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Nasal Valve Collapse

Nasal valve collapse

Nasal valve collapse (stenosis) is one of the common functional problems experienced by many people. You can find many details about the subject in our article where we will answer the questions such as “What is nasal valve ?”, “How to determine the nasal valve collapse ?” And ” How is Nasal Valve Surgery Performed ?”

What is Nasal Valve Collapse? What are the reasons?

Nasal valve collapse

Nasal valve collapse is the narrowness or weakness of the nasal valve which is one of the functional problems that adversely affect breathing. This situation may develop due to both genetic and subsequent blows to the nose. Nasal valve surgery can solve this problem. The nasal valve is a structure that controls the air intake into the nose. There are two types of nasal valves, external and internal. The external nasal valve is the name given to the area at the entrance of the nostril. The internal nasal valve consists of the lower end of the upper lateral cartilage, the nasal septum and the lower concha. It is important that both the external and internal nasal valve boundaries are at the right angles. Indeed, when the nasal valve angle is not correct and sufficient, this problem, called nasal valve collapse, arises. To summarize the main causes of nasal valve insufficiency are;

  • Genetic causes
  • Traumas experienced in the nose
  • Elderliness
  • Facial paralysis
  • Cleft lip
  • Failed nose surgery
  • Nose bone curvature
  • Nasal swelling
How to determine Nasal Valve Collapse?

We can list the main symptoms of the nasal valve insufficiency as follows:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sleeping with an open mouth
  • Snoring
  • Increased nasal congestion and reduced effort capacity while making an effort
  • Awakening with a dry and sticky feeling in the throat
  • Tired awakening as a result of poor sleep quality

If you have the above symptoms, it is useful to consult a specialist on the subject. The nose structure of people with this problem is usually narrow, and when they breathe through the nose, an inward collapse occurs in the nasal lateral walls. Doctors adopt methods such as endoscopic examination for the diagnosis of nasal valve.

How Is Nasal Valve Surgery Performed?

Nasal valve collapse

Surgery should be performed for a permanent solution in the treatment of nasal valve collapse (stenosis). Before the surgery the doctor and the patient discuss the problems and necessary examinations are performed. If any functional disorders other than the nasal valve are detected as a result of the examination, that disorder is also included in the surgical process. In the surgery mostly performed under general anesthesia, weak areas are supported with cartilage (spreader) grafts in order to prevent collapse caused by nasal valve insufficiency. In addition, the nasal valve angle is corrected. Curvatures in the cartilage are straightened. With such interventions, it is aimed to expand the valve area in the nose and to provide more comfortable air flow while breathing through the nose.

Factors Affecting the Price of Nasal Valve Surgery

We can mention about the prices of nasal valve surgery. As with all nose surgeries, the prices of nasal valve surgeries become certain after examination depending on the level of difficulty and required interventions. In addition to such situations, the hospital where the patient will stay, the number of days to be hospitalized, and the level of expertise and achievements of the doctor are also factors that affect the price of nasal valve surgery.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding nasal valve collapse you may contact us via Whatsapp.  For detailed information about the rhinoplasty please visit our website.


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3 years ago

When I inhale one of my nostrils is completely closed? Do I have a collapsed nasal valve?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman TAS
3 years ago
Reply to  Natalie

Hello Natalie, thanks for your question. Closure of the nostril is one of the symptoms of a collapsed nasal valve. Detailed examination by an experienced doctor is needed to reveal all functional issues of your nose.

2 years ago

Hi Suleyman, I have had an accident about 18 years ago and I did a rhinoplasty as well as a surgery on my Jaw. Since then I had difficulties breathing through one nostril and it closes up completely when I sleep and i sleep with open mouth which i think is affecting my sleep and my jaw:(. I did another septoplasty in the UK because that is what they thought the issue was. in fact three doctors told me that was the issue. My problem hasn’t got resolved and might have even got worse. After reading this article I really hope this is my problem:(. if I want to look into it since what tests should I do to clarify the issue?

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