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Rhinoplasty in the Summer?

Rhinoplasty in the summer?

This week’s article is based on the most frequently asked question lately about rhinoplasty: “Can I Have a Rhinoplasty in the Summer? Has the Sun effects after the Rhinoplasty?”. We evaluated this situation and wrote the effect of the sun after the rhinoplasty surgery for you. We hope you enjoy the article.

Anyone who wants to have nose surgery knows that this process needs to be done with care. There are many factors that affect the process, either positively or negatively. One of these factors is the sun. The sun can also have a positive effect depending on the technique of the operation. There is also a negative effect depending on the operation technique.

There is no incision on the tip of the nose with the Closed Technique in Rhinoplasty. Since there is no incision on the skin, there is no scar. Therefore, the sun does not have any effect to refine any scar. Generally, the most important reason for not performing in the Summer is the nose jobs made with the open technique. Since there is an incision on the nose, during the healing process the Sun will have an effect on the scar and will refine it. To prevent this situation, it is not recommended to perform surgery with the open technique in the summer.


In the process of Rhinoplasty, seasonality may have effect;


Rhinoplasty during the Winter

Winter season is a highly preferred season for rhinoplasty surgeries. Especially, it is a favorite period of doctors who make rhinoplasty surgeries with the open technique. The thing patients need to be careful is not to get cold during this period. In this period, infectious diseases rates are increasing. In the pre- and post-operation period, patients should be careful to not get cold.


Rhinoplasty during the Summer

Summer is the season that causes question marks in the heads of those who want to have nose surgeries. Because of the effect of the sun in this season. As mentioned above, doctors who do nose surgeries with open technique do not prefer to operate in summer. Doctors who perform nose surgeries with closed technique, they prefer to do operations in all seasons. Since there is no incision, there is no scar and the sun has no effect to refine it. There may be the risk of postoperative hemorrhage because of heat during the summer. However, with the improvements of the technology, the risk of bleeding can be eliminated.


In summary;

Anyone who wants to have nose surgery should first apply to a reliable nose aesthetic doctor. It is the healthiest way to go on a mutual trust basis with doctors. The operation time may vary in line with the deformities of the patient has. In this direction, it is necessary to determine the most appropriate time with the doctor. Another important thing is saving 7 days for a quality resting time after the operation by the patients, regardless of the season. In this way, the healing process will go faster.

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