Your teenager wants a nose job and after deciding to have a nose job, now it is time to decide from a larger perspective. The examination is a very important step for making the right decision. During an examination, I do perform computer-based simulations to understand patients better and show them what the nose is about to look like after the healing phase is completed.

It would be very helpful to have an examination with the top two or three plastic surgeons that the patient and her parent decided on. In this way, it will be easier to decide together. There are so many factors that will help you select the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

Your teenager wants a nose job! A guide to parents
1) Pre-operation
2) Simulation in Nose Job
3) 1 Year After Nose Job

What is the right age for having a nose job?

It is important to complete the anatomical growth to have a nose job. For women minimum of 17, and for men minimum of 18 is recommended. The main philosophy is to be completed growth and development in terms of physical and maturity.
The person who will be operated on should be mature enough to follow the procedures after a nose job. We can find out whether the patient to be operated on is ready or not by asking the right questions. How long has she been thinking about having a nose job? Why does she want the nose job?

Is nose job going to make my daughter/son away from her/his school?

Generally, having 7-10 days of quality time after a nose job will be sufficient to remove the cast. After removing the cast the patient got back to her school life. Also, the operation can be scheduled during break times. After the nose job %80 of healing will be completed in 2-3 months, and the remaining %20 of healing will be completed in 8-9 months. The total healing phase will be 1 year. The strong immune system, that young patients have, will help patients to recover faster.

Your Teenager wants a Nose Job! How we are going to afford this? Do Insurance companies cover the nose job cost? 

It will not be a good idea to have a nose job based on price alone. You entrust your daughter’s life and it is worth everything. Our appearance and first impression have a high impact on our school life, our work life, and our relationships.

With your insurance, you may have the option to go abroad to have a specific medical treatment like a nose job. Most insurance companies are looking if the plastic surgeon is board certified. Most insurance companies cover the functional part of a nose job that aims to improve breathing problems, correct deviated septum, or fix broken nasal structure by injury or trauma. The insurance companies will request medical documents showing your daughter’s nasal obstruction, operation notes, and endoscopic examination images.

I am a double Board-certified plastic surgeon and in my practice, I do perform nose jobs to address both medical and cosmetic concerns. I addressed the breathing problems of 90% of my patients more than 5.000 patients. During the examination, I use endoscopic examination images to diagnose and track my patients breathing quality.


I addressed breathing problems of my 100% of my patients in more than 5.000 patients.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS
Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

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