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How Painful is Rhinoplasty?

Considering getting a new nose offers you a whole new feeling in terms of confidence beauty and a noticeable new look However anyone who claims about rhinoplasty or any other surgery is a piece of cake or showing it so easy is not fruitful as it looks Even though the treatment is routinely performed and the surgeon has an exceptional track record, unexpected events may occur. people always ask us if having a nose job is painful?

Having some apprehensions before having a rhinoplasty treatment is also completely acceptable. After all, you might not know what to expect if this is your first time having a nose job. One of the reasons Dr Suleyman tas take the time to meet down with patients for a pre-procedure consultation is to clearly explain what a nose job entails, set expectations, and answer any questions patients may have.

How painful is rhinoplasty?

Before getting into it we should understand Rhinoplasty terminology

There are different kind of techniques for nose job that can be performed in daily routine but the one that is so much famous when it comes to Closed Atraumatic rhinoplasty technique Dr tas performing this technique from many years and getting the best results although Dr Suleyman tas closed atraumatic technique is endorsed by ASPS & ISAPS. The only disadvantage of this technique is that it’s difficult to learn and perform whereas if we talk about open technique, it has a lot of disadvantages.

You also no need to worry for getting back into routine life as you can return into your daily life on the very next day. Patients “go under” while the surgeon works because anesthesia is given during the actual surgery. Therefore, there is no discomfort felt during the actual rhinoplasty. But what will happen later? When patients inquire about the pain of nose jobs, they aren’t only inquiring about what happens during surgery; they are also inquiring about how they will feel in the hours, days, and weeks that follow. It’s important to have realistic expectations regarding the recovery from rhinoplasty surgery and the actions you may take to reduce pain and suffering.

How long the pain will stay after the surgery?

During the first week you will feel better day by day Most people feel like they are back to themselves a week after surgery. There will be some swelling after surgery. Although most people stop noticing the swelling after a few months, the swelling can last for long time. The majority of people rate their pain on a scale of 0 to 10 one day after surgery.

What is the medication which allows a patient to avoid pain after rhinoplasty

Typically, medications are started six to eight hours after rhinoplasty. The majority of the medications that are prescribed following rhinoplasty include: Antibiotics, painkillers, nasal drops, prednisolone pills and ointments.

In the end, rhinoplasty should be thrilling. You should be enthusiastic to embrace a new appearance and a heightened sense of confidence as you approach it. Do not let your enthusiasm be dimmed by worries about the recovery. Contact us as soon as possible to set up an appointment with a skilled medical consultant of Dr. Suleyman Tas.

How painful is rhinoplasty?
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