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How are nostrils and wings reduction surgeries performed?

How are nostrils and wings reduction surgeries performed?

The nasal wing reduction aesthetics is among the frequently asked questions for those who have wide noses and nostrils and would like to have nose surgery.  Thus, the main two reasons for a wide nose are broad wings and nostrils. In this week’s blog as TAS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic, we would like to inform you about the reduction of the nostrils and wings of the nose.  Hope it will be helpful for you and please enjoy reading it.


What makes a nose wide? 

Before proceeding with the details related to the wide nose reduction surgery we would like to summarize the main reasons for wide wings and nostrils. Certainly, the main reason is genetic. Deformity and excessive cartilage structures can be shown as examples. However, in some cases even when the nose is not broad, it might seem wide which can be seen in the following examples:

1) Lack of Projection

When looking at the profile, if there is not enough projection on the tip, nasal structures might seem wide.

2) The tip of the nose is too much lifted

If the tip of the nose is too much lifted, the nostrils might seem wider, which causes an overall broadness of the nose.

3) Alar retraction

In some cases even if the nostrils and the wings are not wide,  alar retraction might cause the opposite effect.


How are nostrils and wing reduction surgeries performed?

After summarizing the main reasons causing wide noses we can answer the questions related to the surgery for narrowing broad noses.

Generally, the reduction of the wings and nostrils is performed as a part of the rhinoplasty. However, for those who have only this complaint, it can be performed as well.  The most common treatment is the removal of limited tissues from the alar base and reshaping treatment. Airway flow shouldn’t deteriorate. In some cases, the wings can be made slimmer by just projecting or deprojecting the tip of the nose. Thus, we have already counted it among the reasons for wide noses.

Besides nostril reduction surgery, there are different techniques being used for the reduction of broad noses.  We use dissolvable stitches after surgical interventions for wide nose aesthetics performed by the Closed and Atraumatic Technique. Therefore there are no external scars after the nostril reduction aesthetics procedure.

This is the end of this week’s blog prepared by the TAS Aesthetic Plastic Surgery about the nostrils and wings reduction. If you have any questions regarding these surgeries please contact us via +90 532 056 3693 phone number. We wish you a healthy and joyful week.

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