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Humpy nose surgery

Humpy Nose Surgery

After the surgery

After the surgery comes the resting period.Swellings and bruises can vary due to skin types.Buffers will be removed within 1 week.It is not a painfull process. Patient can continue his/her social life.From now on a period which patient should be carefull begins.This period lasts 2 months.Patient should preserve the nose from every impact.


Things to be careful

Like in every other surgeries rhinoplasty has some points to be careful.We can list them like:

-Quit smoking

-Take maedications regularly

-Use ocean water

-Avoid impacts

-Avoid sunlight



One of the most frequently asked question is,’’How much is a humpy nose surgery?’’.Humpy nos surgery prices vary depending on many factors such as the structure of the nose,the success of the doctor in the field,the hospital where the surgery will be performed.


At what age can surgery be performed?

Women who are 17 and men who are 18 can be candidates. Without taking  necessary precautions,this surgery is not recommended for other people with bleeding disorders,blood pressure and diabetes.Humpy nose surgery,like other operations,should be performed in expert hands.

Can nose be fixed without surgery?

Although it is possible to fix small problems without surgery,the main solution is surgery.

Can nose be fixed with massage?

Unfortunately no exercise can fix the nose.Masageing only accelerate blood circulation on the area.

How the patient starts having a Humpy Nose?

People with humpy nose genes are not born with a humpy nose. The nose structure appears  during the developmental age. With the development and completion of the bone structure during adolescence, the humpy nose structure in the genes begins to become evident. In addition to the gene structure, the humpy nose structure may occur as a result of blows, bumps, and falls during childhood.

How to understanf If you have a humpy nose?

When you look at the profile, you can understand the bridge of the nose. It is a curvature on the back of the nose and is very easily noticed. Because of the arch, the tip of the nose is downwards.

Is There a Breathing Problem in the Humpy Nose?

The humpy nose structure causes serious breathing problems as well as affecting the person psychologically in physical appearance. The obstruction in the airway caused by this structure prevents the person from breathing comfortably and correctly. While correcting external deformities during humpy nose surgery, functional intervention should also be performed at the same time. After the operation, the patient both gets rid of the humpy nose deformity and provides a comfortable breathing with the airway intervention from the inside.

What is Nose Rasping Surgery?

Humpy nose rasping is the removal of the protrusion-shaped curvature on the nasal bone by the plastic surgeon.

How to Fix Humpy Nose?

In this section of our article, we will summarize the answer to the question of ‘How is humpy nose surgery performed?’. Humpy nose surgery is a surgical intervention that should be performed in the operating room at hospitals. It can be performed under general anesthesia. Which method will be applied as a surgical intervention is related to the humpy nose types. The method generally used is the rasp operation on the hump of the nose. After the hump part is removed, the nose tip is formed proportionally to the back of the nose and the face structure of the person. Silicone tampons are used because of the intervention in the airway. The middle of these silicone pads is a hole and breathing is continued after the surgery. Thermoplastic splint is applied to the back of the nose.

How Is Nose Rasping Surgery Performed?

Nose breaking is not performed as in traditional rhinoplasty surgeries. Imperfections on the bridge of the nose are gently removed with a special and high-tech tool. Thus, the bone on the nose is eroded. This procedure should be done in accordance with the facial features of the person, just like in rhinoplasty. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Nose Rasping Surgery

In this part of our article, we will tell you the pros and cons of the humpy nose surgery.


The pros of nose rasping surgery can be listed as follows;

  • Bruising and swelling do not occur because the crushing process is not performed.
  • After the operation, the process can be passed quickly with simple painkillers and ocean water.
  • Return to daily life in a much shorter time.
  • Products such as splints are not used.
  • Bleeding is generally not expected.


The cons of nose rasping surgery can be listed as follows;

  • If the bone is removed too much, serious health problems can occur.
  • Risk of infection may occur if not applied in the right hands.


After Humpy Nose Surgery

After the humpy nose surgery, the resting period begins. Swelling and bruises vary according to the skin quality of the person. Splints and tampons are removed after 1 week. Removing splints and tampons is not a painful or painful process. Afterwards, the person can continue his social life. The process begins, which should be paid attention and definitely not hit. This process is 2 months. For 2 months, the person should protect his nose against all kinds of impacts that may come from the outside. The nose aesthetic doctor will make the necessary guidance on the subject.


Things to Consider in Humpy Nose Surgery

As in every aesthetic operation, there are some points that need to be considered and emphasized for nasal arch rasping surgery. We can list the points to be considered in nose belt rasping surgery as follows;


  • Smoking should be avoided.
  • Attention should be paid to what needs to be considered after rhinoplasty. You can find detailed information in our article titled “Things to Consider After Nose Aesthetics”.
  • You should regularly use the medications given after the humoy nose surgery.
  • You should not neglect to use the provided ocean water.
  • You should avoid getting any trauma.
  • You should not be exposed to the sun.


Humpy Nose Surgery Cost

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who have an humpy nose structure and want to have a nose surgery is, “How much is a humpy nose surgery?” As a matter of fact, humpy nose surgery aesthetic prices vary depending on many factors such as the structure of the nose, the success of the doctor in the field, the hospital where the surgery will be performed. If you want to look at the details about the factors that determine the price of humpy nose surgery, you can click on the relevant link.

At What Age Is Humpy Nose Surgery Performed?

Humpy nose surgery can be performed on anyone over the age of 17 for female patients and 18 for male patients. However, this surgery is not recommended for people with bleeding disorders, blood pressure and diabetes, without taking necessary precautions. Humpy nose surgery, like other operations, should be performed in expert hands as a result of detailed examination by a rhinoplasty surgeon.

Can HUmpy Nose Be Corrected Without Surgery?

Although it is said that mild problems can be fixed without surgery, the main solution in humpy nose is the surgery.

