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Thigh Lift Surgery Turkey

Thigh lift surgery turkey


Thigh Lift Surgery Turkey

In today’s world, many of us experience sagging in specific areas of our bodies due to genetic factors, aging, or rapid weight loss and gain. Especially in the thigh area, sagging can occur due to excess skin. To address this issue, I perform thigh lift surgery for patients. With my team, we achieve positive results in all thigh lift operations we carry out.

In this article, I will provide detailed information about the thigh lift surgery process.

What is Thighplasty? How is it performed?

The thigh lift procedure, performed to address localized sagging due to specific reasons, offers effective results in the thigh area. Thighplasty, which eliminates sagging caused by excess skin in the leg area in a visible manner within a short period of time, is a permanent and relatively simple surgical procedure.

During this procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia, the problematic area is first analyzed. Based on these determinations, the excess skin on the lower or upper leg is marked. Then, an incision is made to remove the excess skin either on the inner or outer thigh, depending on the individual’s needs. The technique of the incision may vary according to the person. After the incision is made, the remaining skin is reshaped and sutured.

At the end of the procedure, depending on the individual’s needs, compression may be applied to the thigh muscles and connective tissues to achieve tighter and healthier-looking legs.


Types of Thighplasty in Turkey

The upper thigh lift procedure, which varies according to the individual’s needs and the surgeon’s evaluations, is divided into four different types. These types are as follows:

Types of thighplasty

Inner Thigh Lift

Inner Thigh Lift surgery is a commonly chosen procedure in recent times. The purpose of this procedure is to remove excess fat and tighten the skin in the inner thigh, resulting in a more toned leg appearance. Similar to the Medial Thigh Lift procedure, this procedure also involves tightening the thigh muscles and connective tissues in addition to addressing sagging in the inner thigh. For this reason, it is described as a more comprehensive Upper Leg Lift procedure.

Bilateral Thigh Lift

Bilateral thigh lift is performed to address sagging in both thigh areas caused by weight fluctuations or genetic factors. This procedure targets both the inner and outer aspects of the thigh region. “V” shaped incisions are made in these targeted areas to achieve complete tightening and create a smoother and healthier appearance both internally and externally. The bilateral thigh lift procedure may have a slightly longer recovery period compared to other thigh lift surgeries as it targets both areas. However, this is a normal process, and there is no need to worry.

Medial Thigh Lift

Medial thigh lift is a preferred method compared to other thighplasty procedures. Although it is similar to the Inner thigh lift, there are certain differences. For example, in the Medial thigh lift, the focus is primarily on excess skin caused by excess fat in the inner thigh. However, it does not target the thigh muscles and connective tissues in that area, which fall within the scope of the Inner thigh lift procedure. In the medial thigh lift, incisions are made to address the appearance of sagging skin. Excess fat and skin are removed along these incisions and sutured, resulting in the desired aesthetic form of the leg.

Thigh Lift Surgery Techniques in Turkey

There are several advanced Thigh Lift Aesthetics techniques practiced in Turkey. These techniques are chosen based on the evaluations of aesthetic surgeons. The commonly preferred techniques can be divided into three types. These mentioned methods are as follows:

Vertical Thigh Lift

Vertical thigh lift is a technique from the traditional Thigh Lifts methods, which generally targets the lower thigh, middle thigh, and upper thigh regions. Also known as the crescent incision technique, in this technique, a wider and crescent-shaped incision area is created based on the type of thigh lift procedure to be performed. The procedure is then carried out by extending the incision downwards towards the inside of the knee.

Outer/Lateral Thigh Lift

In the Outer/Lateral thigh lift technique, the focus is on the area around the waist. An incision is made in this area to tighten and remove excess skin from the hip and thigh regions, achieving a smooth appearance up to the thigh and hip area. After removing the excess skin, the remaining tissue is pushed towards the hip bone and secured, completing the surgery.

Spiral Thigh Lift

This technique is known as one of the most commonly used techniques nowadays. The Spiral Thigh Lift technique is used to remove excess skin from the back, front, and sides of the thigh, as well as the upper and lower thigh regions. With this technique, a 360-degree tightening procedure is performed.


