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RhinoTalks London

1- What is the purpose and benefits of rhinoplasty?
2- What should we want from rhinoplasty?
* Recognition of your wishes and your definition of beauty
3- How is rhinoplasty done?
* Decision-making process
* Initial Consultation
* Face to face meeting
* Physical examination
* Endoscopic examination
* Geometric analysis
* Simulation
4- Surgical techniques
a) Based on incisions performed
Closed / Open rhinoplasty
b) Based on technology used
Ultrasonic / Piezzo / Micro-motor / Micro-endoscopic rhinoplasty
c) Based on philosophy followed
Atraumatic / Preservation / Conservative / Structural Rhinoplasty
5- Surgical Planning
6- Individual differences in rhinoplasty
a) The importance of skin type in rhinoplasty
 * Thick skin
 * Thin skin
 * The skin envelope with the middle thickness
 * Loose skin
 * The situation of the skin in revision surgeries
b) The importance of gender in rhinoplasty
 * Male rhinoplasty
 * Female rhinoplasty
c) The importance of ethnicity in rhinoplasty
 * Asian rhinoplasty
 * African rhinoplasty
 * Middle East rhinoplasty
7- Pre-Surgery
8- Surgery Day
9- Post-Surgery
* First week
* Cast removal and First look at the mirror after surgery
* Post-operative recovery period
* Unexpected results
* Unrealistic expectations
* Steps to take when you are not happy
* Body Dysmorphic Disorder
* Symmetry Disease
* How much symmetry can be achieved in nose surgery
10- Case Examples
11- Most frequently asked questions from candidates and patients

The language of the conference is in English.

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