Case Study Number 20 - Otoplasty
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Case Study Number 20 – Otoplasty

Case study number 20 - otoplasty

Patient: 28 years male from USA

Procedures Performed:


Patient Concerns:

Big ears


Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a surgical procedure to reshape the ears. It can be performed to correct congenital deformities, improve the appearance of the ears, or restore function after an injury or trauma.

Dr. Süleyman Taş is a highly experienced otoplasty surgeon. He has performed over 100 otoplasty surgeries over the past 15 years and is known for his innovative techniques and natural-looking results.

Types of Otoplasty

  • Setback otoplasty: This is the most common type of otoplasty. It is performed to correct prominent ears, also known as bat ears.
  • Reduction of otoplasty: This type of otoplasty is performed to reduce the size of large ears.

Dr. Taş also performs other types of otoplasty, such as ear reconstruction surgery and earlobe repair surgery.

Dr. Taş makes an incision in the back of the ear and then reshapes the ear cartilage. He may also remove excess skin or cartilage. The incision is then closed with sutures.

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