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Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

With the operation we call mastectomy, the breast that will damage the woman’s body due to the disease is removed. Breast reconstruction operation is performed for women who have undergone mastectomy or removal of the breasts. Performing breast removal and breast reconstruction surgery together has an important meaning in terms of the patient’s psychological health. Reconstruction after mastectomy can be performed simultaneously depending on the stage of the disease. If the disease is in its final stages, first of all, the person is expected to overcome this disease and then breast-reconstruction surgery is performed. Breast reconstruction surgery is carried out in conjunction with breast cancer treatment. It has become mandatory to inform patients about how the breast is reconstructed during the treatment process with a decision taken by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after 2010.

How to Replace the Breast Removed by Mastectomy?

Many different methods are used to reconstruct the breast that has been removed for different reasons. The technique to be used for the restructuring of the breast is determined taking into account the patient’s health. In order to re-create the breast, two different methods are offered to you primarily. These are;

Tissue from the Body of the Person (Autologous)

Skin and tissues taken from the abdominal region are generally used to reconstruct the breast. In this method, which is suitable for patients with sagging abdomen, fat and skin tissues taken from the abdomen are shaped after microsurgery and transplantation to the breast area is performed. As a result of the tissues taken from the abdomen, our patient gets rid of excesses in the abdominal region and breast is reconstructed this way. During this procedure, our patient undergoes abdominoplasty surgery and breast reconstruction surgery together.

Breast Implant

In order to perform a breast implant surgery, it is necessary to leave enough breast tissue during the mastectomy operation. The breast implant operation is performed after determining the appropriate breast implants dimensions suitable for our patient.

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

Other techniques that can be applied to reconstruct the breast are as follows;

  • Skin and muscle tissue taken from the back region (Latissimus Dorsi Muscle Flap)
  • Using tissue expander and breast prostheses
  • Reconstruction of the breast by the fat injection
  • From the muscle and skin tissue taken from the hip area
  • Without need for microsurgery, the fat and the skin removed from the abdomen are used to reconstruct the breasts with the TRAM Flap technique.

In order not to risk the psychological health of our patients who undergone a breast removal operation due to illness or various reasons, the breast must be reconstructed. You can learn more about the breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer via our contact number +90 543 456 36 93.

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