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The Role of Rhinoplasty in Sex Change Operation

Gender reassignment operations, which are perhaps the most difficult of all surgeries, are a type of surgery that is widely preferred by many people. In gender reassignment surgeries, the person feels physically and psychologically stronger by expressing himself more clearly. For this reason, in gender reassignment operations, transition surgery from female to male or transition surgery from masculinity to femininity is performed according to the person’s request.

The most important factor in gender reassignment surgeries is the facial features of the person. In the operations of transition from woman to man, the face of the individual is tried to be given more rigid and masculine lines, while in surgeries of transition from man to woman, it is tried to gain softer and feminine forms to the face. Therefore, in gender reassignment operations, nose surgery is one of the operations that should be given importance. You can learn the answers to all your questions about rhinoplasty in the gender reassignment operation on our blog.

What is Nose Aesthetics for Gender Change Operation?

Nose surgery operations after gender reassignment are operations performed to achieve an individual correct facial expression. Contrary to popular belief, gender reassignment nose surgeries, which are thought to be difficult, are quite easy. After nose surgery, which is performed in a short time, the facial features of the individuals are given markedness or femininity.

Gender reassignment rhinoplasty surgery is divided into two. These are masculinising nose surgery performed after the transition from femininity to masculinity and feminizing nose surgery performed after the transition from masculinity to femininity. As a result of these two surgeries, it is planned to give the most accurate form to the face.

  • Feminizing Nose Surgery (MTF)

Feminizing nose surgeries, also known as MTF, is a procedure performed in male-to-female transition operations. In the MTF procedure, the wide nasal tip is narrowed and steepened in the nasal feminization of the individual, thus giving the nose a more feminine appearance. In addition, the widths in the nostrils are removed to give a smaller form. While performing nostril narrowing, it is taken into consideration that the individual does not experience respiratory distress.

  • Masculinising Nose Surgery (FTM)

In masculinising nose surgeries (FTM), sharp nasal lines are made to the nose structure of the person to be applied and a more masculine expression is tried to be gained. During masculinising rhinoplasty surgery, the nose, which is small in nasal masculinization, is enlarged and widened. Thus, the protrusion rate of the nasal bone is increased. The nostrils are also enlarged and the nose is given its final shape.

What are the Procedures Performed in Feminizing Rhinoplasty Surgery?

In feminizing nose surgery, it is generally aimed to emphasize the feminine line in the nose structure in the procedures performed. The face shape of the person is also taken into consideration in the applications. The following procedures are performed in this;

  • Nose Bridge Rasping

It is a rhinoplasty application mostly applied in female nose surgeries. Thanks to the application, the bridge in the nose is corrected by filing, thus creating a softer line in the nose. A closed nose surgery procedure is applied during this procedure.

  • Nose Tip Lift

It is perhaps the most demanded application type in female rhinoplasty. Nose tip lifting surgery adds the appearance of an inkstand nose to the flat-finished nose. Thus, the desired form is achieved in the nose by performing closed-nose surgery.

  • Nostril Reduction

Due to the structure of women, their nostrils are smaller than men. After transgender operations, the nostrils are reduced with closed nose surgery to make the female facial features more prominent. Reduced nostrils do not cause the person to experience respiratory distress.

  • Nose Bridge Narrowing

Nasal bridge narrowing surgery is a frequently preferred method in transgender rhinoplasty. In line with the method, the bridge of the nose is narrowed and thinned. Visually, the nose becomes thinner and more refined. The closed nose surgery technique is used in the nose bridge narrowing process.

What are the Procedures Performed in Masculinising Rhinoplasty Surgery?

In masculinising nose surgery, many procedures are performed to ensure the formation of a hard and masculine line in the nose structure of the person. These procedures are determined according to the face shape of the person. Procedures performed;

  • Nose Bridge Widening

It is one of the most common procedures in male nose surgeries. After the transition from femininity to masculinity surgery, the bridge of the nose should be widened. Otherwise, the desired masculine appearance cannot be provided to the nasal structure. For this reason, the bridge ratio in the nose is slightly widened with closed incision nose surgery.

  • Nose Wing Widening

Men’s nose is physiologically larger. In the large male nose structure, the wings of the nose are also wider than in women. If nose surgery is to be performed after the transition to manhood, the wings of the nose must be widened.

  • Nostril Augmentation

Nostril augmentation operations, which are also performed in male nose surgery, are also applied in transgender rhinoplasty surgeries. With the closed nose surgery technique, the nostrils are enlarged and a masculine appearance is tried to be achieved. It is a very easy operation.

  • Nose Ridge Straightening

In the male nose structure, the back of the nose is generally flatter and less inclined than in women. Therefore, considering the flat structure of the male nose, the nose back flattening operation should be performed.

Transgender Rhinoplasty Before & After

Transgender nose aesthetics should be paid as much attention after as before. First of all, you should be physically and mentally ready for transgender nose surgery. Although it is known as a simple procedure, it should be taken into consideration that it will cause certain changes in the social life of the person. All results should be well-researched before the operation and the choice of nasal surgeon should be decided accordingly. In addition, having a nose surgery operation a few months after the gender reassignment operation will enable the person to achieve better results both physically and mentally.

After the transgender nose aesthetics, the recommendations given by the doctor should be very careful. First of all, activities such as baths, saunas, and solariums should be avoided for 3 months after surgery, and during these 3 months, situations and movements that will cause the nose to be hit should be avoided, otherwise efficient results will not be obtained because the nasal structure is not fused correctly.

After the operation, you should definitely go to the control examination at the times specified by the doctor. Your doctor will guide you according to the healing process of the nose during these controls.

How Long Does Recovery After Transgender Nose Surgery Take?

The healing speed after transgender nose surgery varies according to the structure of the nose. While healing is observed faster in thin-skinned nose types, this period is slightly longer in thick-skinned nose structures. If the warnings given by the doctor after the operation are taken into consideration sufficiently, the average healing process can vary between 2 and 6 weeks.

Who Can Have Transgender Nose Surgery?

Transgender rhinoplasty operation can be any individual who has undergone a sex change operation. For this, first of all, the person must be over 18 years old and physically ready for the nose surgery operation. In addition, he/she must have had Transgender surgery. Because when nose surgery is performed, nose surgeries are performed based on the gender and face shape of the person.

You can review our Dr. Suleyman Tas Rhinoplasty Page and contact us to have the facial expression of your dream with a transgender rhinoplasty operation.

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