With Nose Difference | Everything You Need to Know About Nose Aesthetics | Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS
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With Nose Difference | Everything You Need to Know About Nose Aesthetics

With nose difference | everything you need to know about nose aesthetics

With Nose Difference  

Everything You Need to Know About Nose Aesthetics

by Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS


Book Description

Aesthetic surgery is no longer just a service used by the rich and famous, it has become a social action that people resort to in order to live longer and happier. As a person who has devoted his life to aesthetic surgery, I have written the book “With the difference of the nose”, which I wrote with the aim of correcting the mistakes I see about rhinoplasty, which is the most frequently performed operation in this field, and for everyone to reach the most accurate information on this subject, with the best explanation. I present it to you without wasting time to make big differences.

With more than 15 years of experience, Prof.Dr. Süleyman Taş is a European Board Certified plastic surgeon who has more than 50 international medical articles, more than 100 international and national speeches, 5+ Patents, 5+ First Prizes, a rhinoplasty surgical set and techniques he has developed, and is an internationally recognized author. Prof.Dr. Süleyman TAŞ’s book “Clinical Rhinoplasty: Algorithmic Approach to Modern Surgical Techniques”; It has been published worldwide, primarily in the Americas, Europe, Russia and India, enabling readers, whatever their experience, to master the best rhinoplasty practice. Also, Dr. Taş organizes the Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty Course every year, regularly supported by European, American and International Surgical Societies, hosted by more than two thousand participating surgeons, in order to be a light for future generations with its knowledge and experience. Dr. With its seminars and fairs, which it calls RhinoTalks, Taş organizes events in prestigious international locations such as London, enabling potential patients to meet with their ex-patients who have had surgery and providing 360 degree information about the process from start to finish. Thanks to the difference brought by his aesthetic eye, Süleyman Taş is not only involved in artistic activities such as sculpture and painting, but also the inventor of the famous nose jewelry, which he patented as TAŞ Nose Crown.

Extending the light he emitted in his work “With the Difference of Nose” to include patients, Dr. Taş continues to make a difference in people’s lives with all its strength. In order to maximize the quality of the service it provides to its patients and to give them the best they deserve, TAŞ Medical Center, which is one of the largest reference centers for Aesthetic Surgery in the world, has been established on an area of 5000 square meters and with more than 100 colleagues, it has enabled patients to receive 24/7 service. provided. One of the rare examples of sharpening in one subject, Dr. Taş will continue to surprise us with its passion to be the unique example of perfectionism.

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