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What is the nasal collapse? How can it be addressed?

Frequently asked questions about prominent ear surgery

The collapse of the nose is a kind of the nasal deformities. Also known as the saddle nose deformity it can be seen in many patients because of different reasons. On this week’s blog as TAS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic we would like to inform you about the nasal collapse. Throughout our blog we will be answering the frequently asked questions such as ‘What is the nasal collapse? Why does it happen? and How can it be addressed?  Hope it will be helpful for you and please enjoy reading it.

What is the nasal collapse?

The nasal collapse is the pinched nose deformity formed by the space between the bridge and tip of the nose because of various reasons. If we handle it in details; as you know the nose is the most prominent thing on the humans face. Relevant prominency is provided by the nasal bones and cartilages functioning as a roof.  Because of the various reasons between the bridge and the tip there may occur a dent that causes a pinched and collapsed nasal appearance. Coloquially known as the ‘Boxers nose’ nasal collapse is also known as the saddle nose deformity.

What causes the nasal collapse?

There are two main reasons causing nasal collapse. It can be either genetic or acquired. Acquired deformity has two main reasons such as severe external trauma and the other reason is the deformity acquired after failed interventions of the plastic surgeon during rhinoplasty surgery. For instance, it can be gained consequently overreduction of the nose ridge by an unexperienced plastic surgeon. To sum up; the main two reasons of the nasal collapse are traumatic cases and failed aesthetic surgeries.

How can the nasal collapse identified?

Here we will try to give tips about how the nasal collapse can be identified.


  • Collapse of a nasal bridge
  • Insuffiecient nose tip support
  • Shortening of the projection
  • Retrusion on the lowest part of the nasal septum


How can it be addressed?

Finally we would like to inform you about the treatment and surgery of the saddle nose deformity. There are various methods for addressing this deformity. The main goal is to rehabilitate the functionality of a nose thus, several grafts and materials are utilized in the surgery. Including rib, ear or the radiated cadaver cartilage, titanium or silicon based materials. Preferably to use the tissues taken from the patients body. The main reason is the prevention of the possible infections and tissue reactions that can take place after the surgery. Although it is a matter of various preferences for each surgeon. The graft that will be integrated to a nose is discussed with the patient. After that a nose surgery is performed. As with each surgery there will be post op recommendations that need to be followed. Your surgeon will inform you about them.

This is the end of  this week’s blog prepared by the TAS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery about the saddle nose deformity. If you have any questions regarding these surgeries please contact us via +90 543 456 3693 phone number. We wish you healthy and joyful week.


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