Is Humpy Nose Improved with Massage?

We’re sorry to say that no exercise will fix the humpy nose. The purpose of these exercises is to accelerate blood circulation.

Can the size of the nostrils be reduced?

It is possible to reduce the size of nostrils. Various techniques can be used. Size of the nostrils is important for aesthetics but also for health. As we breath through our nose, nostrils should be big enough.

How long will the surgery last?

Duration depens on the size. It can be between 2 and 3 hours.
Big and long nose surgery

Big And Long Nose Surgery

People have lots of noise types. One of the most common nose type is long nose. A nose that is bigger for face has a negative effect on the appereance of the face. In this context we preapared a blog for the ones with big noses with “How to get a smaller nose?’’ question. We hope to be helpful. Have a nice reading.

Is it hard to operate a big nose?

Since nose is located in the middle of the face, it has a huge impact on the face appereance. A nose longer than normal levels can negativly affect the look. Patients can be uncomfortable with front, profile or both view. Long nose surgery is the most difficult surgery amoung surgeries. However, it is not impossible to have your dream nose. The important thing here will be to choose the best surgeon for your needs. As a result, the answer to the question ‘’Can the big nose be shortened?’’ is ‘’Yes’’. Humpy noses can also be included in this situaition.

Does the nose shorten after surgery?

At the surgery bones is reduced but the amount of the skin stays same. The skin adapts to the underlying bones and reduced in size. After 1-2 years, the skin fits exactly on the bones and the shape of the nose settles into place. And now you have your desired nose! Since the skin amount stays the same it is not possible to reduce the nose more than %20-25.

How small can the nose be made?

As it is mentioned above reducing the nose more than %20-25 is not possible. Otherwise skin will be bigger fort he bones and cartilages.

How is big nose surgery performed?

For long nose reduction surgery, an examination is made with the plastic surgeon first. As a result of the interview, a roadmap for long nose surgery is drawn. While drawing this roadmap, everyone’s own face and nose type is taken as a basis. As a matter of fact, the image of the nose cannot be thought of independently from other elements of the face. Therefore, while planning the major rhinoplasty surgery, factors such as cheekbones, jaw structure, forehead structure are also taken into consideration, and it is aimed to create a beautiful harmony between the facial organs by evaluating the face as a whole. In addition to all these, it is also taken into account that the nose can be made small but within limitations. As a matter of fact, factors such as the thickness of the nasal skin and the functional state of the nasal airways are among the limiting factors. Making the nose much smaller than it should be can damage functions such as nasal breathing. Therefore, it is more important to create a nose that is compatible and proportional to the other elements of the face, rather than getting a tiny nose at the point of big nose reduction. Necessary examinations and tests are applied to the patient while drawing a correct roadmap for big nose surgery. It is evaluated whether there are diseases that pose a risk for rhinoplasty.

When the day of surgery for long nose reduction comes, the length of the cartilages that cause the nose to be long is shortened. In some cases, the cartilage at the tip of the nose also needs to be reduced. However, situations such as the back of the chin can cause the nose to appear larger than it is. Patients are often unaware of this. The plastic surgeon notices the situation during the examination and informs the patient about the situation. If the patient accepts, procedures such as fat injection or implant can be applied to the chin to make the chin appear further and harmonize with the nose, and the patient will attain the image she dreams of. As a result of the evaluations, no matter what aesthetic intervention is made, the changes in the patient’s nose begin to settle over time, depending on the type of aesthetics performed. This period lasts an average of 1 year.

As TAŞ Aesthetic Surgery Center, we have come to the end of the blog post we prepared about big and long nose surgery. Throughout the article, we first gave general information about big and large nose surgery. Then we tried to inform you about the surgery process. Have a nice day.

Droopy nose tıp surgery

Droopy Nose Tıp Surgery

Patients who want to have rhinoplasty mostly complains about droopy tip. One of the most asked question is ‘’Why I have a droppy nose?’’. Let’s review this topic together.

How can you understand you have a droppy nose?

Normally there is 90 degree angle between lips and tip of the nose. If you have a droppy nose this angle will decrease. Especially droppy nose will be seen from the side angle.

What are the reasons for a droppy nose?

There is two main reasons for droopy nose. First one is the weakness of the nasal tip cartilage structure. This weak cartilage can not stand against the gravity as a result the tip of the nose tends downward. The second one is the strenght of the laughing muscles.

Surgery can be a solution for patients with droppy nose, without any intervention on the nasal dorsum. Just after this intervention, usually splint and cast using are not necessary. General anesthesia is recommended.

How the operation is performed for droopy nose?

With the advancement in technology nose surgery became easier. It is possible to have your dream nose with our atraumatic technics. The surgery is performed at the hospital and lasts 2 hours. Surgery of patients with straight nasal dorsum will take less time which is 45 minutes.

How is the healing process after droopy nose surgery?

Patients can be discharged on the same day after droopy nose surgery. But if there are multiple deformities which adressed at the same surgery, then the patient should stay one night after the surgery.

If just droopy nose surgery is performed, healing process will be shorter. Splint won’t be used unless there’s intervention on the airway. Within 2-3 days patients can return to their normal life.

When the swelling at the nose tip will decrease?

It is necessary to wait one year for the nasal tip swelling to completely go down. You may not like the image you see for the first time, as swelling occurs at the tip of the nose after nose surgery. But after 1 year, the result you see in the mirror will satisfy you.

Techniques Used During Droopy Nose Surgery

The surgery will be performed by Closed Atraumatic Technique. There won’t be any scar since there was no cut on the nose. It is not hard to have a nose that fits your face.

Does the nose tip drop after the surgery?

