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Nasal Splints in Rhinoplasty

Nasal splints in rhinoplasty

Patients, who want to have a rhinoplasty, are most frightened and worried about the intranasal splints. But in this article, I will give you more information about intranasal splints that will show you the fear of splints is not necessary.


Why are the Splints Used?

One of the most common difficulties that people are facing is the breathing problem due to airway problems. Our main goal in rhinoplasty is to plan and operate the nose that best fits your face aesthetically. Besides, our aim is to obtain a functional nose after the surgery by intervening in the airways that have problems. After a rhinoplasty, a beautiful nose is obtained which fits your face and breathes easily. During the surgery, nasal splints are used in all patients suffering from airway problems. The function of the internal nasal splint, used in nose surgery, is to prevent postoperative deformities that may lead to adhesions, create pressure in the nose that will minimize the bleeding, and reduce swellings.

Also in the past, splints were used in nose surgeries. These splints were made of cloth and named nasal packs. After the operation, removing these nasal packs was a painful process. So this process brought a fear of nasal packs for the patients.

However, with the advancement of technology, new generation splints were created and no nasal packs (tampons) have been used for the last 9-10 years. The new generation splints are designed to fit nose internally. Since the new generation splints do not block airways, you can continue to breathe after the operation. There is no pain in removing the splints. The new generation of splints is destroying fears.


When are the Splints Removed?

Splints, used after airway intervention during rhinoplasty, are removed 1 week after the operation. It is not a painful process. With the new generation silicone splints used today, the postoperative process is more comfortable. There is no pain during the removal of the splints. The patients should save quality time to rest after the surgery.

I want to emphasize that patients do not need to fear from the splints removal day. With the help of new generation silicone splints, the postoperative process is very comfortable.

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