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Droopy Nose Tip Surgery

Droopy nose tip surgery

Patients who want to have rhinoplasty mostly complain about droopy tip. One of the most asked questions is ‘’Why do I have a drippy nose?’’. Let’s review this topic together.

How can you understand you have a droppy nose?

What are the reasons for a droppy nose?

There is two main reasons for droopy nose. First one is the weakness of the nasal tip cartilage structure. This weak cartilage can not stand against the gravity as a result the tip of the nose tends downward. The second one is the strenght of the laughing muscles.

Surgery can be a solution for patients with droppy nose, without any intervention on the nasal dorsum. Just after this intervention, usually splint and cast using are not necessary. General anesthesia is recommended.

Suleyman tas

Author: suleyman tas

How the operation is performed for droopy nose?

With the advancement in technology nose surgery became easier. It is possible to have your dream nose with our atraumatic technics. The surgery is performed at the hospital and lasts 2 hours. Surgery of patients with straight nasal dorsum will take less time which is 45 minutes.

Suleyman tas

Author: suleyman tas

How is the healing process after droopy nose surgery?

Patients can be discharged on the same day after droopy nose surgery. But if there are multiple deformities addressed during the same surgery, then the patient should stay one night after the surgery.

If just droopy nose surgery is performed, the healing process will be shorter. Splint won’t be used unless there’s intervention on the airway. Within 2-3 days patients can return to their normal life.

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Author: suleyman tas

When the swelling at the nose tip will decrease?

It is necessary to wait one year for the nasal tip swelling to completely go down. You may not like the image you see for the first time, as swelling occurs at the tip of the nose after nose surgery. But after 1 year, the result you see in the mirror will satisfy you.

Techniques Used During Droopy Nose Surgery

The surgery will be performed by Closed Atraumatic Technique. There won’t be any scar since there was no cut on the nose. It is not hard to have a nose that fits your face.

Suleyman tas

Author: suleyman tas

Does the nose tip drop after the surgery?

In order not to experience it again, the cause of droopy nose tip should be investigated first. If the nasal tip muscles are weak, which causes the nasal tip to be drooping, the strengthening of these muscles should be planned; If the laughing muscles are strong, these muscles should be weakened. Therefore, nasal tip drooping is not observed after the operation.

Suleyman tas

Author: suleyman tas

How much is droopy nose surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to have nasal tip surgery for various reasons is the question of “How much is droopy nose surgery?” Rhinoplasty prices vary depending on the structure of the patient’s nose, the success of the rhinoplasty surgeon who will perform surgery, and many other similar factors. If you wish, you can review our article “The factors that determine the prices of rhinoplasty” on the subject.

If you are aware of the deformities in your current nose and you are uncomfortable; You can reach general information about the aesthetic process, detailed information about the pre-, process and post-operative experiences on our rhinoplasty page, and you can apply to us. During your detailed examination, your evaluation is performed first. If there are conditions in your airway that negatively affect your breathing, it is detected. In our studio, we take your photos and simulate what you will look like after the surgery. And during your nose surgery, we also intervene in the airway, allowing you to breathe comfortably. Then, we correct your aesthetic deformities and address your aesthetic concerns. We will lead you your dream nose!

Suleyman tas

Author: suleyman tas

Can the size of the nostrils be reduced?

Suleyman tas
Author: suleyman tas

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