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How much is the price of rhinoplasty?

How much is the price of rhinoplasty?

How much is the price of rhinoplasty? How is the price of rhinoplasty determined? How can I know if I have found the right surgeon for my nose?

Most of the questions we receive are directed to this issue, so this article is intended to be enlightening for the price of rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty surgery is considered as the most difficult operation in plastic surgery. The reason is that, after a difficult plastic surgery education process, it requires advanced artistic reshaping skills and non-medical knowledge such as aesthetic eye and experience.

As a result of your research after finding a surgeon you are comfortable with, you want to understand whether the surgeon’s surgery price is high or low. What are the criteria that can help you in this matter?

The first questions to be asked about the surgeon you have found are as follows;


1 Dr. Suleyman TAS
1-    Has he successfully completed his plastic surgery training and got the Board certificate?


Dr.Suleyman Tas is a Double Board Certificated (European and Turkish) Plastic Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon


2-    How many years experience does he have in nose surgeries? Dr.Suleyman Tas has over 15 years experience


3-    Has he got an art education to train his eye? Does he do sculpture and painting?


Dr.Suleyman Tas had private art, sculpture and drawing education for his self development and those are a part of his personal life more than a hobby.


4-    Has his noses started to catch the fine details apart from being admired?


Dr.Suleyman Tas looks his job as an art more than basic rhinoplasty procedure.


5-    Have the operated noses succeeded to reflect the harmony of the face in the best way?


Dr. Suleyman Tas creates different noses for each face with a harmony with their faces.



Second, the surgeon’s patient satisfaction rates are reflected in the price.


2 Dr. Suleyman TAS
You can evaluate patient satisfaction rate from unbiased social media channels such as realself and google.



Dr.Suleyman Tas has more than 1000 happy patient testimonies with their pictures and videos on those unbiased social websites.


Third, you can evaluate the scientific side of the surgeon. These are;


3 Dr. Suleyman TAS
Does he have an academic title? Dr.Tas is a professor in plastic surgery.


Are there any awards he has received, if so, what are they, scientific awards given by prestigious international plastic surgery associations? Or are they TV advertising awards bought with money?


Dr.Suleyman Tas has 5 best plastic surgeon awards (3 national, 2 international) by high prestigious Plastic Surgery Associations (Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery)


Has he gone deep enough on the factory floor of this business till having his own patented surgical instruments?


Dr.Suleyman Tas has 4 patents for rhinoplasty surgery by Turkish Patent Institution
How many scientific publications about rhinoplasty does he have?


Dr.Suleyman Tas has over 40 international scientific article about rhinoplasty in the highest impact international plastic surgery journals. He is also the editor and reviewer on those journals.


How many invitations has he received to give lectures about rhinoplasty? Dr.Suleyman Tas is an invited lecturer about rhinoplasty in more than 100 scientific congresses and panels.


Has he written a book about rhinoplasty? Dr.Suleyman Tas wrote the book of ‘‘Closed Rhinoplasty in Practice’’. Beside that he wrote 2 more books about Plastic Surgery.
If he has written a book, was this book published in an internationally respected printing house or was it published by himself?


Dr.Suleyman Tas is the single author of ‘‘Closed Rhinoplasty in Practice’’ and this best book of rhinoplasty has been published by Taylor Francis Group, CRC Press, Informa which is the best publisher in medicine.


Is he a top surgeon, who organizes courses on rhinoplasty and explains his knowledge and skills to his colleagues?


Dr.Suleyman Tas organized more than 5 rhinoplasty course for the plastic surgeons to teach the rhinoplasty. These courses received more than 2000 surgeons and were endorsed by all international high respectful scientific societies as; American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Rhinoplasty Society of Europe (RSE), Rhinoplasty Society of America (RS).


Fourth, you can research your surgeon in the media.


4 Dr. Suleyman TAS
Did he take place in the media with advertising elements or with successful surgeries?


Dr.Suleyman Tas took place in national media, news on TV and documentaries because of his innovations and challenging surgeries ended up with amazing results such as Facial transplantations, arm and leg replantations, transgender surgeries and his super microsurgical skills. He is a high respected surgeon, applauded and appriciated so many times by the national media because he made possible impossible with his incredible surgeries for hopeless patients.
Did he pay for his TV shows, or did he receive invitations because he was an expert in his topic?