In order not to experience it again, the cause of droopy nose tip should be investigated first. If the nasal tip muscles are weak, which causes the nasal tip to be drooping, the strengthening of these muscles should be planned; If the laughing muscles are strong, these muscles should be weakened. Therefore, nasal tip drooping is not observed after the operation.

How much is droopy nose surgery?

One of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to have nasal tip surgery for various reasons is the question of “How much is droopy nose surgery?” Rhinoplasty prices vary depending on the structure of the patient’s nose, the success of the rhinoplasty surgeon who will perform surgery, and many other similar factors. If you wish, you can review our article “The factors that determine the prices of rhinoplasty” on the subject.

If you are aware of the deformities in your current nose and you are uncomfortable; You can reach general information about the aesthetic process, detailed information about the pre-, process and post-operative experiences on our rhinoplasty page, and you can apply to us. During your detailed examination, your evaluation is performed first. If there are conditions in your airway that negatively affect your breathing, it is detected. In our studio, we take your photos and simulate what you will look like after the surgery. And during your nose surgery, we also intervene in the airway, allowing you to breathe comfortably. Then, we correct your aesthetic deformities and address your aesthetic concerns. We will lead you the your dream nose!

Can the size of the nostrils be reduced?

It is possible to reduce the size of nostrils. Various techniques can be used. Size of the nostrils is important for aesthetics but also for health. As we breath through our nose, nostrils should be big enough.

How long will the surgery last?

Duration depens on the size. It can be between 2 and 3 hours.
How can dr. Suleyman tas offer the best results so affordable?

How can Dr. Suleyman TAS offer the best results so affordable?

Thousands of patients from many countries of the world have experienced amazing transformation with us at a very affordable price to release the better version of themselves. Our patients wanted to address their deformities and to breath healthier. Our patients are asking why such incredible results with Dr. Suleyman TAS is so affordable. How come three-four times less and better results? Compare to Rhinoplasty in New York, in Beverly Hills and in London; way better result and way affordable…?

And our patients are expressing that they made the smartest decision to come and have surgery with Dr. TAS.

Freedom to release your better version the smart way!!


How can Dr. Suleyman TAS offer the best results so affordable?

Patented medical instruments, digitalization. customized service and optimized cost structure are helping us to offer the best results so affordable in-line with doing our best to meet your objectives and to power your beauty.

1. Touching Lives Beyond Cost

Our Aim is touching lives as much as we can. Thus we focused on the best result not the prize and we would like to make it reachable and affordable to make the dreams coming true. Dr. TAS and his high skilled team dedicated to the happiness of their patients. The only most important thing for us is the smile in your faces, that is the biggest prize for us.

2. Patented Medical Instruments

In Turkey, it is very important to offer the best service with high quality and with high-tech solutions to the patients.

Dr. Suleyman TAS has 5 patents and during the operations he uses those patented medical instruments which are produced locally which help us to offer the best price. And Dr. Suleyman TAS doesn’t break bones with hammer or chisel, instead of that he uses high-tech micromotor technology.

3. Digitalization

Digitalization is improving the safety, productivity and sustainability of our system. To give best-in-class patient service, we use in-house developed digitalization tools that help us to get back our patients faster and with a better cost.

Digitalization helps us to not underestimate the value of analytics which help us to make faster and better decisions.

4. Customized Service

Patients want their personal needs to be taken into account. Instead of “one size fits all”, we design customized service for each patient.

In other words, through customization, we do target relevant actions, thereby avoid waste. Our accommodation and transfer options to our patients without any commission while improving patient satisfaction is very good example to our customized service. All we do is your comfort and result.

Another good example is to have professional medical skin care treatments in our clinic and our patients can benefit with the latest and highest technology with a special price.


Optimizing Costs and Powering Beauty with High Quality.
5. Hospital Cost

The optimized cost item is reflected to pricing. And this structure is attained with a very high-quality standard. Dr. TAS is a world-know, famous surgeon and has a very huge experience with performing more than 10.000 aesthetic surgeries so far. Thus, all high qualified hospitals of Istanbul would like to make a special agreement with Dr. TAS to receive this service in their hospital for respect and business purposes. That is our another strong side why we can offer better prices for our patients.

The hospitals that we are working with have the certificate of the most authoritative organization that assesses the activities of medical clinics which is JCI accreditation. According to this indicator, Turkey is a leading country in the world. A JCI certificate means that the hospital uses both effective and safe treatment methods for the patient, offers well-organized work and provides comfortable conditions.

With our latest agreement with the hospitals, if a patient is having more than one surgery, then the patient will benefit with combined surgery cost. Since the patient is already getting anesthesia and there will be optimization in terms of cost.

6. Human Resource Cost

Turkey constitutes Europe’s third-largest labor pool with a labor force of 33 million people. Also, the labor force consists of the young population.
However, Dr. TAS doesn’t use hospital casual staffs for his surgeries. He created TAS Team consists of medical assistants, operating nurses, translators, anesthesiologists, medical photographer, servants… and specially educated them to be the best team ever. They know every single step of the service very well to maximize the quality. This costs more to Dr. TAS but worth it to give the best results for you.

If you want the best service with the best price, you have the freedom to make the smart decision.
Before rhinoplasty

Before Rhinoplasty

Things to Consider Before Rhinoplasty

Your nose may have a structure that is not compatible with your face or has deformities. You can have rhinoplasty surgery for a beautiful nose that is suitable for your face, within natural limits, purified from your deformities. However, there are some preparations you need to know and do before this process.

You have decided to have a nose job. But if you do not know what to do, this article will be enlightening for you.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, the first thing to do is to decide. Making a decision means that you are aware of the conditions and deformities in your nose that bother you and you want to get rid of these situations. The decision-making process is not something you can do in a period of 3-5 days. It may take years for you to become aware of your deformities, accept them, and decide to embark on this process. For example, as a result of a hit you received as a child, it may complete the development of the nose with deformity. There may be a fracture in the nose line. Airway problems may also occur as the nose will develop incorrectly in line with this impact. You may have noticed this situation years later, as it will be difficult to notice from childhood.

