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Pregnancy and Breast Aesthetic Surgeries

Pregnancy and breast aesthetic surgeries

We receive a lot of questions about pregnancy after breast aesthetic surgeries. In this article, we will talk about pregnancy after breast aesthetics. Within the scope of breast aesthetics, there are surgical interventions for breast augmentation aesthetics, breast reduction aesthetics, breast lifting aesthetics and breast anomalies. Let’s consider these surgeries and pregnancy process one by one.

A. Breast Augmentation Surgery and Pregnancy

Breast augmentation surgery is an aesthetic intervention for people with small breast structures to add fullness and volume to existing breast structures. During pregnancy, hormonal changes occur in the female body and some deformations occur. Surgery planning is not possible during pregnancy. However, if you want to have breast augmentation surgery, you can plan it before pregnancy. Or you can plan after the pregnancy and breastfeeding process is over.

Silicone prostheses used for breast augmentation surgery do not harm breastfeeding. During the operation, breastfeeding issue is taken into consideration therefore the milk glands are protected.

Pregnancy and breast aesthetic surgeries

B. Breast Reduction Surgery and Pregnancy

Breast reduction surgery is the type of surgery that people with large breast structures need. If you have a breast size complaint starting from adolescence, it is appropriate to have surgery without waiting for the marriage, pregnancy, breastfeeding process. Big breasts bring health problems along with aesthetic appearance. Heavy breasts cause waist, neck, shoulders, spine problems. There is no point in waiting if there will be no pregnancy or breastfeeding in the near future. Breast reduction surgery should be planned and you should be able living in a healthy way without damaging the body.

If there is a pregnancy and breastfeeding process, these periods should be completed first. After the baby is weaned, both the existing deformity and the deformities brought by pregnancy and breastfeeding will be intervened at once.

Pregnancy and breast aesthetic surgeries

C. Breast Lift Surgery and Pregnancy

The sagging of the breast is the most likely to occur with the effect of pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding. If the sagging condition is advanced and disturbing, it can be done without waiting for the breastfeeding and pregnancy process by surgical intervention. If there is a marriage, pregnancy or breastfeeding plan in the near future, then it is better to wait for a while. It may be more convenient and ideal time for the breast lifting after weaning the baby.

Pregnancy and breast aesthetic surgeries

Can Breast Aesthetics be Performed During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

Breast aesthetic surgeries are surgical interventions that require general anesthesia. They are not suitable for local anesthesia except in exceptional cases. Surgery is performed in deep sleep under general anesthesia. Anesthesia medications are not drugs that can be used during pregnancy or lactation. During pregnancy it may harm baby’s development, as well as during breastfeeding it may also harm the baby and his/her development via breast milk. Therefore, breast aesthetic surgeries cannot be performed during pregnancy or lactation.

Is it necessary to repeat breast aesthetics performed before pregnancy?

You may have had breast aesthetics before pregnancy and lactation. Repeating surgery after pregnancy and lactation period changes according to your breast structure. If no deformation has occurred, the operation does not need to be repeated. However, if deformed, it can be reconstructed on demand.

How long after pregnancy and breastfeeding can a breast aesthetic surgery be performed?

Planning can be done after the baby is weaned for the correction of the deformations that occur in the breast after pregnancy and lactation. The health of the mother and baby is extremely important. Surgery planning is not preferred in a situation that will affect the nutrition of the baby. If it should be stated as a period, it is appropriate to plan at 6th month and after, since the baby should be fed with breast milk for the first 6 months.

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