Dr.Suleyman Tas attends only non-commercial TV programs, news and newspapers.
Is he preferred doctor among celebrities? Dr.Suleyman Tas is highly preferred plastic surgeon by so many famous artist and social media influencers because of his talents.


Fifth, you can examine the services provided by the surgeon together with the surgery.


5 Dr. Suleyman TAS
Are intra-operative photographs provided to the patient that will help you understand how the operation was going on?


Dr.Suleyman Tas is a transparent surgeon and provides your before and after pictures of your operation if you let to share them.
Are postoperative controls paid?


Dr.Suleyman Tas checks your nose regularly after the surgery at your 3rd day, 7th day, 2.month and 1.year, and all those consultations included in your surgery fee.
Are there any phone numbers where you can get 24/7 telephone consultancy?


Dr.Suleyman Tas created a 7/24 online support line for his patients to be with their patients during all the process.


Sixth, the deformities you have will play a role in determining the price.


6 Dr. Suleyman TAS
How much detailed work is required for your nose, how much time and effort should be spent, what is the goal?


Dr. Suleyman Tas shares with his patients all the details of the surgical plan and the determination of your needs with in-depth examination before the surgery, photographing, anatomical infrastructure analysis and endoscopic examination.



Seventh point, ask yourself whether your breathing problems accompany your visual problems.


7 Dr. Suleyman TAS
While most plastic surgeons can only correct visual deformities, most otolaryngologists can only correct breathing problems. Dr. Suleyman Tas has trained himself in both fields at an advanced level and lets you achieve the best result you can get by performing both breathing and aesthetic surgery only himself in a single session.



Eighth point, the factors that determine the price are the average price that determines the country-based market, they vary according to the purchasing power of the countries;


8 Average Top
USA 15.000 USD 35.000 USD
Europe 10.000 Euro 30.000 Euro
Turkey 25.000 TL 150.000 TL


As a result of all these criteria, if you can tick all of them, know that you are in the best part of the world that does this job and you can safely put yourself in the hands of this surgeon.

As a clinic that has met all these criteria with more than 10,000 patients for 15 years and has tried to make all of them happy, our rhinoplasty price cannot be compared with the performance we give. Because we understand you and complete all the factors that determine the value of the plastic surgeon and do even more. Therefore, we are happy and proud to express with peace of mind that we have made for you the best rhinoplasty surgery in the world.

It is a fact that quality cannot be bought cheaply, which is valid all over the world. The most important parameter to be considered in the selection of the doctor to whom you will entrust your nose is not the price, but finding the right hands to make your nose the best shape it can get. We hope that the other parameters listed above will help you find the right surgeon.

Wish you healthy days and thank you for choosing us.

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Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas
Assoc.Prof. Dr. Suleyman Tas

8 comments on “How much is the price of rhinoplasty?

Avatar of tatyana rotkin

Hi where is your office located and how long in advance do I need to book the surgery?

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hi Tatyana, Thanks for your question. Our office is located in Istanbul, Turkey. 6-7 months in advance you need to book the surgery, we have very busy schedule. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Regards.

Avatar of saad

How much would a rhinoplasty cost, with just wanting the tip of the nose fixed?

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hi Saad,
Thanks for your question. For online evaluation and price info please get in touch us now from here. So we can get back to you on the same day. Regards.

Avatar of carmen


The surgery is only in Turkey if I live in USA I have to travel there.

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hi Carmen,
Thanks for your question. Yes, due to our busy schedule all operations are performed by Dr. TAS in Istanbul, Turkey at the best in class hospitals. Please reach us for more and to book your surgery. Regards.

Avatar of israa khan

What would be an average price? I would really appreciate a rough price bracket 🙂

Avatar of assoc. Prof. Dr. Suleyman tas

Hi Israa,
Thanks for your question. You can get final rhinoplasty price for your case, in-line with your deformities.
Please reach us via e-mail ( or WhatsApp. So we can get back to you in minutes.

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