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Details About Breast Lift (Mastopexy) Surgery

Details about breast lift (mastopexy) surgery

Many women’s breasts may have a drooping appearance for different reasons. One of the most frequently asked questions by women with breast sagging problems is the question of “How to lift the breasts?” We will try to give you the answers to this, similar questions and give details about breast list (mastopexy) surgery in this article.

Details about breast lift (mastopexy) surgery

Why do Breasts sag? Causes and False Facts

In this part of our article, we will list the causes of breast sagging and the false facts about breast sagging:

The main causes of breast sagging problem are;

  • Pregnancy is one of the factors that cause breast sagging problem.
  • Frequent and rapid weight change causes sagging in the breasts. Frequent and rapid weight change occurs due to unhealthy diet and life style. Unhealthy nutrition and life style affect the structure of the breasts as well as the whole body. When you gain weight quickly and frequently, your skin expands and then when you start losing weight, the effect on the form of the breasts will become visible.
  • Smoking is among the factors that cause breast sagging. Smoking also affects the breast form as it causes premature aging of the skin.
  • Overexposure to the sun is also among the causes of breast sagging. As a matter of fact, ultraviolet rays cause the skin to stretch and this may cause sagging of the breasts.
  • Breastfeeding period can lead to changes in breast volume and, accordingly, sagging problems.
  • Another reason known by everyone is aging.

False facts;

  • Many people think that wearing a bra can prevent sagging. However, this is not the case.
  • Some people may think that sunbathing may prevent sagging. However, the sun does not prevent the sagging of the breasts on the contrary it may increase breast sagging.

Breast Lift Methods

Many women try to take precautions to prevent the breast sagging due to similar reasons mentioned above. In this regard, many women read articles on the internet including secondhand information such as breast lift exercises, breast lift with a lemon, and breast lift without surgery. Maybe you will be a little upset to hear that, but the only way to lift the breasts is the breast lift surgery. In other words, breast lift isn’t possible without surgical intervention.

What is the Process of Breast Lift Surgery like?

It will be useful to create a general framework on what is the breast lift surgery process like before and after the surgery.

  • First of all, the patient who wants to have breast lift surgery needs to do the best doctor research in breast aesthetics and consult an aesthetic surgeon that she will trust.
  • After choosing the plastic surgeon correctly, it is decided which method should be used under the guidance of the plastic surgeon. This decision is based on the breast structure of the patient.
  • In this entire process, the plastic surgeon listens to the patient’s wishes and performs basic tasks such as patient’s rib cage measurement. The aim is to achieve the best result the patient wants with the right method.
  • When the diagnosis of the problem is complete, the methods such as lifting the nipple (donut), inverted T technique (anchor), lollipop, breast implant or fat injection are selected and applied considering the body structure of the patient. Breast lift surgery takes approximately 2 hours.

Details about breast lift (mastopexy) surgery

  • General anesthesia is applied to the patient during breast lift surgery. Due to anesthesia, you don’t feel pain on the remaining part of the day. However, after the effect of anesthesia passes, painkillers should be used. It prevents pain.
  • Whether there is a scar after breast lift surgery varies depending on the skill of the doctor and the technique used. For example; In case of using thread lifting or endoscopic lifting technique, there is no scars left. However, these are not the methods that can be applied to all breast structures.

How Much Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery prices vary according to both the agreed technique and the aesthetic surgeon’s expertise. You can contact the TAS Aesthetic Surgery Clinic on the breast lift surgery process and the price via +90 543 456 36 93.

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