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How can Dr. Suleyman TAS offer the best results so affordable?

How can dr. Suleyman tas offer the best results so affordable?

Thousands of patients from many countries of the world have experienced amazing transformation with us at a very affordable price to release the better version of themselves. Our patients wanted to address their deformities and to breath healthier. Our patients are asking why such incredible results with Dr. Suleyman TAS is so affordable. How come three-four times less and better results? Compare to Rhinoplasty in New York, in Beverly Hills and in London; way better result and way affordable…?

And our patients are expressing that they made the smartest decision to come and have surgery with Dr. TAS.

Freedom to release your better version the smart way!!


How can Dr. Suleyman TAS offer the best results so affordable?

Patented medical instruments, digitalization. customized service and optimized cost structure are helping us to offer the best results so affordable in-line with doing our best to meet your objectives and to power your beauty.

1. Touching Lives Beyond Cost

Our Aim is touching lives as much as we can. Thus we focused on the best result not the prize and we would like to make it reachable and affordable to make the dreams coming true. Dr. TAS and his high skilled team dedicated to the happiness of their patients. The only most important thing for us is the smile in your faces, that is the biggest prize for us.

2. Patented Medical Instruments

In Turkey, it is very important to offer the best service with high quality and with high-tech solutions to the patients.

Dr. Suleyman TAS has 5 patents and during the operations he uses those patented medical instruments which are produced locally which help us to offer the best price. And Dr. Suleyman TAS doesn’t break bones with hammer or chisel, instead of that he uses high-tech micromotor technology.

3. Digitalization

Digitalization is improving the safety, productivity and sustainability of our system. To give best-in-class patient service, we use in-house developed digitalization tools that help us to get back our patients faster and with a better cost.

Digitalization helps us to not underestimate the value of analytics which help us to make faster and better decisions.

4. Customized Service

Patients want their personal needs to be taken into account. Instead of “one size fits all”, we design customized service for each patient.

In other words, through customization, we do target relevant actions, thereby avoid waste. Our accommodation and transfer options to our patients without any commission while improving patient satisfaction is very good example to our customized service. All we do is your comfort and result.

Another good example is to have professional medical skin care treatments in our clinic and our patients can benefit with the latest and highest technology with a special price.


Optimizing Costs and Powering Beauty with High Quality.
5. Hospital Cost

The optimized cost item is reflected to pricing. And this structure is attained with a very high-quality standard. Dr. TAS is a world-know, famous surgeon and has a very huge experience with performing more than 10.000 aesthetic surgeries so far. Thus, all high qualified hospitals of Istanbul would like to make a special agreement with Dr. TAS to receive this service in their hospital for respect and business purposes. That is our another strong side why we can offer better prices for our patients.

The hospitals that we are working with have the certificate of the most authoritative organization that assesses the activities of medical clinics which is JCI accreditation. According to this indicator, Turkey is a leading country in the world. A JCI certificate means that the hospital uses both effective and safe treatment methods for the patient, offers well-organized work and provides comfortable conditions.

With our latest agreement with the hospitals, if a patient is having more than one surgery, then the patient will benefit with combined surgery cost. Since the patient is already getting anesthesia and there will be optimization in terms of cost.

6. Human Resource Cost

Turkey constitutes Europe’s third-largest labor pool with a labor force of 33 million people. Also, the labor force consists of the young population.
However, Dr. TAS doesn’t use hospital casual staffs for his surgeries. He created TAS Team consists of medical assistants, operating nurses, translators, anesthesiologists, medical photographer, servants… and specially educated them to be the best team ever. They know every single step of the service very well to maximize the quality. This costs more to Dr. TAS but worth it to give the best results for you.

If you want the best service with the best price, you have the freedom to make the smart decision.
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Vitalii Suba
Vitalii Suba
1 year ago

I would like to know how much is the rhinoplasty?

TAS Team
TAS Team
1 year ago
Reply to  Vitalii Suba

Hi Vitalii.
Hope you’re doing well. Please make time to contact us on Whatsapp

Anna guzzi
Anna guzzi
10 months ago

I’m interested in Rhinoplasty coming from Las Angeles

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