Online Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. Suleyman TAS

To touch patients life and simplify it , Assoc.Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS offers Online Rhinoplasty Consultation. Below you may find 5 steps of Online Rhinoplasty Consultation with Dr. TAS;

1. Please send your 1-2 minutes video and pictures to our WhatsApp (+905434563693) number.

In the video please tell your complaints and expectations about your nose with below informations;
Your Name and Surname, Your Job, Do you have any disease including HBsAG/ HCV/ HIV,  Are you taking any regular medicine, Do you smoke or Not, Do you have any allergy,  Did you have any surgery before?

2. Please visit here to make payment for online consultation.

3. Before the Skype call with Dr. Suleyman TAS, we will be in touch to finalize and check needed info.

4. Please arrange a time for online consultation which will be hold on Skype. Here you may find our Skype link.

5. Before Skype call, please send us your expectations with using a simulation program. During the call you may discuss about this work. If it is realistic expectation, we may countinue for the next steps. If it is not realistic expectation, later we can provide you what is possible via a simulation program.

Looking forward to see you online,

For more information please contact us.

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