Thighplasty Process in Turkey, Istanbul

Thigh Lift In Turkey is not only a reliable procedure, but also provides permanent and flawless results. The Upper Leg Lift procedure consists of 5 easy steps.


Preliminary Preparations

Step by Step to Healing

The recovery process is undoubtedly the most crucial stage after the completion of the Upper Leg Lift procedure. Great care should be taken during this period. Unless the patient experiences any additional health issues, they are discharged from the hospital after staying for 1 or 2 nights. The patient’s recovery generally takes a few weeks. During this period, the patient can comfortably return to their social life. However, a complete recovery is observed within a 4-6 week period.

Are You a Good Candidate For Thigh Lift Aesthetics?

The sagging appearance in the leg area, which occurs due to various reasons, especially weight gain, causes serious concerns for both women and men. If you are experiencing certain problems and you think you might be a suitable candidate for Thigh Lift Aesthetics, you can answer the following questions:

  • Have you experienced sagging in the leg area due to weight gain?
  • Do you want the firm appearance in the leg area to be permanent?
  • Do you want to have a flawless appearance without exercising, effortlessly?

If your answer is “yes” to two of these three questions, we can say that you are a suitable candidate for Upper Leg Lift procedures. If you want to obtain more detailed and comprehensive information about Upper Leg Lift procedures, you can contact our experts and ask your questions.

Are you a good candidate for thigh lift aesthetics

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What is thigh lift

I want to achieve the tightness in my legs that I couldn’t obtain through exercise, using painless and effortless methods.

The tightness achieved in the thigh area takes a lot of time with exercise and similar activities. Therefore, if you want to achieve tightness and fitness in a more effortless and painless way, you can definitely choose the Upper Leg Lift procedure. This way, you can observe both permanent and fast results.

Thigh lift surgery in istanbul

I have sagging in my legs due to genetics. Can I get rid of them?

Contrary to popular belief, it is quite easy to eliminate sagging in the leg area caused by genetics. Through a thigh lift surgery performed in a short period of time, you can get rid of the genetically sagging skin and achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Cost of thigh lift in turkey

I have excess skin in both the inner and outer thigh areas. This situation bothers me.

This condition, which affects many women and men today, can have a significant psychological impact on individuals. As a result of the excess skin in the inner and outer thigh areas, you can achieve complete tightness in the thigh area by undergoing a Bilateral Thigh Lift procedure.

Cost of thigh lift in istanbul

I have developed minor sagging in the upper thigh area. I want to prevent this sagging, but I don’t know how to do it.

Minor sagging may occur in the thigh area due to genetic and other reasons. These sagging is quite natural. To address the minor sagging, you can undergo a Mini Thigh Lift procedure. This surgery, which is a more invasive approach compared to other thigh tightening procedures, allows for immediate intervention in possible minor sagging and ensures a fast recovery.

Before and After Thigh Lift Aesthetics Considerations

There are important points to consider before and after the relatively effortless Thighplasty procedure. These points not only accelerate the individual’s recovery process but also contribute to a more comfortable healing process. Therefore, by considering the following recommendations, one can have a comfortable surgical experience.

Before Thigh Lift Surgery Considerations

There are several points to consider before the surgery. The main reason for this is to ensure a safer and more successful procedure.

  • Smoking and alcohol should be discontinued several weeks before the surgery.
  • Eating and drinking should be stopped 6-8 hours before the Upper Leg Lift procedure.
  • If any blood thinners or similar medications are being used, they should be temporarily discontinued under the supervision of a doctor.
  • If there has been a possibility of contracting an infection before the procedure, this should be communicated to the performing surgeon.
Before thigh lifts considerations
After thigh lifts considerations

After Thigh Lift Surgery Considerations

Paying attention to the following metrics after the Thigh Lifts procedure allows for a more comfortable post-operative process.

