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Big And Long Nose Surgery

Big and long nose surgery

People have lots of noise types. One of the most common nose types is the long nose. A nose that is bigger than a face has a negative effect on the appearance of the face. In this context, we prepared a blog for the ones with big noses with the “How to get a smaller nose?’’ question. We hope to be helpful. Have a nice read.

Is it hard to operate a big nose?

Since the nose is located in the middle of the face, it has a huge impact on the face’s appearance. A nose longer than normal levels can negatively affect the look. Patients can be uncomfortable with front, profile, or both views. Long nose surgery is the most difficult surgery among surgeries. However, it is not impossible to have your dream nose. The important thing here will be to choose the best surgeon for your needs. As a result, the answer to the question ‘’Can the big nose be shortened?’’ is ‘’Yes’’. Humpy noses can also be included in this situation.

Does the nose shorten after surgery?

At the surgery bones is reduced but the amount of the skin stays same. The skin adapts to the underlying bones and reduced in size. After 1-2 years, the skin fits exactly on the bones and the shape of the nose settles into place. And now you have your desired nose! Since the skin amount stays the same it is not possible to reduce the nose more than %20-25.

How small can the nose be made?

As it is mentioned above reducing the nose more than %20-25 is not possible. Otherwise skin will be bigger fort he bones and cartilages.

How is big nose surgery performed?

For long nose reduction surgery, an examination is made with the plastic surgeon first. As a result of the interview, a roadmap for long nose surgery is drawn. While drawing this roadmap, everyone’s own face and nose type are taken as a basis. As a matter of fact, the image of the nose cannot be thought of independently from other elements of the face. Therefore, while planning the major rhinoplasty surgery, factors such as cheekbones, jaw structure, and forehead structure are also taken into consideration, and it is aimed to create a beautiful harmony between the facial organs by evaluating the face as a whole. In addition to all these, it is also taken into account that the nose can be made small but within limitations. As a matter of fact, factors such as the thickness of the nasal skin and the functional state of the nasal airways are among the limiting factors. Making the nose much smaller than it should be can damage functions such as nasal breathing. Therefore, it is more important to create a nose that is compatible and proportional to the other elements of the face, rather than getting a tiny nose at the point of big nose reduction. Necessary examinations and tests are applied to the patient while drawing a correct roadmap for big-nose surgery. It is evaluated whether there are diseases that pose a risk for rhinoplasty.

When the day of surgery for long nose reduction comes, the length of the cartilage that cause the nose to be long is shortened. In some cases, the cartilage at the tip of the nose also needs to be reduced. However, situations such as the back of the chin can cause the nose to appear larger than it is. Patients are often unaware of this. The plastic surgeon notices the situation during the examination and informs the patient about the situation. If the patient accepts, procedures such as fat injection or implant can be applied to the chin to make the chin appear further and harmonize with the nose, and the patient will attain the image she dreams of. As a result of the evaluations, no matter what aesthetic intervention is made, the changes in the patient’s nose begin to settle over time, depending on the type of aesthetics performed. This period lasts an average of 1 year.

At TAŞ Aesthetic Surgery Center, we have come to the end of the blog post we prepared about big and long nose surgery. Throughout the article, we first gave general information about big and large nose surgery. Then we tried to inform you about the surgery process. Have a nice day.

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