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Expert Recommendations For The Best Rhinoplasty Experience

Rhinoplasty is a type of operation that most people have a place in their minds at a very young age, but also they afraid of. The reasons for this timidity; might be because of observing someone who has undergone a rhinoplasty process in the environment, fear of regret that may occur after the surgery, or anxiety given by the complications of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a process that must be thoroughly researched and decided with knowledge of certain issues before deciding on the operation. For a successful rhinoplasty process, it is important to prepare your preoperative psychology for this process as well as what needs to be paid attention to after surgery.

In the continuation of our content, we will touch on some recommendations approved by doctors for a successful and healthy rhinoplasty process.

  • Prepare Your Psychology for Rhinoplasty

Although it is often missed, preparing your mind for the operation before the operation is one of the most important stages of the rhinoplasty process. At this point, you can ask your doctor to inform you in detail about the operation. In this way, you know the situation you are in and all its details and you will eliminate the question marks that arise in your mind.

  • Don’t Worry

Changing the structure of an organ located in your body is a radical process and can lead to certain situations. For this reason, you should not worry about the minor complications you experience after surgery and you should carry out the process in consultation with your doctor.

  • Ignore Your Nose Cleaning For a While

After your surgery, mucus, and bloody and dry crusts may come from your nostrils piece by piece within a period of 6-8 weeks. Do not make any extra effort to clean them. In this case, continue to use your cream and spray. Before going to bed at night, squeeze a chickpea-sized cream into both nostrils and inhale vigorously. When you get up in the morning, clean your nose by blowing gently without squeezing.

  • Don’t Be Afraid To Sneeze

One of the first questions that come to the mind of everyone who has rhinoplasty is “Does sneezing after nose surgery harm my nose?” it is happening. Sneezing after rhinoplasty does not harm your nose. The biggest damage that can occur in your nose when you sneeze will be nosebleeds. However, if you feel any problems, it would be a good choice to consult your doctor.

  • Achieve a Better Result with a Nose Massage

After rhinoplasty, there may be asymmetries in your nostrils for up to 3-6 months, numbness at the tip of the nose, and excess skin on the dorsum of the nose. For these, a nose massage that you will apply in consultation with your doctor will allow you to get through the process comfortably. Do not forget to contact your doctor, not your friends, for a massage after nose surgery.

  • Activate Your Sense of Smell with the Smell of Turkish Coffee

After the nose surgery, your olfactory sensitivity might decrease between 6-12 weeks. This condition will return to normal on its own. However, if you are very uncomfortable, you can do Turkish coffee sniffing exercises 1-2 times a day. This condition will increase your sense of smell after rhinoplasty.

Just as rhinoplasty is a process that needs to be paid attention to throughout the process; it can become a much easier process with some guidelines approved by experts. She can contact us to get more information about rhinoplasty. You can check out our content for quick recovery tips after rhinoplasty.

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