  • During the first week after the surgery, light walks that do not strain the person can be done. However, heavy and strenuous exercises can be started four weeks after the surgery.
  • If a bath is necessary after the procedure, it is best to do it on the 2nd or 3rd day after completion. This is because the patient begins to recover during these periods
  • In order to minimize excessive swelling, bruising, and edema, it is essential to wear the tight-fitting compression garments recommended by the doctor.
  • It is normal to experience sensitivity and minor pain after the procedure. Therefore, it is important to take the painkillers provided by the surgeon without delay and in a regular manner.

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Cost of Thigh Lift in Turkey

Thigh Lift cost in Turkey is quite affordable. The reason for the affordable Thigh Lift cost in Turkey is the intense competition. Additionally, the affordability of Thighplasty is attributed to the favorable exchange rate in Turkey and the significant support provided by the Ministry of Health to aesthetic centers.

When comparing the cost of Thigh Lift Surgery in Istanbul with other cities, it can be concluded that Istanbul is more affordable. The main reason for this is the higher level of competition in Istanbul. Therefore, by choosing aesthetic centers in Istanbul, you can have a more comfortable process.

Thigh Lift Prices in Turkey

Thigh Lift Turkey Cost $1.000 – $2.500
Thigh Lift  UK Cost £5.000 – £6.750
Thigh Lift Europe Cost €7.000 – €8.400
Thigh Lift USA Cost $9.500 – $10.300

Best Thigh Lift Surgeon in Turkey

Thigh lift aesthetics is a procedure that requires expertise and knowledge. Therefore, thigh lift surgery should be performed by experienced doctors. In this regard, doctors in Turkey are the right choice. It can be said that the doctors performing thigh lift surgery in Turkey are highly experienced and have conducted extensive research in their fields. If you want to work with the best doctors who perform thigh lift surgery in Turkey, it is essential to conduct comprehensive research. This way, you can achieve professional results in thigh lift surgery.

By having a preliminary consultation with Süleyman Tas, one of the best doctors in Turkey who performs thigh lift surgery, you can experience positive results in the thigh lift procedure.

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FAQ About Thigh Lift in Istanbul

What is Thigh Lift Aesthetics?
Thigh Lift Aesthetics is a surgical procedure that targets aesthetic concerns in the thigh area and aims to achieve tighter, more sculpted, and youthful-looking legs. This procedure provides a permanent smoothness to the legs.
Will There be Scarring After Thigh Lift Surgery?
It is possible to have minor scars after thigh lift surgery. However, with regular care of the treated area and following the precautions provided by the doctor, permanent scarring is not a concern.
Is Thigh Lift Safe in Turkey?
Thigh lift procedures are among the safest surgeries in Turkey. Plastic surgeons in Turkey are highly professional and experienced in this field, ensuring a safe process during the operation.
Is Thigh Lift Surgery Permanent?
Thigh lift surgery is a permanent procedure. However, if rapid weight gain continues after the surgery, some changes may occur. Therefore, it is important to follow the instructions given by the plastic surgeon.
How Long Should I Stay in Turkey for Upper Leg Lift?
The length of stay in Turkey after an upper leg lift procedure varies from person to person. However, as a general guideline, a one-week period is ideal.
How Long Do I Need to Stay in Turkey for the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?
The duration of stay in Turkey after the Brazilian butt lift procedure varies from person to person. This process occurs depending on the person’s body structure. However, to specify an average stay in Turkey after BBL, 1 week is an ideal period.
When Can I Return to My Daily Life After the Procedure?
The timeframe for returning to daily activities after the surgery depends on the individual. However, for a complete recovery, it typically takes between 4 to 6 weeks.
What Type of Anesthesia is Used in Thighplasty Procedures?
Thighplasty procedures generally involve the use of general anesthesia.
Can Thigh Lift Be Done Non-Surgically?
Non-surgical thigh lift procedures are available, but they do not offer the same level of permanent results as thigh lift surgery. If you desire long-lasting thigh firmness, it is recommended to opt for a thigh lift surgery.
Faq about thigh lift in istanbul
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