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Causes and Consequences of Failed Rhinoplasty

Causes and consequences of failed rhinoplasty

The appearance of the nose greatly affects the facial beauty. Therefore, when looking in the mirror, there are thousands of people who are not happy with their noses and want to change this situation with a Rhinoplasty. However, there is a risk of a failed nose surgery due to wrong choices. Throughout the article, we will answer the questions such as ” What are the causes of failed rhinoplasty?”, How to recognize failed rhinoplasty?”, “What are the consequences of failed Rhinoplasty?” and “What is the solution for failed Rhinoplasty?”

What are the causes of failed rhinoplasty?

We can list the main reasons for failure of rhinoplasty as follows:

1. Wrong Rhinoplasty Surgeon Selection

One of the main reasons for unsuccessful rhinoplasty is choosing the wrong rhinoplasty surgeon. As a result of choosing the wrong doctor, the result will not be at the desired level. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a plastic surgeon and pay attention to people who are sufficiently specialized in their field. Here you can find the criteria for the best rhinoplasty surgeon;

Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon

2. Not Following the Doctor’s Recommendations

Your doctor will offer you a set of rules that you must follow, both before and after surgery. Strictly following these rules will affect the successful outcome of the nose operation. Therefore, not following the doctor’s instructions properly will increase the likelihood that the result will be negative.

3. Getting a Blow to the nose After Nose Surgery

You should take care of yourself for a certain period of time after nose surgery. You should take extra care not to get any blows to your face. As a matter of fact, the blow taken to the nose especially in the first months can damage the nose when the nose structure is in the reconstruction phase.

4. Having Excessively Thick Nose Structure

Having a very thick skinned nose structure is one of the factors that make nose aesthetics difficult. The out picture of surgical interventions is more difficult in people with thick skin nose. Therefore, people with thick skinned nose should be extra careful about choosing a plastic surgeon. You may find thick skinned rhinoplasty details here;

Preparation for Thick Skin Rhinoplasty
Thick Skin Bulbous Tip Rhinoplasty

5. Having a Rhinoplasty Incompatible with the Facial features

One of the important criteria for a successful rhinoplasty is a nose being compatible with the facial features of the patient. As a matter of fact, every face is unique and every nose surgery should be performed according to the patient’s face structure. Having the same nose like the celebrities you admire will not give you a successful result. Catching the golden ratio is important at this point. Here you can find 5 Important Factors For The Best Rhinoplasty Result.

5 Important Factors For The Best Rhinoplasty Result

How to recognize Failed Rhinoplasty?

We can list the main symptoms of failed rhinoplasty as follows:

  • Continuation of functional disorders in the nose, if any, and problems related to breathing accordingly
  • Curved or crooked nose structure
  • The nostrils are excessively narrow or wide after surgery
  • Droopiness on the tip of the nose
  • It takes at least 1 year for the nose structure to settle after surgery. At the end of this period, if the functional or aesthetic nose structure is not as it is imagined and causes unhappiness

Here you may find out criteria of the best rhinoplasty;

Are You Having the Best Rhinoplasty?

Consequences of Failed Rhinoplasty

As a result of failed Rhinoplasty in addition to not improved aesthetic appearance different levels of unhappiness and depressed mood can also arise. If the change in the nose structure is not at the desired level, the person will have difficulty getting used to the new nose structure and will also enter into a bad mood. In some unsuccessful nose surgeries performed only with aesthetic concern, the functionality of the nose may also be compromised. As a result, situations such as snoring and not being able to breathe easily through the nose may occur. One of the important problems faced by those who had failed nose surgery is the financial issue. As a matter of fact, every failed nose surgery reveals the necessity of revision nose surgery which means extra cost. In addition, revision rhinoplasty is much more difficult than primary rhinoplasty in terms of surgery and recovery process. Therefore, those who want to have a rhinoplasty should know the consequences of failed nose surgery and take actions in this direction.

Solution to a Failed Rhinoplasty

Do not worry anymore because of failed Rhinoplasty! It is possible to get out of the negative situation you are in with the right steps to take. As we have already mentioned, revision rhinoplasty is much more difficult than primary rhinoplasty in terms of surgery and recovery process. Therefore, those who experience unsuccessful rhinoplasty should continue the process with a doctor who has proven himself in revision rhinoplasty. With the right choice, it is possible to have a desired nose structure. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS performed thousands of revision cases over 12 years.

Causes and consequences of failed rhinoplasty Causes and consequences of failed rhinoplasty Causes and consequences of failed rhinoplasty Causes and consequences of failed rhinoplasty


Revision Rhinoplasty Before and After

Finally, if you have any questions regarding failed Rhinoplasty you may contact us via Whatsapp number +90 543 456 3693.  For detailed information about the rhinoplasty please visit our website.

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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS

8 comments on “Causes and Consequences of Failed Rhinoplasty

Avatar of boris

I had a surgery recently, when smiling there is a tension on my upper lip is that normal?

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hello Boris, if there hasn’t been an intervention on the lip it is normal to have some amount of tension on the upper lip after rhinoplasty related to the swelling. In 2-4 weeks you should be able to have your full smile.

Avatar of r. T.

Hello Doctor, how often do you use a rib cartilage in revision rhinoplasty?

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hello R.T. thank you for your question. My first priority is the septal cartilage due to a deep knowledge of nasal anatomy and to avoid additional operation site. In very rare severe revision cases or ethnic rhinoplasty cases I go for a needed amount of rib cartilage.

Avatar of maha khan

I had a nose surgery in December last year, although I asked the doctor to get rid of my hump and narrow my wide nose, he only reduced my hump but the actual shape front the front remained the same, I.e it’s still the same width. Should I get a revision specifically for the front of nose to make it narrow?

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hello Maha, you need to follow up with your plastic surgeon. Having said that, it hasn’t been full one year since your surgery, your nasal structures are still dynamic and keep changing. For more information regarding revision rhinoplasty please visit

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Thank you very much

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