What should I eat after the rhinoplasty?

One of the frequently asked questions by those who want to have a rhinoplasty is “What should I eat after the rhinoplasty?” As well as “what kind of nutrition should I have after rhinoplasty for a faster and proper recovery process?” We will be answering these questions in our blog post today.

The Importance of Nutrition After Rhinoplasty

At different stages of life, the benefits and importance of different nutrition styles come into prominence. In this regard, it is important to set the diet correctly after rhinoplasty. Since the body undergoes a physical change and an incision occurs in the nose, it is necessary to change the feeding habits of the person in his daily life for a while. Since, nutrition is also among the factors that have an impact on the healing period of the incision in the nose and the recovery process of the nasal structure.

Nutrition Recommendations After Rhinoplasty

Before moving on to recommendations regarding nutrition after rhinoplasty, it is a good idea to make a note. Although the points to be considered in nutrition after rhinoplasty, which we mentioned below, are of universal content, there may be certain changes depending on the individual. All details about duration and nutrition will be planned and shared with you by your doctor. After this short note, we can start to list the things to be considered about nutrition after rhinoplasty.

  • You can give priority to consuming soft foods in nutrition after nose surgery. For example, foods such as soup, yogurt, oatmeal.
  • When feeding after nose surgery, you should try to avoid foods that are extremely hot or cold. In particular, you should avoid the steam of excessively hot food.
  • When feeding after nose surgery, you should avoid excessive chewing for a certain period of time. Since the bones and tissues in the nose are still in the recovery phase, you can avoid foods such as dried nuts and steaks for a while. It is also worth noting that you should not chew a gum.
  • Whatever you eat after your nose surgery, avoid being overly salty. In order not to negatively affect the healing process of edema and swelling, you should not add additional salt to the foods, you should prefer the unsalted foods for some time, such as cheese, which is already salty.
  • You should definitely avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes for a certain period of time after rhinoplasty surgery, as this will have a negative impact on the recovery process of the nose.

  • After rhinoplasty, you should avoid flatulent foods for a certain period of time and not consume soda. Since, sodium in mineral water affects the edema level negatively.
  • Since they have a positive effect on the wound healing process, you should include foods containing protein and vitamin C in your food habits after nose surgery.

  • You should avoid foods that you are individually allergic to. Since, body reactions such as sneezing and coughing can have a negative effect on the recovery process of the nose.
  • It is beneficial not to eat spicy foods for a certain period while feeding after rhinoplasty. Indeed, spicy foods generally widen the blood vessels, which prolongs the recovery time of edema and swelling. In addition, spices have a sneezing effect due to their powder structure.
  • Water consumption has an important place in nutrition rules after rhinoplasty. It is recommended to consume in average of 2.5 liters of water per day.

This is the end of our blog post about nutrition after rhinoplasty to have a faster recovery. Throughout the article, we have given you the answer to the question “What should I eat after the rhinoplasty?” If you have any questions about this topic or rhinoplasty in general you can contact us on +90 543 456 36 93.


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6 comments on “What should I eat after the rhinoplasty?

I am vegetarian will it be a problem in recovery process of rhinoplasty?

Hello Hiba thanks for your question. We have many patients who follow a vegeterian or vegan list. Your protein rich nutrition after rhinoplasty should be mainly concentrated on beans, eggs, green vegetables, lentils and seeds for proper recovery after rhinoplasty.

Hello, how can smoking affect the nose after rhinoplasty? Am I allowed to smoke after total recovery?

Hello Leila, thanks for your question. Smoking after surgery may cause serious damage to the functionality of the nose and may delay total recovery process. To read more please click on https://drsuleymantas.com/smoking-and-rhinoplasty/amp/

Is it okay to pick your nose after rhinoplasty?

Hello Val, thanks for your question. Since after nose job you have numerous sutures, wounds and grafts inside your nose picking the nose may cause damage to the fragile nasal structures. Even for cleaning first two months you should be using a cotton bud to remove gently the mucus and other things blocking your airway.

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