Another of the preparations before rhinoplasty surgery is the research phase after making a decision. There are many techniques and tools developed with the effect of technology for rhinoplasty. You can find out which technique is the most suitable for you by talking to the masters of the work. We, surgeons, first determine the deformities of our patient who came for rhinoplasty surgery, and then we listen to you during our detailed examinations. Our personal recommendation is that you do not consult a single surgeon. Seeing the differences with many surgeons, it is in favor of choosing your own doctor within the framework of trust. Your research process may not be a process that you can complete in a short time. It is useful not to rush. This will be the healthiest.

After meeting with several plastic surgeons during your research phase, another stage is the choice of a plastic surgeon that will address your cosmetic and health concerns.

You have noticed your deformities for rhinoplasty surgery. You wanted to have surgery, made a decision and started the research process. You talked to several plastic surgeons and got different opinions. In line with the data you have, you have chosen the best method and your plastic surgeon for you. Then what?

The next preparation phase will be on your surgery. Your plastic surgeon and his team will be managing this process. We can list this process as follows.

  • Determining the day for your rhinoplasty surgery
  • Hospital selection
  • Rhinoplasty pre-surgery planning appointment
  • Meeting with the Anesthesiologist before the operation
  • The examinations and tests to be done before the surgery

Experiencing conditions such as colds and flu before the operation is an obstacle in terms of nose surgery. Therefore, you should share this information with your doctor during the examinations. You should share your regular medications with your doctor. For women, menstrual period can be an obstacle to surgery. Therefore, you should also share this information with your plastic surgeon.

  • Transfer to the hospital and hospitalization procedures on the day of surgery

On the day of surgery, you can have a companion who will make you feel better. Before you go to the operating room with a hygienic environment, you will be put on a surgical gown. This apron is important for hygiene.

Things That Should Not Be Consumed Before Rhinoplasty

Avoiding some drinks and foods before rhinoplasty surgery is of great importance for the healing and surgery process. We can list the things you need to pay attention to in this regard as follows.

  • Medicine that has blood thinning feature such as aspirin should be stopped at least 1 week before surgery.
  • Green and herbal teas can increase bleeding during surgery. That’s why you should have quit these drinks before surgery.
  • You should not consume red wine, ginger, garlic and olive oil.
  • You should definitely quit smoking 6 months before the operation.

Preparations before the nose aesthetic surgery will thus be completed.

What to Do on the Day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

After planning all the processes related to Rhinoplasty, it’s time for the surgery day. We can list the things you need to pay attention to on the day of surgery as follows.

  • You should not eat at least 8 hours before the operation.
  • You should not use products such as nail polish, make-up, hairspray and jelly on the day of surgery.
  • Decide on a companion who will give you positive energy for you.
  • You must carefully read and sign the consent form and general anesthesia form that comes to the room.


Is it necessary to go to a psychologist before rhinoplasty?

As human being, we move on life, make decisions that can affect us psychologically, physically, or both at the same time. Rhinoplasty procedure is a good example of this decision. So, it is important to have healthy psychological and physical conditions. If we are not ready, it is not a good decision to go forward about this process. Because this unreadiness is not going to help healing phase. Therefore, there is a psychologist working in our clinic in order to prepare our patient psychologically and to provide the necessary support after the surgery.

What are the medications that should not be used before rhinoplasty?

First of all, if you have a regularly used medication, you should definitely share it with your plastic surgeon. On the other hand, you should avoid using blood thinners. For example, you should not use aspirin, a blood thinner, for at least 10 days before surgery.

What to wear on the day of rhinoplasty?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by patients who are about to have rhinoplasty. In the surgery you will be under hygienic conditions, you will be dressed in an operating room gown. This is very important in terms of hygiene.

Which type of anesthesia is used during rhinoplasty?

Both general anesthesia and local anesthesia can be used in nose surgeries. This varies according to the technique to be used and the scope of the nose surgery. However, in cases of local anesthesia, when the patient is conscious, it may cause excitement or reflect emotions such as stress. This may cause the plastic surgeon to be distracted while performing fine interventions.

How many hours does rhinoplasty take?

It may change in-line the size and scope of the surgery. On the other hand, this period varies according to the structure of the nose, the anesthetic condition of the patient and the technique used in the surgery. Nose surgeries performed with Closed Atraumatic Technique take 2 hours on average.

Is companion required for rhinoplasty?

Nose surgeries usually require a 1-day stay in the hospital. Therefore, there may be a need for a companion who will meet your needs and support you morally. As a companion, we recommend that you choose a relative who can give positive energy to you. However, it is not mandatory medically. Nurses will stop by and check on you regularly.

Which tests are done before rhinoplasty?

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, a number of tests are applied to the patient in order to understand whether the patient is ready for the surgery or not. In this way, it is understood whether there is any health problem that will complicate or prevent the operation. Your plastic surgeon will definitely share with you the tests you need to apply before surgery. These tests include tests such as blood test, ECG, tomography, X-ray. Apart from the tests, your aesthetic doctor examines your nasal cartilage structure, skin structure and performs your facial analysis. As a result of the tests and analyzes performed, if a problem is detected in the airways of the patient that prevents breathing, it is also can be fixed during the operation.

Will my smile change after nose surgery?

Just after a nose surgery, swelling and bruises occur around the nose and eyes. A certain time is needed for these swelling to go. Due to the swelling, there will be changes in your smile during the healing process. However, as the swelling, bruises and edema completely disappear and your nose takes its final shape, your smile will start to be the same again.

