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Best Plastic Surgeon

Best plastic surgeon

Best Plastic Surgeon


“Plastic” word comes from the Latin “Plastica” word and means shaping. So Plastic Surgery is about shaping surgery and Plastic Surgeon is the certified person who does this job. Another element of our field is Reconstructive. Aesthetic addresses the perception and the work to get excellence as a result of shaping and reconstructing. So; There is Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon. People who we call plastic surgeon or aesthetic surgeon are entitled to receive this long title after they have been studying for many years and have successfully passed many exams. To receive this title; six years of medical training and five years specialization in plastic surgery should be completed with a top performance in Turkey. It is very competitive and difficult to get this title in Turkey as it is in the World. Because each year maximum 30-32 staff position is available for plastic surgeons in Turkey. This number is very limited and there is high demand for this title. As an example, from other specialties, 800-900 staff position for general surgeons, 700-800 staff position for ear, nose & throat (ENT) surgeons are available each year. This shows how special and unique the plastic surgeon should be. After five years of specialization in plastic surgery, a thesis will be written, an exam will be passed and the two-year compulsory national service will be completed. By the end of all these, you can now become a plastic surgeon who has a diploma. But you are not done yet. To work as a plastic surgeon, you must pass professional qualification examinations. Turkish Plastic Surgery Society and European Board examination must be passed to be accepted by these societies and for the memberships. Being the best doctor, the best surgeon and even the best plastic surgeon are much more difficult and needs the best effort when it is so hard to be a plastic surgeon. If you have accepted this challenge and decided to pursue this career, what do you need to do to become the best plastic surgeon?


Qualifications Plastic Surgeons Need to Have

The information was written by me to guide and lighten my valuable young colleagues who dream of becoming a plastic surgeon and have difficulty in deciding a specialty. Firstly, you must be very good at English, if you are having a problem with it, work on it during your assistant years. Secondly, you should be interested in art, art inspires us, inspiration becomes aesthetic, and it ends up at your patients’ smile and happiness. Thirdly, you must be involved in scientific studies, know how to write a publication, and scan the literature to put the information in your memory. Fourth, you must improve your manual skill, your hands should have a high level of orientation and coordination. You will have to give up your many hobbies like playing guitar for this. Because the tips of your fingers should feel very good and measure even the smallest pressure. Instruments, such as guitars, form calluses at the fingertips and lead loss of sensation. The fifth you must be patient, decisive, always focused on learning, always doing the best, innovative and open to innovations. My young colleagues always write that they want to visit my clinic and get inspiration from me, which makes me very happy and they can make a start with this article. After this article, my colleagues are welcomed who are not afraid and want more. Finally, do not just go after your dreams, follow the things you cannot even imagine…

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