Things to Consider Before Breast Surgery
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Things to Consider Before Breast Surgery

Things to consider before breast surgery

The biggest factor in the need of women for breast surgery is the problems in their social and private lives. Women who aren’t satisfied with their breast structure start not enjoying the life because of the feeling of distrust and unhappiness. Even if they want to ignore what others think, they decide to have breast surgery as soon as they realize that they are disturbed by the current situation. Due to different reasons such as breast structure, hormonal changes, pregnancy, health problems, ageing… women need undergoing aesthetic operations such as breast augmentation, reduction, lifting or others. In this article we are going to review things to consider before breast surgery.

A. Things to Consider in Breast Augmentation

If your breasts that make you feel the sense of femininity the most do not satisfy you and psychologically disturb you, you need a breast augmentation operation. Breast implants and fat injection are two different methods of breast augmentation and plumping. As a result of the operation, naturalness should be your priority. The size of the breast implants to be used for this should be chosen in accordance with your body size.

  • Fat injection or breast implants procedure should be selected by the co-decision of the patient and the doctor.
  • For breast implants produced with advanced technologies you never face the problems occurred in the past such as a need of changing the implants after a certain amount of time, or bursting of the implants. Because these breast prostheses, made of artificial materials are not in a gel structure and never cause any problems.
  • Prostheses, also known as a breast implant, can be placed from under your breasts, nipple or from armpit into your breast area.
  • A great importance should be given to the structure of the prostheses placed in the breasts, as an artificial appearance should not occur after the operation.
  • Depending on the patient’s condition, she can go home on the same day after breast augmentation.
  • There should be no change in the breast tissue and a real breast feeling should be preserved.
  • You should be assured that breast implants do not damage the milk ducts and there will be no problem in breastfeeding after surgery.
  • Nipple numbness should not occur.
  • An experienced doctor will always guide you in the best way. He should be able to provide prospective solutions such as choosing the ideal size of the breast implant, the preference of the surgical technique and the preservation of the mammary glands if the patient is planning to give a birth after the surgery. After the requests and expectations are clearly determined between the patient and the doctor, a successful breast augmentation will take place.


Breast Augmentation Before and After Gallery 

B. Things to Consider in Breast Reduction

If your health problems due to breast size are increasing and you feel unhappy with this you need the breast reduction surgery. Your priority should be researching for a good doctor. You should consult an experienced physician who can control the complications that may occur during the breast reduction operation. You can write down the questions you have in mind related to the breast reduction surgery and the possible problems we shared with you below, consult your doctor, and decide on the operation when you are satisfied with the answers.

  • If you are planning to become pregnant after surgery, you should tell your doctor about it. You should warn your physician about this because the mammary glands get harmed during breast reduction surgery.
  • You should get information about whether side effects such as numbness, burning and stinging may occur in the breasts after the operation.
  • If there is sagging downwards on the nipples due to the size of the breast, you should ask whether the lifting (mastopexy) procedure will be performed.


Breast Reduction Before and After Gallery 

C. Things to Consider in Breast Lifting

  • Breast lift operation is performed in accordance with the rib cage by analyzing the golden ratio of the body and breast structure. Saggy breasts are caused by the breastfeeding, weight gain and loss situation, and can be addressed by the breast lifting (mastopexy) surgery.
  • Fat injection or breast implant is used for breast lift.
  • Lifting should be performed in accordance with your body structure.
  • Your breast volume structure should be measured and the need for prosthesis or fat injection should be decided in addition to mastopexy procedure.
Breast Lifting Before and After Gallery 
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