Prominent Ear Surgery for Children

Prominent ear surgery for children

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) is one of the most preferred surgeries among cosmetic interventions. Prominent (protruding) ear surgery can also be performed for children. Let’s take a look at how the ear surgery occur in children.

Protruding ear is an ear deformity that can be found in any age range. It is also known as bat ears or dumbo ears colloquially. 1 out of 5 children has a prominent ear deformity. It can be seen even in newborn babies. While this situation improves in some of the babies due to growth, in some of them continues until childhood and adulthood.

Prominent ear surgery for children

What To Do If Newborn Babies Have Prominent Ear Deformity?

Since ear development has not been completed in newborn babies, the ear may stick far from the head. This is normal. You should not panic. Because in newborns babies this situation can be corrected by the special measures. The most important of these measures is the use of a hat or bandana for the first 4 months after the baby is born. With the effect of the hat and bandana, the ears will complete their close development towards the head, without further opening. Therefore, this innate situation can be prevented. Some babies do not have protruding ears when they are born. However, put to bed on the ear, ear folds and similar situations can cause prominent ear deformation in the ear that was normal before.

After the use of a bandana or a hat for the first 4 months, the prominent ear deformation may still continue. Again, it is a situation that should not be worried. Parents can panic in such situations. It is useful to stay calm. Grow your baby with pleasure and health. Since she/he is little, she/he will not experience a situation that will force her/him, as she/he will not be aware of the situation. However, this situation should be corrected by a surgical intervention in preschool period. Otherwise, a psychologically challenging process will start when your child’s circle of friends realizes this situation. You may read more about the effects of the prominent ear on the child’s psychology here .

When Is The Best Time For Surgery In Children?

In children with prominent ear deformation, the ideal time for surgery is preschool period. Around 6 years old is the ideal age. The ear finalizes its growth as for this age.

Prominent ear surgery for children

What is the Operation Process like?

Prominent ear surgery in children is performed under general anesthesia. It is performed under local anesthesia in adults and children over 10 years of age. When local anesthesia is applied, there is no need to stay overnight in the hospital. However, if general anesthesia is applied, we recommend that you certainly remain under observation in the hospital for 1 night after surgery.

During the operation, there is a dressing on the ears similar to a band. This bandage should remain for 3 days without taking it off, and for 2 weeks only at nights. After 3 days, these bandages are removed in the shower and social life can be continued. It is not a painful process. However, the process can be a bit difficult because children are a more sensitive than adults. However, this difficult process is limited to the first night after surgery. Anything is not felt afterwards.

If parents want, they can plan surgery after 6 years of age. And it can even be waited until the child grows up and makes his own decisions. He/she can be operated on his/her own decision.

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