Preparation for Thick Skin Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery aims reshaping the aesthetical appearance of the nose while solving the problem of breathing. While reshaping the aesthetical appearance of the nose, structure of the skin should be evaluated well. We can categorize structure of the skin in 3 groups; Thick skin, moderate thick skin and thin skin. All of them needs different preparation phase before nose job and different healing phase after nose job. Most patients think it is not good to have rhinoplasty for thick skin. But it is not true. In our clinic, we do receive a lot of patients with thick skin and attain satisfying results. In this blog, we are going to talk about preparation for thick skin rhinoplasty. With the help of this preparation, best-in-class rhinoplasty for thick skinned patients can be achieved.

What are the Differences between Thick and Thin Skin Nose?

People with thick skin and thin skin have their advantages and disadvantages. Thick skin hides well small unevenness’s, while thin skin reflects everything. If you have enlarged pores, oily skin and wide alar base you probably have a thick skin which can be identified by a specialist. Thick skinned patients require a preoperative preparation in order to improve the quality of the skin and can achieve the best possible results during the nose surgery.

Thick Skin vs. Thin Skin

Cartilage and bone framework is reshaped during nose surgeries. One of the factors that determine the final shape of the nose is the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. We can think of this as follows: When you throw two types of sponge into the water, the thicker absorbs more water, the thinner sponge absorbs less water, and similarly, the thick skin will take longer to recover than the thin skin. Therefore, patients with thick skin need to adapt themselves to a longer period that requires more patience.

Preparation for Thick Skin Rhinoplasty;

There are 4 effective treatments for thick skinned patients before rhinoplasty. After medical examination, the most appropriate one is recommended to the thick skinned patient.

  1. Dermaroller Treatment
  2. Dermapen Treatment
  3. Ablative Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser
  4. Vitamin A Treatment
1) Dermaroller Treatment

It is a cosmetic device consisting of hundreds of titanium micro needles placed in sequence around a cylindrical apparatus. These needles are 0.5 or 2 millimeters long and 0.1 millimeters in diameter. Since the needles are made of titanium, they are stainless. The dermaroller should be gently rolled on the nose with upwards, downwards and diagonal movements. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Thus, there is a noticeable change in our skin and when you touch your skin; it becomes tighter after 5-7 months of use.

2) Dermapen Treatment

Nowadays, Dermapen is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatment based on micro needling. Actually it is one of the procedures dermatologists have used to increase collagen production since the 1950s. The aim of Dermapen treatment is to increase the production of collagen, which provides the skin’s flexibility ability. With Dermapen treatment, a controlled destruction of the skin is created. This controlled destruction stimulates the cells (fibroblasts) responsible for collagen production in our skin, helping to improve the overall quality of the skin. In fact, it tries to heal itself due to the damage caused by dermapen application, thus successful recovery ensures rejuvenated skin appearance.

So you can see tightening of your nasal skin in 2-3 months.

3) Carbon Dioxide Functional Laser

Fractional lasers deliver laser light to the skin in small diameter columns and create heat damage to the skin through tiny columns. The skin areas around these damaged areas remain intact. The heat-damaged area is quickly repaired with cells from the surrounding undamaged skin. Due to the long wavelength of the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, it can go deep into the skin.

Since it peels off the upper layer when applied on the nasal surface, we can see a thinner and tightened skin in each session. Carbon dioxide laser is suitable to be made in winter. Depending on the condition of the skin, 3-4 sessions can be done with an interval of 3 weeks.

4) Vitamin A Treatment

Vitamin A is widely used in many fields and purposes in medicine. One of them is thinning the skin and acne treatment. Vitamin A provides the tightening and thinning of the skin by shrinking the oil pores on the surface of our skin. The use of vitamin A should be with the advice of your doctor. The process should proceeded by deciding on the dose and how much your skin needs and followed up in certain periods. The completion of the treatment is 3-4 months.

All mentioned methods are different from each other and you should start required thick skin treatment before nose surgery with the advice of your doctor. If you have any questions regarding thick skin rhinoplasty, you may contact us via WhatsApp.

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10 comments on “Preparation for Thick Skin Rhinoplasty

Useful topic thank you doctor, what is the sleeping position like after rhinoplasty?

Hello Tud, thank you for your question. Since the nose is vulnerable after rhinoplasty surgery, first two months the sleeping position is just on the back, one can sleep on the corner of the pillow but the nose shouldn’t be touching the bed.

Does a nose job last forever?

The results of the nose job are permanent, however changes caused by the normal biological process as ageing can’t be avoided.

My nose is getting bigger every year, what is the reason?

Hello G.F. thank you for your question. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity ability and loses volume therefore all facial features including the nose start sagging related to the gravitation.

I had an open rhinoplasty operation 3 months ago and I have thick skin and I see my nose is not beautiful the two sides of the nose are not symmetrical in shape until my nose is still wide from the front there is a larger side of the tip and the right left nasal fossa is in the shape what do you advise me doctor

Sorry about your experience. Please wait at least 1 year to see final result. After 1 year you may get in touch with us for online examiantion. Thanks.

Is the shape of the nose drawing after the operation the same as the end result?

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