Image of the Month and Most Popular Article in PRS Journal | Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS
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Image of the Month and Most Popular Article in PRS Journal

Image of the month and most popular article in prs journal

The last scientific study of  Dr.Suleyman Tas has been chosen as “Image of the Month” and Listed through “Most Popular Articles” in PRS Journal which is the best plastic surgery journal in USA

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suleyman Tas said that “It is really a great honour”. Dr. Suleyman TAS has published his innovative rhinoplasty technique in PRS (Plastic Reconstructive Surgery) Journal which has the highest impact factor through the scientific plastic surgery journals in the World and USA.

In this scientific study entitled; “The Alignment of the nose in rhinoplasty; Fix down concept”, Dr.TAS demonstrated his rhinoplasty approach and tricks to have a nose closed to perfect. Dr.TAS published 7 operation videos and 30 figures with his scientific study to detailed the technique for his colleagues.

His study has been chosen as the most ranked article of the month and titled as “February Image of the Month” and listed through “Most Popular Articles” by PRS Journal.

You can see the publication and the surgical videos through below link of PRS Journal;



Image of the month prs journal suleyman tasPlastic-And-Reconstructive-Surgery-1

You can see the abstract of the study, which posted below;

The Alignment of the Nose in Rhinoplasty: Fix Down Concept

Süleyman Taş, MD, FEBOPRAS, Assoc.Prof.

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Private Practice, Istanbul, Turkey

Running Head: Fix Down

Address for correspondence:

Süleyman Taş, MD, Hakkı Yeten Cad, No: 11, Terrace Fulya, Center: 1, Apt: 97 Şişli, Istanbul 34349, Turkey

Tel: +90-532-0563693; Fax: +90 212 9793000


Conflict of Interest

The author declares that he has no conflicts of interest, commercial associations, or intent of financial gain regarding this research.

Level of Evidence: IV

Keywords:Fix down, Let down, push down, symmetry, facial asymmetry, conservative, preservation, nose, function, aesthetic, levator alaque nasi, muscle, maxillary hypoplasia

The Alignment of the Nose in Rhinoplasty: Fix Down Concept


Background:The current literature on rhinoplasty mainly focusses on the nasal profile (sagittal plane); however, the nose is a 3-dimensional structure, and alignment of the nose in consideration of other aspects is important to achieve an aesthetic result. The author aimed to introduce the fix down concept which includes fix down technique and the adjunct maneuvers for achieving alignment of the nose in 3 anatomical planes and improving the results of rhinoplasty in terms of symmetry.

Methods: Between March 2017 and December 2017, a total of 102 patients (78 female, 24 male), (13 revision, 89 primary cases) underwent septorhinoplasty with the fix down concept. The noses were evaluated in coronal, sagittal, and axial planes and classified according to their deformities.

Results:The functional and aesthetic results were satisfactory for the patients, examiners, and surgeon. No revisions were necessary during the follow-up period. In addition to the fix down technique; ethmoid bone grafting (16 patients); fix up technique (8 patients);dissection of the levator alaeque nasi muscle (14 patients); plication of this muscle (4 patients); superior based transposition flap (39 patients); rim grafts (17 patients); mucosa grafts (12 patients); double layer grafts (9 patients); maxillary deepening (5 patients); maxillary augmentationwith cartilage/bone grafts (21 patients); and supratip onlay grafts (7 patients) were employed as adjunctive maneuvers to achieve symmetry in the frontal, base, and profile views.

Conclusions: The presented fix down concept will help to provide 3-dimensional symmetric noses for rhinosurgeons.

You can see the other publication of Dr.TAS through the link;



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