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PRP Treatment

Prp treatment

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What is meant by rhinoplasty crucially matters. Does the beautiful nose mean ideal forms and proportions? Or does it mean you find the most suitable form for your face features under the guidance of an expert?

This is utterly important because preoperative planning is the most important factor, as it is in all most cases, that affects patient satisfaction and success rate of a surgery. When we follow standard medical procedures, we will provide you a smooth recovery process and perfect nose functioning. During this procedure, a facial analysis is performed to examine skin condition, its thickness, cartilage strength and nasal airway obstruction due to avoid breathing problems. After facial analysis, the back of the nose is evaluated and the ideal place is determined for it. In case of an aquiline nose, the bent is removed or filed down. In case of broad nasal cavity characteristics, the nasal broadness is narrowed down.

Likewise, just the opposite is also possible when needed. The correlation between the back and tip of the nose is evaluated and the angle in between is corrected depending on the gender. The angular point is often flat or quasi-flat for men, while women mostly aspire for supratip break point, which makes sure the tip of the nose is slightly up than the back of it.With a touch-up on the tip of the nose, it is reshaped from sharp edges into relatively moderate and oval-like structure for a more appealing look.



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