The patient is discharged. Especially in the first week, the patient should be careful about many issues. The patient should not lie on her side for at least 1 week. The patient should not miss any controls. In time, the bruising and swelling associated with the surgery will be gone. If nothing goes wrong, the nose will be settled at the end of 1 year.

As TAS Aesthetic Surgery Center, we are ending our blog post about the things to be considered before nose aesthetics. You can contact us via WhatsApp to ask any questions you would like to learn about rhinoplasty.

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How much is the price of rhinoplasty?

How much is the price of rhinoplasty?

How much is the price of rhinoplasty? How is the price of rhinoplasty determined? How can I know if I have found the right surgeon for my nose?

Most of the questions we receive are directed to this issue, so this article is intended to be enlightening for the price of rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty surgery is considered as the most difficult operation in plastic surgery. The reason is that, after a difficult plastic surgery education process, it requires advanced artistic reshaping skills and non-medical knowledge such as aesthetic eye and experience.

As a result of your research after finding a surgeon you are comfortable with, you want to understand whether the surgeon’s surgery price is high or low. What are the criteria that can help you in this matter?

The first questions to be asked about the surgeon you have found are as follows;


1 Dr. Suleyman TAS
1-    Has he successfully completed his plastic surgery training and got the Board certificate?


Dr.Suleyman Tas is a Double Board Certificated (European and Turkish) Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon


2-    How many years experience does he have in nose surgeries? Dr.Suleyman Tas has over 15 years experience


3-    Has he got an art education to train his eye? Does he do sculpture and painting?


Dr.Suleyman Tas had private art, sculpture and drawing education for his self development and those are a part of his personal life more than a hobby.


4-    Has his noses started to catch the fine details apart from being admired?


Dr.Suleyman Tas looks his job as an art more than basic rhinoplasty procedure.


5-    Have the operated noses succeeded to reflect the harmony of the face in the best way?


Dr. Suleyman Tas creates different noses for each face with a harmony with their faces.



Second, the surgeon’s patient satisfaction rates are reflected in the price.


2 Dr. Suleyman TAS
You can evaluate patient satisfaction rate from unbiased social media channels such as realself and google.



Dr.Suleyman Tas has more than 1000 happy patient testimonies with their pictures and videos on those unbiased social websites.


Third, you can evaluate the scientific side of the surgeon. These are;


3 Dr. Suleyman TAS
Does he have an academic title? Dr.Tas is a professor in plastic surgery.


Are there any awards he has received, if so, what are they, scientific awards given by prestigious international plastic surgery associations? Or are they TV advertising awards bought with money?


Dr.Suleyman Tas has 5 best plastic surgeon awards (3 national, 2 international) by high prestigious Plastic Surgery Associations (Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)


Has he gone deep enough on the factory floor of this business till having his own patented surgical instruments?


Dr.Suleyman Tas has 4 patents for rhinoplasty surgery by Turkish Patent Institution
How many scientific publications about rhinoplasty does he have?


Dr.Suleyman Tas has over 40 international scientific article about rhinoplasty in the highest impact international plastic surgery journals. He is also the editor and reviewer on those journals.


How many invitations has he received to give lectures about rhinoplasty? Dr.Suleyman Tas is an invited lecturer about rhinoplasty in more than 100 scientific congresses and panels.


Has he written a book about rhinoplasty? Dr.Suleyman Tas wrote the book of ‘‘Closed Rhinoplasty in Practice’’. Beside that he wrote 2 more books about Plastic Surgery.
If he has written a book, was this book published in an internationally respected printing house or was it published by himself?


Dr.Suleyman Tas is the single author of ‘‘Closed Rhinoplasty in Practice’’ and this best book of rhinoplasty has been published by Taylor Francis Group, CRC Press, Informa which is the best publisher in medicine.


Is he a top surgeon, who organizes courses on rhinoplasty and explains his knowledge and skills to his colleagues?


Dr.Suleyman Tas organized more than 5 rhinoplasty course for the plastic surgeons to teach the rhinoplasty. These courses received more than 2000 surgeons and were endorsed by all international high respectful scientific societies as; American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Rhinoplasty Society of Europe (RSE), Rhinoplasty Society of America (RS).


Fourth, you can research your surgeon in the media.


4 Dr. Suleyman TAS
Did he take place in the media with advertising elements or with successful surgeries?


Dr.Suleyman Tas took place in national media, news on TV and documentaries because of his innovations and challenging surgeries ended up with amazing results such as Facial transplantations, arm and leg replantations, transgender surgeries and his super microsurgical skills. He is a high respected surgeon, applauded and appriciated so many times by the national media because he made possible impossible with his incredible surgeries for hopeless patients.
Did he pay for his TV shows, or did he receive invitations because he was an expert in his topic?


Dr.Suleyman Tas attends only non-commercial TV programs, news and newspapers.
Is he preferred doctor among celebrities? Dr.Suleyman Tas is highly preferred plastic surgeon by so many famous artist and social media influencers because of his talents.


Fifth, you can examine the services provided by the surgeon together with the surgery.


5 Dr. Suleyman TAS
Are intra-operative photographs provided to the patient that will help you understand how the operation was going on?


Dr.Suleyman Tas is a transparent surgeon and provides your before and after pictures of your operation if you let to share them.
Are postoperative controls paid?


Dr.Suleyman Tas checks your nose regularly after the surgery at your 3rd day, 7th day, 2.month and 1.year, and all those consultations included in your surgery fee.
Are there any phone numbers where you can get 24/7 telephone consultancy?


Dr.Suleyman Tas created a 7/24 online support line for his patients to be with their patients during all the process.


Sixth, the deformities you have will play a role in determining the price.


6 Dr. Suleyman TAS
How much detailed work is required for your nose, how much time and effort should be spent, what is the goal?


