Are You Having The Best Rhinoplasty?

One of the common questions of those who want to have a rhinoplasty is the question of “Am I Having The Best Rhinoplasty?” This question will be answered during our post. Let’s start with listing criteria for The Best Rhinoplasty.

Criterias for The Best Rhinoplasty

When evaluating a Rhinoplasty procedure, different points are taken into consideration. In this context, we can list the criterias that helps us to understand the best Rhinoplasty:

1. Subjectivity in the Best Rhinoplasty

The concept of “beauty” varies from time to time and from culture to culture. Accordingly, the measure of beautiful nose aesthetics may differ from culture to culture. Therefore, when evaluating the criteria for the best Rhinoplasty, this should also be taken into consideration.

2. Angle between The Nose Tip and Upper Lip

Research suggests that the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip should be 110 degrees in women for an ideal Rhinoplasty. When the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip is less than 90 degrees, the nose structure usually looks more masculine. Therefore, one of the criteria of The Best Rhinoplasty is the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip.

3. Facial Features in Rhinoplasty

There are millions of face types worldwide. Accordingly, there are many nose shapes ideal for a beautiful nose image. Because every face is special, every nose is also special. Therefore, one of the important criteria in reaching the best Rhinoplasty is having a nasal structure that fits with the facial features.

4. The Best Rhinoplasty is the Most Natural One

One of the criteria of the best Rhinoplasty is its Natural look. If the Rhinoplasty performed is difficult to realize even by the relatives of the patients, it means that a natural Rhinoplasty surgery has been performed. A similar interpretation can be made if the Rhinoplasty Surgery is not realized by people who do not meet the patient before and if the nose image is defined as the state of beauty and happiness.

5. The Best Rhinoplasty Can Meet the Patient’s Expectations

One of the most important criteria of the best Rhinoplasty is that it can meet the expectations of the patient. The patient’s expectations should be set to be addressed, so Revision Rhinoplasty need can be eliminated. However, there is an important detail here. The Early image of the nose after Rhinoplasty Surgery is not the final image. Because the final shape of the nose appears one year after the operation on average. If the nose image, one year after the Rhinoplasty surgery, meets expectations; it means that the patient had the Best Rhinoplasty.

6.The Best Rhinoplasty Is Not Only Cosmetic; But Also Functional

When the Rhinoplasty is mentioned, the cosmetic appearance of the nose structure comes to mind first. However, there is also a functionality aspect of the nose structure. Functionality indicates that the inner structure of the nose is healthy, comfortable breathing through the nose and not snoring. If you have a problem with the functionality of your nose structure before the nose surgery and this situation can be eliminated after the operation which will indicate that the Best Rhinoplasty. In some cases, there is no problem with functionality before Rhinoplasty. However, incorrect interventions in nose surgery may cause problems in terms of functionality even if the desired nose image is achieved. Therefore, the best Rhinoplasty is related both to improving the appearance of the nose and to maintain or restore its functionality.

It is the end of the article prepared for the question “Am I Having The Best Rhinoplasty?”. Criterias for the Best Rhinoplasty are listed to simplify your life. You may contact us to get more information about Rhinoplasty. We wish you healthy days.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS

Plastic, Reconstructive& Aesthetic Surgeon

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