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Smoking and Alcohol Consumption After Rhinoplasty

Smoking and alcohol consumption after rhinoplasty

Among the issues that people who want to have rhinoplasty, often wonder about are smoking and alcohol consumption after rhinoplasty. Also as per the American society of plastic surgeons, smoking is harmful if you’re planning Rhinoplasty and you are also not falling on the list of best candidates.

Why You Shouldn’t Smoke and Drink Alcohol After Rhinoplasty?

After every surgery, there are issues that patients should pay attention to after rhinoplasty. One of them is not to smoke or drink alcohol after rhinoplasty surgery. One of them is not to smoke or drink alcohol after rhinoplasty. This is for making the recovery process the healthiest and the fastest way for the person who had rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is performed in two ways. In rhinoplasty which is performed by open technique, an incision is made on the outside of the nose. In rhinoplasty which is performed with the closed technique, to not leave any slightest scar on the nose, incisions are not performed from outside the nose, they are performed through the nose. In other words, there is an incision procedure for rhinoplasty in any case. Smoking and alcohol consumption delay the healing process of swelling, bruises, and edema in rhinoplasty which was performed with incisions. Consequently, the time of getting the final shape of the nose will be extended.

The Harms of Smoking After Nose Surgery

As is known, a tampon is placed inside the nose after rhinoplasty. Smoking after rhinoplasty puts pressure on the nose through the smoke at this point. This can cause health problems such as cracking and tearing of capillaries. Also, any other similar problems like these; are among the possibilities for smokers after rhinoplasty. Consequently, you should not be exposed to cigarette smoke either actively or passively after rhinoplasty. When it comes to alcohol consumption, there is also a similar prohibition for it after rhinoplasty. Some of the main reasons for this are; Alcohol consumption causes vasodilation, water retention in the body, and dryness of the skin. This both makes the immune system weak and delays the recovery of edema.

How Long You Should Avoid Smoking and Alcohol Consumption After Rhinoplasty Surgery?

In the previous part of our article, we explained in detail the reasons why smoking and alcohol should not be consumed after rhinoplasty. Now; We can answer the question, “How long smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided after rhinoplasty?” After rhinoplasty, the patient should not smoke at all. Similarly; During this period, the patient should not be exposed to passive smoking too in any way. The patient should completely remove smoking from his life. ”How many days after rhinoplasty can alcohol be consumed?” When it comes to the answer to the question, the time is a little more limited at this point. You should not consume alcohol for 2 weeks after the surgery. After that, you can start consuming alcohol slowly without going overboard. With all these, the times we give are the general average. Your aesthetic doctor will inform you about the final decision about this. We have come to the end of our blog post about smoking and alcohol use after rhinoplasty. We hope our article was useful for you. We would like to remind you that you can contact TAS Aesthetic Surgery Center at +90 532 056 3693 if you have any questions about smoking and alcohol consumption after rhinoplasty or rhinoplasty in general; We wish you a healthy day.

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