Dr. Suleyman Tas shares with his patients all the details of the surgical plan and the determination of your needs with in-depth examination before the surgery, photographing, anatomical infrastructure analysis and endoscopic examination.



Seventh point, ask yourself whether your breathing problems accompany your visual problems.


7 Dr. Suleyman TAS
While most plastic surgeons can only correct visual deformities, most otolaryngologists can only correct breathing problems. Dr. Suleyman Tas has trained himself in both fields at an advanced level and lets you achieve the best result you can get by performing both breathing and aesthetic surgery only himself in a single session.



Eighth point, the factors that determine the price are the average price that determines the country-based market, they vary according to the purchasing power of the countries;


8 Average Top
USA 15.000 USD 35.000 USD
Europe 10.000 Euro 30.000 Euro
Turkey 25.000 TL 150.000 TL


As a result of all these criteria, if you can tick all of them, know that you are in the best part of the world that does this job and you can safely put yourself in the hands of this surgeon.

As a clinic that has met all these criteria with more than 10,000 patients for 15 years and has tried to make all of them happy, our rhinoplasty price cannot be compared with the performance we give. Because we understand you and complete all the factors that determine the value of the plastic surgeon and do even more. Therefore, we are happy and proud to express with peace of mind that we have made for you the best rhinoplasty surgery in the world.

It is a fact that quality cannot be bought cheaply, which is valid all over the world. The most important parameter to be considered in the selection of the doctor to whom you will entrust your nose is not the price, but finding the right hands to make your nose the best shape it can get. We hope that the other parameters listed above will help you find the right surgeon.

Wish you healthy days and thank you for choosing us.

Online rhinoplasty consultation with dr. Suleyman tas

Online Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. Suleyman TAS

Do you want to get surgery with Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS,
Don’t you come to have a face-to-face consultation, or
Do you want to get Dr. TAS’s master opinion about your case to learn your oppurtinities?
Then, Online Rhinoplasty Consultation will be a good step for you..

To touch patients life and simplify it , Assoc.Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS offers Online Rhinoplasty Consultation. Below you may find 5 steps of Online Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. TAS;

1. Please send your 1-2 minutes video and pictures to our WhatsApp (+905434563693) number.

In the video please tell your complaints and expectations about your nose with below informations;
Your Name and Surname, Your Job, Do you have any disease including HBsAG/ HCV/ HIV, Are you taking any regular medicine, Do you smoke or Not, Do you have any allergy, Did you have any surgery before?

2. Please visit here to make payment for online consultation.

3. Before the Skype call with Dr. Suleyman TAS, we will be in touch to finalize and check needed info.

4. Please arrange a time for online consultation which will be hold on Skype. Here you may find our Skype link.

5. Before Skype call, please send us your expectations with using a simulation program. During the call you may discuss about this work. If it is realistic expectation, we may continue for the next steps.

Looking forward to see you online,

For more information please contact us.

The best plastic surgeon for ear surgery

The Best Plastic Surgeon for Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery is one of the aesthetic surgery procedures that directly affect your facial beauty and golden ratios. For this reason, choosing the best plastic surgeon for ear surgery (otoplasty) is very important. In this article, we will talk about the tips and tricks for choosing the best plastic surgeon for ear surgery.

1. Utilized Technique in Ear Surgery

The first of the tricks of the plastic surgeon’s choice in ear surgery is the technique used by the doctor in ear surgery. You can come across many techniques while doing research for ear cosmetic surgery. This situation may cause confusion. First of all, you need to identify your existing complaints. You should know what disturbs you in your ears. Prominent ear syndrome? Big ear deformation? Ear lobe aesthetics? Or congenital ear anomaly? Having fully determined your complaint will help you in choosing a doctor.

Flap Technique ve Classic Technique in correction of the prominent ear

The most demanded cosmetic surgery procedure in ear aesthetics all over the world is the prominent ear. One of the methods used for the prominent ear is the classical prominent ear surgery method. In this method, the ear is stitched to the head with the holes opened on the ear and brought closer to the head. The biggest risk of the procedure is that the stitches are detached by the time and the ear gets its previous shape.

Nowadays, the most preferred technique is the awarded Flap Technique which was developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS. In the Flap technique, the ear is brought closer to the head using modified flaps behind the ear. Dissolvable stitches are used during the process. After a while, the stitches are expected to dissolve and fall. Since the process doesn’t depend on the stitches, the ear will not be restored after the stitches dissolve. With the advancement of technology, the Flap technique is the most preferred method today and in the next period. In this sense, the doctor should be well educated.

Below  you may find publications by Dr. Suleyman TAS about Flap Technique;
Annals of Plastic Surgery Journal in 2014 and Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2018.

2. Experience & Skills of the plastic surgeon

Another key point in choosing otoplasty surgeon is the experience of the doctor. He must have enough experience with the operations he performed in ear aesthetics.

The plastic surgeon you decide to have your ear surgery must also be talented. Even if he has all the technical knowledge, if he has no talent, the possibility of an unsuccessful result is very high. The doctor’s point of view towards art and his interest in art will always keep his existing talent alive.

3. Trust based relation and confidence in plastic surgeon

The most important point in choosing a doctor in ear surgery is the feeling of trust between you and your doctor. Your first meeting with your doctor is an important step towards building trust. During your detailed meeting, you should express clearly your complaints and expectations to your doctor. Your doctor will explain which method or technique is more suitable for you in a realistic manner. If you have a healthy feeling of trust between you and your doctor, surgery planning can be done by considering the surgical process, recovery process, hospital process, financial factors of the surgery and by discussing all the details.



In summary, cosmetic ear surgery requires dexterity, skill, art and care. Our advice to you is that the plastic surgeon you choose to do your surgery to be an expert in this field, confident in himself and gives confidence to you, concerned with you and have achieved success with previous operations. These are the factors you need to take into consideration to help you decide on the best plastic surgeon for your ear surgery.


