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RhinoTalks London

Rhinotalks london for patients!

Suleyman TAS is coming to London, UK on 26 March 2022 to meet with patients who are seeking to have a nose surgery. The conference will be about 360 degree of nose surgery journey. There is limited spot for the conference, don’t miss this opportunity. Please enjoy the conference!


RhinoTalks London For Patients!
By Suleyman TAS


26 March 2022
13 PM- 17 PM


Academy Of Medical Sciences
41 Portland Place
London W1B 1QH United Kingdom

1- What is the purpose and benefits of rhinoplasty?
2- What should we want from rhinoplasty?
* Recognition of your wishes and your definition of beauty
3- How is rhinoplasty done?
* Decision-making process
* Initial Consultation
* Face to face meeting
* Physical examination
* Endoscopic examination
* Geometric analysis
* Simulation
4- Surgical techniques
a) Based on incisions performed
Closed / Open rhinoplasty
b) Based on technology used
Ultrasonic / Piezzo / Micro-motor / Micro-endoscopic rhinoplasty
c) Based on philosophy followed
Atraumatic / Preservation / Conservative / Structural Rhinoplasty
5- Surgical Planning
6- Individual differences in rhinoplasty
a) The importance of skin type in rhinoplasty
 * Thick skin
 * Thin skin
 * The skin envelope with the middle thickness
 * Loose skin
 * The situation of the skin in revision surgeries
b) The importance of gender in rhinoplasty
 * Male rhinoplasty
 * Female rhinoplasty
c) The importance of ethnicity in rhinoplasty
 * Asian rhinoplasty
 * African rhinoplasty
 * Middle East rhinoplasty
7- Pre-Surgery
8- Surgery Day
9- Post-Surgery
* First week
* Cast removal and First look at the mirror after surgery
* Post-operative recovery period
* Unexpected results
* Unrealistic expectations
* Steps to take when you are not happy
* Body Dysmorphic Disorder
* Symmetry Disease
* How much symmetry can be achieved in nose surgery
10- Case Examples
11- Most frequently asked questions from candidates and patients

26 March 2022
13 PM- 17 PM

Academy Of Medical Sciences
41 Portland Place
London W1B 1QH United Kingdom


The language of the conference will be in English.

The cost of the conference is 50 GBP. Please send the payment to below address with Your Name, Surname and Phone Number.

Bank’s Name: Wise
Account Type: Business
Account holder: Tas Health Tourism Ltd
Sort code: 23-14-70
Account number: 46121111
IBAN: GB90 TRWI 2314 7046 1211 11
Wise’s address: 56 Shoreditch High Street London E1 6JJ United Kingdom


Please note that there will be no onsite registration. There will be no refund policy.

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