Ear Surgery Before After Pictures
More Info About Prominent Ear Surgery
Prominent ear surgery for children

Prominent Ear Surgery for Children

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) is one of the most preferred surgeries among cosmetic interventions. Prominent (protruding) ear surgery can also be performed for children. Let’s take a look at how the ear surgery occur in children.

Prominent ear surgery for children

Protruding ear is an ear deformity that can be found in any age range. It is also known as bat ears or dumbo ears colloquially. 1 out of 5 children has a prominent ear deformity. It can be seen even in newborn babies. While this situation improves in some of the babies due to growth, in some of them continues until childhood and adulthood.

What To Do If Newborn Babies Have Prominent Ear Deformity?

Since ear development has not been completed in newborn babies, the ear may stick far from the head. This is normal. You should not panic. Because in newborns babies this situation can be corrected by the special measures. The most important of these measures is the use of a hat or bandana for the first 4 months after the baby is born. With the effect of the hat and bandana, the ears will complete their close development towards the head, without further opening. Therefore, this innate situation can be prevented. Some babies do not have protruding ears when they are born. However, put to bed on the ear, ear folds and similar situations can cause prominent ear deformation in the ear that was normal before.

After the use of a bandana or a hat for the first 4 months, the prominent ear deformation may still continue. Again, it is a situation that should not be worried. Parents can panic in such situations. It is useful to stay calm. Grow your baby with pleasure and health. Since she/he is little, she/he will not experience a situation that will force her/him, as she/he will not be aware of the situation. However, this situation should be corrected by a surgical intervention in preschool period. Otherwise, a psychologically challenging process will start when your child’s circle of friends realizes this situation. You may read more about the effects of the prominent ear on the child’s psychology here .

When Is The Best Time For Surgery In Children?

Prominent ear surgery for children

The development of the ear structure in humans is completed at the age of 6. Prominent ear surgery should be performed as early as possible since children start school at this age. As a matter of fact, the earlier prominent ear surgery is performed, the more psychological traumas caused by the prominent ear structure can be prevented during the child’s growth process. If your child has a prominent ear structure, but you do not consider having a prominent ear surgery as a parent, you may cause the problem to continue. Children who do not have a prominent ear surgery in their childhood are both psychologically adversely affected in the past period and seek ways to solve this problem during adolescence. Since children at adolescence start to pay much attention to their appearance.

Prominent Ear Negatively Affects Child Psychology

Prominent ear can cause problems even in adults. Especially with the start of school age and the increase of socialization of children with a prominent ear, the psychology of these children can be adversely affected. In this article, we will try to answer your questions such as ‘Is prominent ear a disease?’, ‘How is a prominent ear corrected?’, ‘What are the effects of the prominent ear on the child psychology?’

Is Prominent Ear A Disease?

This situation, which is called a prominent ear among the people, is a situation that results from a distance that is larger than normal between the head and ear. Many people can ask questions if the prominent is a disease. It is worth noting that this situation is only related to the aesthetic appearance and cannot be considered in any way in the disease category. However, the prominent ear appearance may adversely affect the psychology of adults and especially of children.

The Problem Can Begin At School Age

Prominent ear surgery for children

It is known that the prominent ear appearance is not liked aesthetically in most societies around the world. Therefore, children who have a prominent ear structure at school age, where the socialization speed of children increases, may have problems. As a matter of fact, other children can make fun of children who have a prominent ear, even if it is not for poisonous purposes. This situation can negatively affect children who are psychologically vulnerable. Such an approach of children to children with a prominent ear structure can affect their psychosocial health and cause conditions such as antisocial personality disorder. This situation can affect the socialization process of the child with a prominent ear structure, the formation of his personality, his concentration towards the school and his success in the lessons. Therefore, it is beneficial to prevent this situation before reaching school age.

What Is The Operation Process Like?

One of the important topic for patients who are considering having a prominent ear surgery, is the methods of prominent ear surgery. In this part of our article, we will try to give an overview of what the prominent ear surgery is and how the surgical process progresses.

In each prominent ear surgery, an operation method is selected according to the prominent ear structure. This decision is made by the plastic surgeon you choose for ear surgery. Many methods are used for prominent ear surgery. Removal of cartilage from the ear or pinning back with a thread, are the methods which are still in use today but less preferred. With these methods, it can be seen that the ears can restore the previous shape or cause various deformations.

In our clinic, we utilize the awarded Flap Technique (Modified Postauricular Fascial Flap) developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS. During surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia for children under 12 years old, an incision is made from the back of the ear, and the flap is prepared in a modified way, so that the ear lies back and has a natural appearance. Absorbable sutures are used in this method, therefore there is no suture extrusion or sensitivity of the ear in the long term. This method is permanent.

When local anesthesia is applied, there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital. However, if general anesthesia is applied, we recommend that you certainly remain under observation in the hospital for 1 night after surgery.

During the operation, there is a dressing on the ears similar to a band. This bandage should remain for 3 days without taking it off, and for 2 weeks only at nights. After 3 days, these bandages are removed in the shower and social life can be continued. It is not a painful process. However, the process can be a bit difficult because children are a more sensitive than adults. However, this difficult process is limited to the first night after surgery. Anything is not felt afterwards.

As can be expected, temporary edema occurs at the operation site after the prominent ear surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, the swelling subsides and the ear starts to look normal. As a result, your child begins to feel safer and more socially confident and the psychological traumas that may arise from the ear structure are prevented.

For children; If parents want, the surgery can be planned after 6 years of age. And it can even be waited until the child grows up and makes his own decisions. He/she can be operated on his/her own decision.

You can find other details about the prominent ear surgery from the link. You may also contact TAŞ Aesthetic Surgery Center to book an appointment and get more information about prominent ear surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prominent Ear Surgery
Ear Surgery Before After Pictures
Frequently asked questions about prominent ear surgery

Frequently Asked Questions about Prominent Ear Surgery

Many people who have the prominent (protruding) ear problem are not aesthetically pleased with this situation and are seeking to solve this issue. During their research, they face many questions about the prominent ear surgery, the answers for which we will be providing in this article. Frequently asked questions about prominent ear surgery;

1. What does prominent ear mean?

The prominent (protruding) ear is an aesthetically disliked by many people situation, which is caused by the various reasons such as the angle between the ear and the head being larger than normal, the ear fold becomes flat or the big size of the top ear bowl (conchal bowl)

2. Is prominent ear genetic?

In most people with prominent ear problems, this condition is genetic. It occurs as a result of the genes coming from the mother and father which prevent or disrupt the development of the ear cartilage in the child. However, as a result of some situations such as traffic accident and trauma, the person may experience prominent ear problems.

3. Can taping help with the prominent ears correction?

The tapes cannot permanently change the structure of the prominent ear cartilage. However, in the case of a newborn and 3-month-old baby, bandages and molds used under the supervision of a doctor and in line with his recommendations can correct the prominent ear structure in infants.

4. At what age can the prominent ear surgery be performed?

Prominent ear surgery can be performed in individuals who have reached the age of 6. If your child has a prominent ear structure, having prominent ear surgery at an early age may be beneficial for your child’s psychology. Since, children can make such situations as a mockery. The psychology of children who are faced with this situation may be adversely affected.

5. How to get ready for the prominent ear surgery?

Before the prominent ear surgery, a number of examinations are performed for the patient under the control of the doctor. These include tests such as blood analysis, anesthesia control, physical examination, measurement and imaging. However, alcohol consumption should be stopped 2 weeks before prominent ear surgery, additionally smoking should be quitted at least 6 months before the surgery and never smoked after the surgery. Since smoking cigarettes negatively affects the healing process, and alcohol increases the risk of surgical bleeding.

6. How is prominent ear surgery performed?

Prominent ear surgeries can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Suleyman TAS utilizes the technique developed by himself called as “A New Way For Antihelixplasty In Prominent Ear Surgery: Modified Postauricular Fascial Flap” which was awarded on the competition organized by the Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association. Local anesthesia is used with this method, and general anesthesia for the children below 12 years old. After making a small incision behind the ear, the ear is leaned back with a modifed tissue called as a Flap. This way, potential problems such as stitch loosening or dehiscence that may occur later are prevented.

7. What are the advantages of the Flap Technique ?

There are many advantages of the Flap technique developed by Assoc.Prof.Dr.Suleyman TAS with the purpose of prominent ear correction. Since the absorbable sutures are used, the stitches behind the patient’s ear cannot be detached or loosened even 1-2 years after the surgery. Since the ear is leaned back as much as it is necessary, the gap behind the ear doesn’t disappear completely. Swelling and bruises do not occur after surgery due to the fact that no intervention is required in the frontal part of the ear, and due to the splinting which is performed in the inner part of the ear. Due to the application of this technique with local anesthesia and being performed behind the ear, there is no scar in the ear after the operation. Since this technique does not cause any trauma in the ear, those who are operated can continue their daily lives the next day. Moreover, those who were subjected to a prominent ear operation with this technique were called for control in the 1st month, 6th month, 12th month and 2 years. As a result of the controls, no negative change occurred in the ear of any patient.

8. How many hours does a prominent ear surgery last?

The duration of the prominent ear surgery lasts between 1-1.5 hours in average depending on the ear structure and the ear image it is expected to reach. Shortly after the operation, the patient can resume his/her daily activities.

9. How long does the pain last after prominent ear surgery?

Thanks to the anesthesia applied during the operation, pain is not felt for 10-12 hours after the ear surgery. However, the patient should use painkillers on the first day of the operation. Otherwise, may feel pain. However, in order to prevent possible pain, the patient should follow the doctor’s recommendations. These recommendations include suggestions such as not lying on the ear.

10. How is the process after prominent ear surgery?

The patient is discharged on the day of the surgery. During the period recommended by the doctor, water should not contact the operated ear / ears and the painkiller recommended by the doctor should be used. Bandages should be worn first 3 days without taking them off, and 2 weeks only at nights. Afterwards, it is not necessary to wear any band like tennis player band. However, situations such as lying on the operated ear that may cause trauma in the ear should be avoided. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the patient can return to his normal life the day after the operation.

11. Are there problems after prominent ear surgery?

In all techniques that can be used for prominent ear surgery, certain problems may occur depending on the structure of the methods. These postoperative problems are basically divided into two as early period and late period. Problems that may arise in the early period include bleeding, blood collection, skin death, wound opening, infection. Problems that may arise in the late period include pain and tenderness when the ear is touched, distortion in the shape of the ear, scars left after the surgery, and stitches coming out after the prominent ear surgery.

The above potential problems, which may vary depending on the surgical technique used, are not seen in all patients. However, thanks to the awarded Flap Technique developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS, a solution to the problems that can be seen in other methods was found. With this technique, which is increasingly used all over the world, the problems we have mentioned above do not occur in any period of the operations we have performed until today.

12. When the stitches are removed in prominent ear surgery?

The stitches are removed within the first 7-10 days after the operation, whereas the patient can resume his daily activities on the next day of the surgery.

13. How much is the price of prominent ear surgery in Turkey?

Prominent ear surgery price varies depending on many factors. These factors include variables such as your doctor’s professional success, the hospital where you will be operated, the type of the protruding ear, and age. To get more information about the price and book an appointment you may contact us via whatsapp number +90 543 456 36 93.

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